Penguin Personified – Out an’ About

It’s not every day I get called a Penguin Personified! So I was delighted and incredibly touched today to find myself featured on Nikki’s new site Flying through Water. I first connected with Nikki at A Kinder Way and immediately warmed to her generous and kind hearted personality.. Do yourself a favor and visit her, she always inspires with down to earth, honest writing we can all relate to. I feel incredibly blessed to be part of such an amazing and supportive community of writers and now, it seems, Nikki’s world of penguins!

53 thoughts on “Penguin Personified – Out an’ About

  1. Hello Miriam✨
    Congratulations to you on your amazing accolades by Nikki and to be featured on her site. Very well deserved to you, who has been incredibly kind to me. Thank you and…go you! πŸ’œ

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      1. My pleasure totally Miriam.
        Yes, I have. Nikki so kindly tagged my Bravery post as one of her ‘Posts of note’ last week. So I ‘get’ how encouraging she is🌟
        Enjoy your weekend too, lovely friend πŸ’

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      1. Oh gosh Miriam– I get that. New jobs have so many things to think about at once, before it becomes comfortable and matter of fact. Do you work with fun people?? How is your schedule?? Hope it’s going so well… hugs!


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