My Land down under

It’s so easy to take everyday things for granted. But after our recent five days camping in the King Valley region, leading up to the Australia Day long weekend, I’m reminded again of why I love my country so much.

Traveling and blogging gives me a chance to appreciate and share this land of abundance I live in.

Life in Australia is not perfect. No place is. There’s disharmony and ugliness here too, however there’s also lots to be thankful for. And that’s what I choose to focus on.

The King Valley region, much like Australia as a whole, is a land of extremes that blends brilliantly.  A bit like the Italian wines that are produced there.

This is a land of fertile vines.

It’s a land of hard working, passionate people, celebrating the Italian spirit and tradition through wine making, food and stories. A multicultural society that’s added much to the Australian way of life.

Here I am with Linda at Chrismont winery. I connected with her instantly. It was like we’d known each other for years.

This is a land of welcoming hospitality and friendship.

This is a land of opportunity and freedom, where we can be ourselves, no matter our heritage.

On our last night in the King Valley we were invited to an Australia Day bbq at the Cheshunt Community Hall where we rubbed shoulders with the locals.

This is a place of natural beauty.

A vast land where it’s easy to find peace and tranquility.

It’s a land of rocky trails that often leads to surprising destinations.

Sometimes to reach them we need to be willing to get off the beaten track and out of our comfort zone.

But it’s worth the effort.

This is a land of history that spans the ages. If these rocks could talk imagine the stories they’d tell.

There’s awe inspiring beauty that stirs the soul. And it’s everywhere. Not just here.

It’s all around us. We just need to look up to find it.

May we all feel that sense of awe, light and hope, wherever we are.

In a world of unsettled times let’s not lose sight of our ability to feel and create our own abundance.

Let’s choose to focus on all that we have to be grateful for, no matter how simple and ordinary it might seem. For it’s then that magic happens and the ordinary becomes the extraordinary.

My wish is that we never lose hope for a better world, regardless of  the land we live in.

Life may not be perfect but we can all do our part to ensure our own world is kind, compassionate and nourished. And when we do that surely kindness and hope will grow.

Wishing you all peace and light as we journey into a new month.

In response to Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Land

107 thoughts on “My Land down under

  1. I have never been to Australia, but I bet it’s a great place whether visiting or living there. Of course—as you say—no place is perfect, but we can still appreciate the good things about a place. I hope to one day visit Down Under.

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    1. Hi Rhonda, funny but I never thought of myself as patriotic and yet here I am extolling the virtues of my country! Hope you’re well. Have s great weekend. xo


        1. Hi Miriam– sometimes those are the best weekends–getting caught up with yourself. We’ve been home too– but this afternoon I’m going to lunch & a movie with my sis for her birthday! She makes everything fun. take care… xo

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  2. This phrase is the foundation of life, “Let’s choose to focus on all that we have to be grateful for, no matter how simple and ordinary it might seem. For it’s then that magic happens and the ordinary becomes the extraordinary.” Great photos and words. What an incredible place.

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  3. What a wonderful post, Miriam! And it really spoke to me today. I’ve been seeing so much ugliness lately, so much intolerance of anyone who dares to be, or even think, differently. It’s good to have a reminder that there is a lot of beauty in the world, right where we live. And lots and lots of beautiful, kind, and good people too. Thank you!!!!

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    1. Oh Ann, that’s precisely why I wrote this post. Because the world seems focused on misery, intolerances and ugliness and I wanted to show that it doesn’t have to be that way. Not that I want to bury my head in the sand but there’s still so much good in this world. And, as you said, decent people too. Thanks so much! x

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  4. Gorgeous captures, Miriam. Loved the wide expanse of water and sky. Beautiful. “Let’s choose to focus on all that we have to be grateful for, no matter how simple and ordinary it might seem.” This has been my travel and life motto for a while. You couldn’t have said it better! Have a great weekend! xo

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  5. It’s a lovely post Miriam. Yes, meeting locals and feeling like you’ve known someone for ever… special things indeed that make travel more awesome.
    And we do have a lot to be grateful for.
    Thank you 🙏🏼💕


    1. Hi Miriam! It’s Di from Instagram. I seem to have a few names on blogs from last year when I thought of starting one!
      Just wanted to make sure you knew I’d seen your post as I said I would. Hope my comment shows through as I’m having some trouble posting 🌺🌺

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      1. Hi Di, I think I replied but I didn’t realise it was you! 😊 Do you have a blog now? I clicked but no posts showed up. Regardless, awesome that you’re here! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. 🌿

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        1. Hello Miriam.
          I don’t seem to have a notification of your first reply. I’m not sure why because I have emails about your other comments. That’s what made me think something was up with mine because I knew you would have replied.
          Hope this symbolises the problem is solved!.
          And no, I don’t have a blog. I think in desperation last year I tried but ended up on FB as a separate blog style and now mostly on Insta.
          Hope you enjoyed your Sunday too and thank you for your kind reply 👌💜💜

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        2. Well I’m glad at least you got my last reply. WP can be a bit glitchy at times.
          I love following your Insta posts though I’m a bit behind in my reading. Your writing is beautiful. Have a great week ahead Di. xo

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  6. I totally agree with the theme in your post. No country is perfect because different citizens of each country have different ideas and values. There is always going to be discord somewhere. All countries have places of beauty and awe. It’s important to seek them out and embrace them.

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  7. My favorite line in this post is the following: “This is a land of opportunity and freedom, where we can be ourselves, no matter our heritage.” I cannot tell you how much I loved reading it, especially now in times of division and political unrest. Thank you. ❤

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  8. This is a timely post Miriam and once again you sum it up beautifully. We are indeed fortunate to live in this amazing country. Great photos and sentiments we can all appreciate.


    1. Always good to be surrounded by what inspires and moves you forward Gabe, and a bit of angst is not bad, though I do wish a bit of peace and tranquillity for you as well. Take care.

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  9. You live in a land of beautiful people and places – I hope Australia maintains its efforts to be a welcoming example to the rest of the world. Showing kindness to immigrants and celebrating diversity, as well as learning from past mistakes.
    Great post!

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  10. Those grapes on the vine…. oh they just look DELIGHTFUL!! You have probably captured the essence of gracefully embracing the changes within our ever changing lives. I feel like you are my soul sister. You’re absolutely right about taking life for granted. We need more wine and grapes on vines! I love your photos. That looked like it was a great hike!

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      1. As I was catching up on reading your blogs I realized we were feeling much the same way. I was actually thinking of you this morning when I reached for my iPad to read your blog. I was wondering how you did it, to blog so frequently.
        Then I went on to read all of the posts I’d missed. As I read I realized that as women we are all soul sisters. Different levels for many of us I’m sure. I also have a teenage daughter about to turn 16 next month, That prefers to stay home for what I believe would be adventurous outings for her. We also experienced a mall shooting where we’d just been. Actually it was a string of mall shootings all at malls I’d recently worked at. Your post about what you see in the mirror spoke volumes to me. The more I read the more it seems our lives are very parallel. I suppose many of our lives are parallel. I’m sure we have our definitive differences. We’re all individuals after all. Multifaceted, complex but simple like geometry Lol, appreciative of Mother Nature, trying to slow down a bit but still feel productive. Anyway it’s nice to feel connected to a another woman who shares many of your thoughts and values through her blog.

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        1. Hi again Monica, it’s morning here (just gone 7am) and I’m reading and writing this in bed. The luxuries of what I can do while hub is away! I think you’re right Monica, as women we really are all soul sisters and so many of us from all over the world are experiencing the same emotions and challenges. I think that’s one of the things I love so much about blogging, the realisation that we’re all ultimately on the same journey.
          Yes, our lives seem very parallel and I really am loving the connection I feel with you too. xo

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