My world of Animals

A world without animals would be exceptionally dull. At least in my books.

I grew up with cats. We adopted many strays that ventured into our back yard. Well at least I did. I’ll never forget the day my dad sat in the kitchen and told me there was no way the cat was staying. Behind his back the tiny kitten was scratching and crawling his way to the top of the fly wire door. Dad never looked around. Muffins stayed for ten years.

Before I was married, I bought Doug a blue heeler pup we named Bluey (highly unoriginal I know). It took a while for him to accept me (Bluey that is!) but eventually the three of us became inseparable.


When Bluey died, fifteen years later we were devastated. He was part of our family.

We eventually got another heeler, a good looking dog but he lacked manners. He was the opposite to our gentle Bluey. Cozzie stayed eighteen months before being rehomed to a working farm.

He was neurotic, nothing more to be said.

05-01-2007 028

That was the beginning of our foray into the ‘pocket rocket’ kingdom.  I lost track of the number of rabbits we adopted, loved and eventually lost to disease or misfortune.

Piggyy eating1 (800x533)

We eventually agreed that rabbits were too fragile … but not so the very chatty guinea pigs. We had Pippi and Salty for many years before they succumbed to old age.


Now we have Delta, Pandora and Little Miss Piggy aka the Three Little Pigs. Plus some chickens and occasional kangaroos, kookaburras and colorful bird life that often visit.

The little has become the big over the years.  Meet Merlin.


For those who don’t know him he’s my daughter’s Quarter Horse cross Andalusian. Owning him has taught her a world of responsibility and her love and nurturing for all animals has only grown over the years.

Of course there’s Harry. Most of you know him. No introductions are needed. He’s a funny, gentle, silly, scruffy, lovable pooch that goes everywhere with us.

Embrace life (800x600)

And last but not least is Lamborghini, AKA Lamby, who’s grown in leaps and bounds since my daughter first brought her home from the farm in Mansfield, an orphaned lamb rejected by her mum. She was only supposed to stay a few months.


She’s still here.  I blogged about her mid last year.


Look at her now!  A lamb with attitude and charm at the same time and teaching me lots of life lessons. But more on that in another post.

Yes, life would be dull without animals. It would also be less expensive, cleaner and easier.

However, having pets has added so much love to our world and enriched our life. They have a subtle way of teaching us valuable lessons and if I had to do it all over again, I probably would.

Image result for Lessons animals can teach us about life quotes

Wishing you all love and laughter and a day filled with smiles, sunshine and hopefully a four legged friend to hug. And if you haven’t got one, go and hug a human.

Stay happy as you continue the journey.

Sharing my animal world with Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Animals

133 thoughts on “My world of Animals

  1. Oh my goodness Lamby has gotten so big! I remember when you first blogged about Lamby! I love furry friends. I think you’re absolutely right about how animals teach our children responsibility. I also think having animals in your home teaches them how to love, have empathy, and enjoy a life unplugged from gadgets. I love this post.

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