Solitude in Nature

There is staggering power in leaving the world and heading out into some solitude, for at least an hour every day. Robin Sharma.

Do you ever just want to get away from it all?  Not because you’re upset, sad or angry but because you just want to be alone.


I love a solitary walk along the beach. Or a walk in the mountains where it feels as though it’s just me, the whispers of the breeze and the distant chortling of birds for company.


A bit of time alone is healthy for everyone. Even if it’s stepping into the backyard, it’s good to have some space.

Our feathered friends seem to know the benefits of just hanging out. How precious it is to escape the cacophony and chaos for awhile.


Getting away from everything is good for the soul.

I love bushwalking and reaching a peak where it feels as though I’m the only one in the world, where I can lose myself in the stillness of nature.


Even this fella seems to be savouring a quiet drink, where earlier in the day the lake had been so noisy and packed with families paddling round in canoes.


Part of what I love about camping is waking up early and watching the sun rise.

For some reason I struggle to do this at home. But when we’re away and I step outside it feels like the best time of the day, when the world hasn’t quite woken up yet.

A time of quiet contemplation before Mother Nature has a chance to catch her breath.


And in a new day we can choose our actions and better decisions. No matter how rough the day before might have been, another sunrise means fresh possibilities and a chance to try again.

I love being around people although I’m also a bit of an introvert.  I prefer small groups, intimate conversations and one on ones.

I’m comfortable in my own company but after awhile, being the massive over-thinker that I am, if I’m alone too long, the balance is tipped the wrong way. Yes, I know, I’m a bit of a contradiction!


Solitude is a gift to our spirit and our self. It’s something we all deserve and yet when life is busy and chaotic it can seem elusive.

But we don’t need a mountain or a beach.

We can find it anywhere if we …

  1. Wake early and write, give yourself extra time before anyone else is up to reconnect with our desires
  2. Lose yourself in nature by taking a meditative walk
  3. Daydream. Indulge in some cloud watching, it’s simple but it gets us in touch with something higher, literally!
  4. Get rid of the distractions, even just temporarily. Turn off the newsfeeds and leave the phone behind for a change. It’s freeing.
  5. Read a good book. I’m currently reading True Magic by Dr Wayne Dyer, a book that’s giving me so much positive food for thought.

It’s not always easy but we CAN turn down the noise, even amidst a busy life.

At the end of the day it’s up to us and it’s always our choice.

Be kind to yourself and give your soul the gift of a holiday. Seek out some solitude and you’ll undoubtedly be richer for it.


Light and love to you all as we continue the journey.

In response to The Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

127 thoughts on “Solitude in Nature

  1. I love this post Miriam and can so relate. I am a huge extrovert yet am one that likes to be around small groups of people too. I get overwhelmed in crowds or at parties, and I don’t like to be alone for too long as I get lonely. I often wish I was more introverted but I am who I am.

    What is the book you are reading about? Sounds like I may need some positive words and thoughts.

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    1. Yeah, we’re such complex creatures aren’t we? Introvert/extrovert, I think I’ve got a bit of both in me. Sometimes I absolutely love a big party but then I get home where it’s quiet and peaceful and there’s nothing better. I guess it’s all a fine balance isn’t it? The book I’m reading is called Real Magic – Creating Miracles in Everyday Life. It’s really speaking to me right now.

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  2. Great post Miriam, with lovely photos. I understand and enjoy the need to switch off sometimes just like you do. I love the early morning walks in the quiet and enjoy my own company. I also enjoy being with others too when I’m in the mood. You captured it all really well. But I still like having my phone with me – just in case I need it!!! You know what I mean….

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  3. Such a lovely post.
    Even though I love to spend time with family and friends, some times it feels really good to get away for a while and to spend time with myself. It’s good to be able to have a space to listen to the inner voice.
    You have captured the essence of this feeling so very well. And lovely photos to go along with the words.

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  4. Loved this post, Miriam! The shot of your boots is cute and the wide open sky is fantastic. I really enjoy your pictures and the wide canvas of nature they spread over. And I love starting my week to your positive posts. Thank you for this! I could do with positivity in my life now. xo

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  5. Miriam, this is a beautiful and thoughtful post on the prompt, Solitude. I’ve read it twice and find myself nodding in agreement throughout – nature is healing, solitude is wonderful but I also need to be with others. I love the kangaroo drinking at the lake photo, oh the wonder of seeing that on a walk! The more you write about camping the more I think I’d love to try one day – I wonder though if it doesn’t help to have a warm and steady climate – the idea of cold wet nights doesn’t tempt me! I will check out the book you mention and all five points are very relevant and I find the few times a year I am away from modern technology is such a recuperative restful period of my life, coming home refreshed and re-energised! Wishing you many contented reflective moments of solitude!

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    1. Hi Annika, it’s true that being away from modern technology is restful. My internet’s been down all morning which initially was frustrating but I’ve got so much done. And felt better for being disconnected. We definitely need to turn off every now and then.
      Hope you get to try camping one day. Yes, good weather definitely makes it easier but having said that, we’ve camped in cold conditions and, providing there’s a warm campfire, had a ball! 😊 Thanks as always for your kind words here. Wishing you a happy week. xo

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  6. these most recent posts blend together so well Miriam! After reading your previous, I was left wanting that peace and tranquility you so eloquently described, but wondering how I could track it down in the thick of a busy city ripe with protest and conflict.

    I think its time to leave the phone and social media and news behind again for a bit. Crank up the Chopin and split a bottle of wine with my amazingly patient wife.

    The crazy will still be here tomorrow…

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    1. So true Gabe, so very true. The crazy world will always be out there waiting for us. But at least we can do our little bit at home in controlling it. Enjoy the Chopin and the wine and your lovely wife.

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        1. Brrr, break out your woollies Carol. 😏 It’s heating up here again too until Sunday at least and then it’s supposed to plummet to about 19C. Crazy weather.

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  7. I’m like you, in that I need some time alone, and also some time with people to be happy and balanced. And I also agree that there is something so hopeful about a sunrise: the chance for a new day, a new start and new possibilities. Thanks for this post!

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  8. I, too, prefer small groups, the introvert I am. I find it so much easier to connect with others than when distracted by noise and lots of voices in a crowded setting. Being alone is hard for some people, but I have always enjoyed some alone time, especially when I was working and needed to refresh and recharge. Nothing like a long walk to clear the head (and the sinuses!). 🙂 Lovely post, Miriam. ❤

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  9. Oh you’re so right.. When I’m off camping or on holiday abroad, I just love waking up early and watching the sunrise.. It’s a magical time of the day with just the chatter of the birds and it opens my mind to all the new possibilities not just for the day ahead but for ‘life’ in general… You’re photographs are amazing and how fantastic that you get to see Kangaroos sneaking their bedtime drink before night closes in… Amazing! The perfect backdrop for reading your book….
    There’s only one thing…. I’m not sure my hubby is going to be pleased if I take this piece of advice.. “No matter how rough the day before might have been, another sunrise means fresh possibilities and a chance to try again.” – What room shall I start on next… I think he’s hidden my paintbrushes!!! xx

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    1. Haha, he’s hidden your paintbrushes? I think that after the kitchen you should do the bathroom Wendy, or have you already done that one? Yes indeed, fresh possibilities. I can relate to that one too. Look at it this way, at least you’ll never be bored! xo

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      1. Yep – he’d literally ‘kill me’ if I started on the bathroom! I’m running out of new possibilities… maybe I should build an extension!! He could have his own ‘man cave’… x

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        1. Well at least you can do them one at a time and still have somewhere to ‘park your bum’ whilst work is underway… just don’t think of painting the toilet with chalk paint – you never know where it may end up! x

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        2. Hehe! It certainly is Miriam… I’m seeing it clearly! I think I know exactly where Annie Sloan paint will end up too if I bring it into my house ever again!! xx

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  10. Oh I resonated with every word here Miriam, you and I have many similarities. I too find it so much easier to catch the sunrise when camping, I feel if I knew the right vantage point to catch it from home then I’d be more inclined to head out early… I’m also a little introverted and prefer to keep a few good friends – quality over quantity! Thank you for this beautiful post dear lady – happy hump day to you xx

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      1. We have a few commitments at the moment but there is a muster ‘on the horizon’. The van has a certain smell, not unpleasant, but when you go out to pinch something from the kitchen cupboard that smell is seductive . A siren calling “come away with me”. Damn, I think I’ll go out there this morning and do a stocktake!

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        1. Oh yes, I know that seductive smell all too well. I get it too, like every time I go out the front and pass the van! You know, there’s only one answer to it don’t you, and that’s to give in to it. Enjoy that stocktake!

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  11. I truly enjoyed your post. I haven’t quite gotten around to checking out some of your other stuff but I absolutely plan to do so! Your craft presents something that I lack – the ability to be brief and simple while still providing an inspiring takeaway. Also wonderful photos! I have a post that is surprisingly similar to this one. I’d love for you to give it a read if you wouldn’t mind taking a couple minutes! I’d really like to hear your thoughts on the concept.

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    1. Hi Johnathon, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a thoughtful comment. And for the follow, welcome! And yes, I’ll pop over and have a read of your post very soon. Cheers.

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  12. I agree about it being good to get some alone time. Just got back from a walk with the dogs – I wasn’t technically alone but there is that “getting away from it all” feeling when walking our dogs, at least most of the time. Time to take in the nature that is all around us. My other time to get away is in the garden – good therapy found in digging in the dirt.

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  13. Amen!!! I’m so glad you talked about this. I think being alone with Mother Nature quietly appreciating her grandeur and beauty is very healing. I don’t think there’s anything as therapeutic as a little time alone enjoying the sound of the wind. This was a beautiful post and one that really speaks to my core.

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  14. What a beautiful and inspiring post. I am an ‘ambivert’ so also need solitude as well as socialising. Just about to head off for a jog by the river where I live here in Switzerland. Will be sure to follow your blog. I have just started a poetry blog in case you have time to have a look. Have a good day 🙂

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      1. It’s much better, thank you for asking. Besides laptop issues, it’s a different kind of writing than I’m used to. Had to really dig deep to learn everything. It’s about researching a health topic and writing about it. I’m learning so much about topics as well.

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  15. What a lovely wonderful post! And some very relaxing photos! Well written and I can completely relate…being in nature…for me out on hikes, in my garden, or out running…just brings me back and helps to balance everything. I am both an extrovert and introvert, but as a busy mom, I have to and need to find that perfect balance. When things are most chaotic, that’s when I know I have to take time out alone. Love the 5 tips you gave, and I will try to turn off the distractions…:)

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post Karen. I spent my Sunday out in nature, we walked to a waterfall and then through the bush, then countered it with a stroll through historic Kyneton then an afternoon tea at a pub. That’s what I call pretty balanced! 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment.

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