A Fiery Ambience

My house is full of candles. I love creating a calm mood and my home reflects that. Or at least I think it does.  It doesn’t always work but that’s my aim, at least at dinner time.

Call me a bit kooky but even when we’re camping I still love my candles. Granted, they’re usually citronella ones designed to keep the mozzies at bay but they still create a relaxing mood. Like at Yanakie a few weeks ago. The light was soft, the sounds of waves lapping in was soothing and the sea breeze was cool.

The tranquility was almost tangible.


We were blessed with the most amazing fiery skies in which to eat under. That’s the joy of dining outdoors amongst the beauty of mother nature’s natural lighting. The ambience heightened even more by our outdoor candle as the night slowly darkened.

It’s beauty that can be found anywhere, if we stop and look up. Look around. And it’s priceless. 


Each and every place we visit has its own vibrations and feel. Like a mood that comes into our heart depending on the intensity of emotion we’re feeling at that moment. 

All our senses play a part in determining how a place appeals to us. Or sometimes doesn’t.

On our travels we’ve been occasionally disappointed but mostly captivated by the atmosphere of a place. Sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

Me on the platform like something out of Harry Potter (533x800)

I’ll never forget standing on the platform at the railway station in Castlemaine. Two steam trains were about to depart simultaneously. 

There was billowing smoke and the whistles were blowing, the air was thick with anticipation and I felt like I was on the set of a Harry Potter movie, about to embark on the Hogwarts Express. It was magical.


Inside it felt just the same. It was like we’d stepped back in time to a bygone era.

Then there’s the ambience of a warm campfire and the feeling of camaraderie it gives. 

Mum used to say that nothing beats the company of a fire and she was right. Whether it’s in the hearth of a home or underneath a moonlit sky.

Bonfire1 (800x600)

This was in our back paddock last winter. Toasting marshmallows, sharing supper, stories and good company. The sounds of crickets and frogs in the the creek down the back and the crackling of the flames was blissful.

Even though it’s summer now and campfires are still a few months off I have no doubt we’ll be sitting round a warm fire again before too long. Both inside and outside.

Inside near Mansfield (800x600)

Here’s to an uplifting and peaceful atmosphere. We can all find it. Some days it might be damn hard, but I’m convinced each of us has our own special patch that’s worth nurturing.

We just need to be mindful. After all,  our moods have the power to alter and affect any atmosphere. 

Where ever you are in the world I wish you a peaceful heart and a light mood to walk you through your day.  May we all stay positive and tune into all our senses as we continue the journey.

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In response to WPC: Ambience
Sharing also for Frank’s Tuesday Challenge: Playing with Fire

112 thoughts on “A Fiery Ambience

  1. An absolutely wonderful post, Miriam! I love your insights and the photos. The second photo from the top is completely breathtaking. I love candles too btw. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.😊

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      1. I can certainly appreciate having such a beautiful photo as screen saver. I’m doing great. Although I’m so sick of winter haha.😊 I hope you’re keeping well too.πŸ’œ


        1. Hey Brenda, I’m keeping well thanks, just dealing with some domestic household hassles here today. πŸ™ An yeah, I can well imagine you’re sick of winter. Sending you over some warm sunny summer rays. 😎

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  2. I love the way the sky is reflected in the wine in the glass, pretty cool. I also love Harry’s vest that he’s wearing and also in those pictures it’s looks like you may have captured Venus next to the Moon, very cool! Yeah always walked towards the light, keep the fire burning inside and be the one who brightens someone’s day, including your own. Hope you have an enlightening day Miri!! Warm Hugs xo

    Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s something next to the moon and it’s quite bright. Venus has been very bright here for a couple of months so I would imagine it would be there too. β˜ΊπŸŒšπŸŒ•

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  3. I love the warmth of fire especially right now cause it’s really cold here. In fact we had a festival day before yesterday where a big fire is the centre of attraction for all. It’s called Lohri.

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  4. I love candles too. I just finished burning one that smelled like a vineyard.

    Weird side note – I just texted someone the phrase “Harry Potter” with my left hand while scrolling with my right. Right when I press send, Harry Potter appears in your post. Strange huh?

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  5. Just lovely Miriam with great pics to go with it. Your photo of the sunset sky in particular is stunning. You have a great way of uplifting readers with your posts. Have a good week and enjoy those candles.

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  6. I believe you can never have too many candles. I have a dozen candle holders for Christmas and this year my husband’s daughter did the decorating. She asked: How many candle holders do you need? and I laughed and said: You can never have too many candles!”. And your mum certainly was right about a fire. That is why I love our new house so much: We have an open fire and use it daily :-). Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  7. Yes, I can picture Gate 9 3/4 at the train station. Lovely photos and all are oozing ambiance. My favorite is the clouds peeking through the wine glass in the top photo. Not sure if I want to have a glass or grab my camera….;)

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  8. There is something about a flame, whether from a candle or a fireplace or a campfire, that just feels right! So cozy and warm. My favorite thing to do on a cold winter night is to light a fire in the fireplace (even if it is just gas) and sit in a comfortable chair next to it, reading a good book. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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  9. So true, Miriam. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that can make or break your mood. Being sensitive to the smallest of details I often find it hard to not be affected with imbalance. I love the elements, the earth and the sky. Your post takes me through some of the best moments I’ve had too. And I really like the way you weave it with so much positivity. It’s something I must learn to do. I’m letting my emotions take over my writing. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. I digress. Just want dot say that you’ve been such an inspiration for me and helped me through so many difficult moments. Thank you..if I haven’t said it before. xo

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    1. Aw Cheryl, we sound so alike in so many ways. I’m also a very sensitive person and easily affected by imbalances too. I’m letting my emotions out more and more in my posts. Your writing is very uniquely you. You always weave your own brand of magic in your words and your travel posts. You don’t need to change. xo

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  10. The train photo is my favorite in this post, Miriam. I love candles, too. They’re an essential element, along with wool socks and a comfy couch. And good readling. Must have good reading. Like this.

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  11. Hi Miriam– its’ winter here and I love lighting little candles on our table– since there are not man flowers int he yard this time of year. And love evenings when Larry makes a big fire in the fireplace and I can cozy up right in front of it! Fun post Miriaim! take care friend. xo

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  12. A woman after my own heart! I love that picture of you walking through the smoke and that sunset by the water. Absolutely gorgeous. I agree with you, I love ambient lighting. I should send you a picture of the wall sconces we have at the spa where I work. I’ve been hunting them down for a while now and to no avail. But they’re beautiful. They look like glass covered votive candles mounted to the wall. It’s two walls full. I love them. It’s probably my favorite feature at the spa. It just makes you feel calm upon entering.

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    1. Sounds absolutely wonderful Monica. Definitely calming. I just gave my sister the gift of a massage voucher today. I honestly think a massage and/Zoe spa is one of the best gifts we can give ourself.

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