Mirror of my thoughts

When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? If you’re anything like me you’ll see a changed version of yourself every time.

So often it depends on how I wake up and the mood I’m in. There are days I feel accepting and even beautiful and there are days when I feel critical and plain ordinary. 

Sometimes I look and see:

A woman who’s struggling

A heart that’s hurting

A soul that’s lost

And a spirit that’s weakened.

But then there are days that I see

A woman who’s strong

A heart that loves fiercely

A soul that’s pure and true

And a spirit that’s evolving.

Aren’t we all such a massive mirrored contradiction?  

We’re like the moods of Mother Nature, like skies that change from hues of turbulence and grey to hope and magnificence.


There are days when the greyness and sadness is so overwhelming it feels like it’s stripped all the color and joy from my moments.


And then there are days when I wake to skies that reflect so much hope and wonder that it feels like anything is possible. And usually it is, when we believe in ourselves.

I’m going through such a period of introspection. There are days the intensity of my thoughts does my head in. What I’d really like is to find balance.


Like these salt lake waters and the mirrored clouds in the sky on the road to South Australia I’m forever seeking that elusive balance in life.


A few nights ago I steeped outside to watch the full moon.

I’d like to say I was enlightened and that I meditated but in reality Lamby woke up and bleated, the guinea pigs started chattering and our resident possum up the tree rustled and roamed in the shadows of the branches.

Still, despite the unexpected company which broke the stillness of the night, I felt the absolute beauty of the moment. And the peaceful feeling of being grounded.


It was nearly midnight and the cloud cover that surrounded the moon was so beautiful, so intense, it was like a monochrome canvas in the sky.

A little bit like my thoughts at times. Not clear but with a silver lining, and always hopeful for the year that lies ahead.

It’s Sunday morning here in Melbourne and coincidentally (or maybe not) when I opened my Gratitude Journal to write in it, this is what I read:

Full moon in Leo and Lunar Eclipse:  “Healing energies that ground you and bring you out of your head and back into your body will be beneficial in this intense moon phase. Spread the love.


So that’s what I’m doing.

May we all love fiercely and not be afraid to show our true beauty to the world.

May we all travel serenely, accepting ourselves for who we are and not being afraid of all our light and dark shadows.

Loving not just our reflection but seeing the beauty within.


Wishing you peace, light and love as we journey on together.

In response to Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Mirror
and The Daily Post: Shadows


148 thoughts on “Mirror of my thoughts

  1. OMG Miri, this is a sensational post. It is all so true. We have our good days and bad days, ups and downs, happy and sad, thrilled and bored!!! You are so right about how we change like the weather, I never connected the two before but what an excellent comparison. That mirror is gorgeous and so is the face in it!! In the second pic of the full moon it looks like either Harry or Lamby is to the left of the moon, the darkness created by the clouds looks like one of them perhaps howling or baying at the moon? Did you howl at the moon? I did that one time when it was a full moon for fun, it was hilarious, exhilarating and oh so much fun…try it next time! I’m always so inspired when I stop by for a visit and wonder why it takes me so long to come back…I know I’m busy but this is exactly what I need to end my day with, such positivity!! Wishing you a heavenly week ahead my lovely lady!! xo

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    1. You say the most beautiful things Deb, truly, your words are so touching. And funny. I actually didn’t howl at the moon this time but I probably should have. (I’ve done it in the past!)🌗 🌜 It would’ve given the neighbors something to think about anyway. Thanks again Deb and sleep well. Sweet dreams my lovely friend 😴 xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As do you say such beautiful things. LOL, grab the neighbors next time for some good ole fashioned howling at the moon, oh have a howling at the moon party, what fun!! Thanks I am off to bed and I shall sleep well!! Enjoy your book!! xo

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  2. Oh Miriam! Talk about a resonating blog! This is by far one of my absolute favorites!!! That picture of the night sky is absolutely gorgeous! I believe that’s what my insides must look like right now. A mixture of colors and moods and light and darkness. This was an incredibly inspirational post. You are an inspiration.

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    1. Aw, your words give me goosebumps Monica. Thank you. I must get over and read your blog as well. Maybe tomorrow as right now it’s 2.05am and I need some shut eye. But I so appreciate your comments here.

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  3. Reflections – how beautiful and amazing! I Love this post Miriam and this is so true.. seeing our own beauty within is definitely the starting point and then sharing it with the world… Oh Yes!! Amazing..

    May we all love fiercely and not be afraid to show our true beauty to the world.
    May we all travel serenely, accepting ourselves for who we are and not being afraid of all our light and dark shadows.
    Loving not just our reflection but seeing the beauty within.

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    1. Hi Wendy, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. I have my days when I’m not quite as accepting and kind to myself as I should be BUT I’m getting better. Lots of talking to myself in the mirror lately (when I’m by myself of course, otherwise my family would think I was kooky). Hope you’re well. Hugs xo


  4. Your mirror is lovely! But not as lovely as the lady I see reflected in it.

    You’ve had a stressful and life-changing kind of year and I think the feelings you talk about reflect those changes. In the end, you are still beautiful.

    ❤ *hugs* Love you, dearheart.

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