Melbourne Mayhem 

Yesterday (Friday) my son turned 16. It was a busy day and my focus was on him and trying to make his day special. So I was unaware of what unfolded in the centre of Melbourne.

It was only when my mother in law rang to check we were safe that we realised what had happened. 

Melbourne had hit the news big time. But this was news the city didn’t need. Hub and I were just there ourselves recently, celebrating our wedding anniversary and enjoying an overnight getaway.

For those who are unaware, an out of control man with a violent record, drove his car down the Bourke Street pedestrian mall in Melbourne’s CBD, killing and injuring a number of innocent people (including children) along the way.

It made me feel sick.

Although this (supposedly) wasn’t terror related but the actions of one unhinged individual it still had the same devastating effects. Carnage, heartbreak and loss.

Sadly this has happened before, in other cities around the world, but when it happens in your own backyard it hits close to home. Way too close.

My sister works in the city, in an office block on the street he drove down. His car finished up just outside the building where she works.

She told me on the phone afterwards how she’d delayed lunch. How, if she’d gone out half an hour earlier, she’d have been crossing the street he’d driven down. Thank God she was already in the cafe when he sped past.

She had to hide. Amid the screaming and gunshots from outside they hunkered down and waited. No one knew what was happening.

It was only afterwards, walking out onto the cordoned off street, that she began to understand. She saw the damage, the car and the man who’d been stopped by the police lying on the ground, the victims, those who were unable to get out of the way.

My heart and prayers goes out to all those who were affected in any way and to those who lost loved ones. There’s no doubt Melbourne’s heart has been scarred.

We just never know what’s going to happen in any split second of our lives. We never know what lies before us when we step out the door and go about our day. 

But I refuse to become paranoid.

We can’t stop living otherwise we’d miss out on so much. Life would pass us by.

When I spoke to my sister last night we both agreed that, amid the insanity, there’s more good than evil in this world. More beauty than ugliness. I will always think that.

In every adversity, be it a senseless act like this, or the devastation of a bushfire or other natural disaster, what never fails to give me hope is the sense of community that brings people together.

The people that step forward to help. The kindness that pours out, the willingness of others to lend a hand. That’s the heart and soul of a nation and that’s what counts .

That’s what Melbourne has shown. And that’s what I choose to focus on.

Melbourne is mourning and many lives have been changed forever and for that I feel a deep sadness. But we can’t give up on hope and seeking out the beauty.

Where ever you are in the world, enjoy this moment and never forget how much we have to be grateful for. Never forget what’s truly important.

Don’t let trivial things ruin your day. Never let someone walk out the door angry with you. Refuse to let dark thoughts and worries overwhelm you. Don’t forget to tell those around you how you feel.

Hug those you love and forgive those you don’t.

And have no regrets. Life is too precious.

Wishing you light, love and peace from Melbourne. And hope, always hope.

99 thoughts on “Melbourne Mayhem 

  1. Miriam, so sorry to hear about yet another senseless tragedy. I want to think that there will ultimately be balance in life, that for every act of cruelty there will be a corresponding (if unrelated) act of kindness. But that would imply that life is fair on some level. Not much evidence to support this theory.

    Nonetheless, I’m with you. I choose to continue to look for that which is beautiful and good. Even when it seems to be hidden beneath tragic piles of rubble.

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    1. Hi Gabe, I’m with you. I’d like to think there’s balance and fairness in this world but sometimes it’s hard to find. I guess it doesn’t help when the media focuses so much on the bad. Still I will always try to look for the positive in a situation, as hard as it sometimes is. Otherwise what hope is there. Thanks so much Gabe and so sorry for the late reply, I only just found your comment.

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      1. You know, I’ve recently shifted my morning routine from reading news to reading more blogs. My wife is already telling me I’m a better person for it. (and hopefully my blogging skills will improve as well ;)) )

        Thank YOU for being one of those sources of positivity I can turn to!

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        1. That’s such a nice thing to say. Thank you Gabe. I must admit that since I started blogging I don’t watch or read nearly as much news as I used to. And I like it that way. Keep smiling!

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  2. Sadly it the world we live in.

    We have friends in Melton. Pam works in the city and said it was out front of her building.

    I wonder if your sister and Pam work together?

    Glad they both are Ok.

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  3. Happy Birthday to your son, dear Miriam!
    Regarding the Melbourne mayhem, I would prefer to never hear news from this city instead to see what happened. Sad news, sad world.
    Be well, my friend!
    xo ❤

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  4. I feel terribly sorry for you all. ❤
    We had a similar thing in Berlin in December at the Weihnachtsmarkt. 16 innocent people killed and many, many people still in hospital.
    It's frightening.

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  5. So sad to hear of this news. Thank God they are okay. So much evil in the world amidst so so much good. Life is so fragile and let us remember to share that love because we never know when it will be the last time we are with them.

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    1. Yes, very true. Apparently today is International Hugging day so let’s all go and someone. Not that I need an excuse. Life is fragile you’re right. Thanks for your great comment.

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  6. Our prayers are with all those affected by this tragedy and like many others my focus then turns to all the good people are doing from the heart to help and comfort each other. This is the best example you can give your children and yes, to enjoy each moment and each other while we are sharing this journey in life. Sending hugs and love xxx

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    1. It absolutely is the best example. I see no good in focusing on the doom and gloom. There’s so much still to be thankful for. Thanks so much for your heartfelt comment Xenia. Big hugs back to you xo

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  7. Oh Miriam, I wish there was a love button to click here. I had the same thought – I was there two weeks ago. This event is a reminder to make the most of every day and to look beyond the little things. I’m so glad your sister is okay but what she witnessed will be with her forever. Sending hugs her way this morning and to you as well.

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    1. Thank you so much Carol, it really shook me up when I realised how close she was to everything that happened. Yes, definitely a reminder to make the most of every day. Enjoy your Sunday my friend. x

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  8. Oh my goodness Miriam.. I haven’t seen any news this week so this is the first time Ive heard about this. How horribly tragic for all who have suffered from this horrific incident. Your poor sister what an awful thing to be so close to and you are so right.. it does serve to remind how important it is to take time to enjoy life with our loved ones and friends as we never know what is round the next corner… I send much love to you and your family and a very big hug… Xxx

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    1. Hi Wendy, it may not even have made the news there but here it was huge. It closed down the entire CBD where she works. It shook me up to realise how close she was to being right in the line of fire, scary stuff. But she’s ok and for that I’m so grateful. Makes me realise how quickly things can rock our world and how important it is to make the most of every day. ❤️ Speaking of which, sounds like you had a wonderful time away. I’m so glad. Big hugs to you my friend xo

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      1. I’m just watching the news and there hasn’t been anything on yet so maybe not… Its all about Trump… Which feels very wrong! I can’t begin to imagine how awful and shocking this has been for you and your family and how amazingly strong you all are….
        We did have a wonderful time oblivious of all that was happening in the wider world…
        Take care Miriam and I’m thinking about you n your special family.. xxxx

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        1. Thanks so much Wendy. I’m sure that Trump has totally dominated the news around the world so I’m not surprised there’s been nothing about Melbourne. In the grand scheme of things it will only affect us and those directly impacted. It’s the way of the world isn’t it? Maybe that’s why blogging is so wonderful. It brings us all closer together. Love and hugs to you. xo

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        2. That’s so true Miriam and I’ve certainly been alerted to much bigger and more important news than that which our media channels choose to show us… Love n hugs returned big time!! Xx

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  9. A devastating and mindless event that saddened me so much to hear, I’m so glad your sister is ok. A beautiful post which reminds us to focus on the beauty, fitting since the post I am about to write also has that theme after going through some tough times lately. Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt piece Miriam xx

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  10. What a terrible ending to your son’s celebration, Miriam. I saw it on the news but such is this world and its woes that I hadn’t paid it full attention till now. I’m so sorry.


  11. I hadn’t heard the news, as we were traveling yesterday and out of touch. I’m so sorry, for you because it hit so close to home, and for all the victims and the people who love them. I will never understand why something like this happens, but I agree that the best way to cope is to focus on the compassion and support that strangers show each other in times of enormous tragedy. We can’t stop believing in the good in people just because a minorty choose to do evil!

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    1. That’s exactly how I feel Ann. It’s hard sometimes and I often question and wonder so much but I do honestly think there’s more good in this world and more people doing good deeds. Thanks Ann.


  12. Miriam thanks so much for writing this post. I’ve been numbed by what happened. Lately we seem to be constantly trying to come to terms with tragedies inflicted on innocent people by those of unsound minds.Now give that sister of yours a big hug I think she’ll need it.

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  13. I’m so sorry this happened in your country, Miriam. Words never seem to convey the pain, sadness, and agony for those who lost loved ones and who were injured. So terrible and senseless. I hadn’t actually known this happened because I have intentionally had the TV off since Thursday. Sending love and positive energy to Melbourne.

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  14. As a Canadian living across the Pacific and the continent for you, I understand the feeling of isolation that such an event can bring about. I, Sorserigod, am attuned to the nervous system distresses and disturbances of others, so much so that I can empathize with the sufferers in your true-life recounting.

    If you want an amusing chuckle to balance your dark moods, come check out my website:

    I’ll see you there. And leave a comment every now and then, hmm?


  15. Dear Miriam, glad you and yours are OK, I didn’t hear any of it here, this weekend all the news was focus on the new president and the women march. Australia is so peaceful, no way we can understand how this happened. Hugs to you and have a great week!

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Yes, I’m not surprised that news has all been about Trump and the March. Sadly there are lots of devastated families over here. I’ll never understand senseless violence. Hugs back. xo

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      1. Yes I know unfortunately. But I kind of hoped that would not be the case for Australia because even though I haven’t been there yet, I imagine it to be a peaceful, beautiful paradise, which in a way it is but everything good has a bad side to it too:(

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        1. So very true but Australia is still a beautiful and peaceful place. I still think it’s one of the safest places when you consider everything that happens around the world. But yes it’s sad. We always hope these things won’t happen here. I hope you make it here one day.

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    1. Thanks Brigid, my sister’s ok, I spoke to her yesterday though she did tell me a lot of people she works with are still quite traumatised. Good luck with your blog catch ups. I’ll have to do that too when I return from this camping trip I’m on.

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  16. Oh Miri, I had not heard of this, but then I don’t watch the news. I’m so sorry for those affected and also relieved that your sister was unharmed. I agree with you that there is more good than evil in the world and to focus on the hope, kindness and charity of others. Having endured 9/11, I always say a prayer at 9:11 am & pm for the souls that were lost on that day and the families affected. Tonight I will say a prayer for all affected in Melbourne and whose lives have been forever changed. Sending hugs… xo (on a happier note I hope your son had a Happy Birthday) 🙂

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    1. I’m not surprised that you didn’t hear this news Deb and quite honestly I don’t usually watch the news either. Since I’ve been blogging I rarely watch or read the news, preferring to focus on the positive. This was another awful event but I was just so thankful my sister was okay yet so sad for the others. 9/11 was horrendous. Thank you my friend for your kind thoughts and prayers. A big hug to you. xo

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  17. You say it so well, Miriam. Life is precious and it’s easy to spiral downwards to regret. There’s no turning back from there. Thanks for sharing this post. It’s filled with positivity and hope. I’m learning so much from you. 🙂

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  18. I rarely watch the news and had not heard of this. It is so horrible, yet what you say is true. We can’t let it stop us from living.
    I have a tendency to anxiety over things I cant control so I try to focus on the positive aspects of life in order to not miss all the great things it has to offer.
    Sending good thoughts and prayers for your city.

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    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words and I fully agree with you. We really do need to focus on the positive and the good in this world, and there’s still plenty around us.

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  19. If you’re focusing on your blog you might not have heard. But some nutter was screaming his head off in the city this morning and intimidating people. I used to love the city. I’m staying well away these days.

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    1. No, I didn’t hear about that. I don’t go into the city much if I can help it. There are nutters everywhere though unfortunately You’re obviously from Melb?


  20. 😥 Oh my goodness! What sorrow! It is always heartbreaking to hear of lives cut down like this. I am so sorry for those who lost loved ones, and I am so grateful you and yours were not among them. I can imagine, you sister came way too close for comfort in this!

    You are so right – we can’t let it make us paranoid – then things like this and the people who commit them, win, and we simply cannot allow that to happen.

    I hope your son’s birthday was a lovely day, despite this kind of news. 🙂

    So happy you’re safe! *hugs* ❤ ❤

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    1. Oh Ness, it was so sad. A three month old baby, an 11 year old girl, young mothers, their lives cut short … it just breaks my heart. Life is so incredibly fleeting and fragile. Thank you for your warm words of friendship. My son had a lovely day despite everything. Life has to continue. Hope you’re well my dear friend. Big hugs to you ❤️🙂


  21. Miriam, I’m so glad you and your family are okay. Another, senseless act claiming innocent lives. Unfortunately, it happens way too often. It feels so different when it’s so close to you, when you were just there, or walked into it. You however are always reminding us how beautiful life is, and how precious and beautiful a sunset is. Keep living your life and sharing the beauty of it. You’re secretly inspiring others with your writing and photography. We can so easily take life for granted, we need these wonderful reminders of how lovely life is.


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