Finding some Peace and Quiet 

I’m such an over-thinker. I worry incessantly about things. But I’m realising, as I get older (and hopefully wiser) that it doesn’t have to control me.

Even though life is busy and, like most people I have family commitments, bills and busy routines, there are things I can do to try and slow it down.

Being outdoors is the key for me. Even though it’s a mess and Lamby’s demolished most of the greenery my backyard is still a good place to be.

But nothing appeals more to me in summer than the beach.


We’re blessed to have sandy beaches that stretch for miles and often, even in summer, we have them to ourselves. This is two weeks ago at a beach near Wilsons Prom.

Most of you who know me know how much I love camping. When we’re away I’m usually the first one awake.

It’s quiet time to enjoy those early mornings, the golden pallet of a new day.

This is what I woke up to when I looked out of our camper at Yanakie recently.

Amidst the fiery sky the sun was like a breath taking lovers kiss, welcoming a new day.

When I stepped outside all was still. The only sounds were the gentle lapping of the waves and distant sea birds.

A mother and her child walked along the shore. No one else was around.

Heaven on earth in that moment.

However It’s not just on the beach we can find tranquility. We can find it anywhere.

streetscape (800x600)

We can find it out on the streets. Like here, in historic Maldon where I stepped out for an early morning stroll along the empty pathways before the hustle of traffic and life took over.


However, even amidst the hustle we can find peace, if we go within.

Daydreaming is good for the soul, especially on a train where we can watch the world go by.

Marysville solitude (800x600)

Or in the coolness of a rainforest.


These are just some ways I seek out a bit of peace and quiet:

  1. Enjoy a stroll, it doesn’t matter where, so long as we stop to smell the roses along the way.
  2. Get physical, whether it’s yoga or whatever works for you. For me it’s Zumba. I love how it energises and yet stills my mind at the same time. By the time the session’s over I feel more centred than ever.
  3. Create your own personal work of art. Cut out pictures that appeal, create goals, the quiet deliberate act of envisioning a future is relaxing and energising at the same time. I’m just finishing my own vision dream board.
  4. Light a candle, enjoy some essential oils and if you can coax someone to give you a massage or back rub, heaven!
  5. And the best … connect with nature. Watch the sunset, watch the waves roll in or just watch the clouds go by. Or watch the moon. That’s what I did last night. It’s all free and it’s there waiting for you

In our busy world I wish you all a calm and peaceful mind.

May we all find that quiet place by living in the moment, not worrying about the future but simply enjoying the here and now.

The rest will take care of itself in good time.

In response to Ailsa’s Travel theme: Quiet.
and also sharing for Nurturing Thursday: Empty Cup

I wish you peace as we continue the journey.


140 thoughts on “Finding some Peace and Quiet 

  1. Well there we go again Miriam.. Your point number 4 – get someone to give you a back massage.. how’s that for synchronicity? Wow – what an amazing sunrise that was – a lovers kiss indeed – truly magical… Life’s simple really and your pictures today remind me how simple it really is… We’re surrounded with beauty and yet rush around so much we often rush past all those wonderful things that gives us true peace and tranquillity. What a wonderful reminder – thank you!

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  2. Those 5 tips are golden!!!! Especially to connect with nature. Last night I watched the moon and oh it gave me such a wonderful feeling to be sitting all by myself in the still of the night watching the moonlight! Thanks for a fantastic post!

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  3. Beautiful Miriam! I struggle with finding peace in my daily life. Ever since we got our dog and my time has dwindled as I’m busy exercising him I feel a crush trying to get everything done I did before. It was so nice to be in Costa Rica for a week where all I did was enjoy the moment. Now to figure out how on earth to incorporate that into my life. Something has to give and lately it has been my blog.

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    1. Hi Nicole, your photos of Costa Rica were gorgeous and it sounds like you had the most amazing time. I know what you mean about trying to incorporate that feeling into our every day life. It’s much easier when we’re away from routine and in such an awe inspiring place. I guess it’s all about juggling and working out what’s really important. It’s a shame when our blogs have to suffer. Good luck getting back into the swing of things and holding onto that peaceful feeling. x

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      1. Oh thank you Miriam! I am feeling a little better today. I returned pretty worn out as I was so busy the whole time and also got a stomach bug surely from the water. But I am finally feeling good again. 🙂 We have a long weekend here too so I’m excited to just chill out. 🙂

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  4. A girlfriend of mine is actually hosting a Vision Board party Saturday and I am SO looking forward to it! Great advice (you make me look longingly at my, now winterized and un-usable-for-the-season camper). I miss it so much, we haven’t been anywhere in it since May! I long for the beach, I truly physically NEED the beach at least once or twice a year. Right now the only trip is planned for July! The thought of waiting 7 months before being on the beach makes me antsy. Such inspiring words of advice Miriam! Thank you for the lovely pictures to share those moments with you!

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    1. I know exactly what you mean Amanda. If I don’t get to the beach at least once every few months, even in the cooler months, I feel cooped up and out of sorts. It really is a wonderful tonic for the blues isn’t it? Is there anywhere you can take the camper now it is it totally out of action?
      Enjoy the Vision Board party on Saturday Amanda, what a great idea. I love the thought of creating it in a group, would be very inspiring. Have fun!

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      1. I definitely plan to blog about the vision board and experience Saturday. No the camper’s up for the winter, especially since we’re house-hunting right now and are not planning to take any trips while we’re holding on to our cash like Scrooge. Lol

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  5. Those are excellent tips, Miriam! I find getting out in nature, exercise (particularly yoga) and creating something to be soothing as well. I think it does “center” us and get us in touch with our true selves. Whenever my mind is going a million different directions at once, I try to do something that helps me calm down, breathe, and re-center. Took me a long time to figure out how important it is to do that. Thanks for the reminder, and the beautiful photos. I especially like the wide, beautiful beach!!!

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    1. Thanks Ann, our beaches are pretty spectacular. But I guess more importantly, seeing as I can’t walk on them every day, is being able to centre ourselves anywhere we are. What you said is so true. Have a lovely and relaxing weekend.

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  6. Aww… this was so beautiful, so peaceful! Stunning photos. Perfect way to start my day. I love your tips. So much peace and beauty in nature, and all for free. All we need to do is stop and take notice🌷Thanks Miriam!

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  7. Beautiful sentiments Miriam, and very apt as we all return to work and begin a new year. I’m usually the first one up in my family and I really treasure those quiet moments before everyone rises and the day starts. Have a lovely weekend.

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  8. As you said, Miriam, we can find Peace and Quiet wherever we look. Important is to want it. Today people live too fast and they do not have time to see the beauty. The beauty which can bring Peace and Quiet.
    Beautiful post and photos, dear Miriam.
    Mo-hugs and kisses ❤

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  9. I agree, we can find tranquility and peace anywhere, it’s all in our mind. I’m practicing mindfulness for a while now. I can turn off the external noise and go to any place I want for few minutes. But of course, if I coud be close by a warm sand beach it would be wonderful. Lovely photos as well my dear!

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  10. The first few lines of this post grabbed my attention and pulled me in. I, too, am such an over-thinker. At times, I over-think a situation so much, analyzing it from every possible angle, projecting every conceivable outcome, that it becomes impossible to make even the simplest decision, like what to eat for dinner or whether or not to go for a walk. I call it analysis-paralysis. But, your next words rang out loudly… I don’t have to let it control me. I may not be able to turn off my thoughts (as I often want to do), but I don’t have to let them control me. In any moment, I can find an anchor. My breath. The sounds around me. Something in nature. Thank you for this reminder!

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    1. Oh Lulu, you sound a lot like my son. He’s also an over thinker and analyses everything, weighing up everything andtaking forever to make a decision. It’s so important to find that anchor isn’t it? To know that where ever we are right at this very minute is all that really matters. I wish you well my friend. xo

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      1. I think there’s something in the temperament that we are born with, something innate, that makes those of us who over-think like this just a bit more “high-strung,” as my dad would put it. I think that word is a bit derisive, but it describes me pretty well. My brain is like a hummingbird, always vibrating electrically. I’ve come so far in calming it down and reminding myself, “The only bad decision is to not make one!” Also, reminding myself that I am not God, and I can’t know exactly how the future will turn out. All I can do is make the best decision I can with the information I have at the time, and then not beating myself up if things don’t turn out the way I hoped.

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        1. That’s exactly right Lulu. We are the way we are and sometimes all we can do is accept that and, like you said, that the only bad decision is not to make one. We can all take a lesson from that.

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  11. It’s so true what you say about the senses. When we are inside more than not, we can’t smell the roses, or appreciate their soft petals. We can’t breathe in the fresh air. We miss what it feels like to muddy our fingers with garden soil. It’s still snowy where I live, and I’m itching to get outside and plan the garden for this year. It makes me feel alive. Great photos, Miriam, and a nice reminder to get out and enjoy nature. 🙂

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  12. What a refreshing collection of photos! And yes, peaceful moments are not as hard to find as we often make them out to be. It’s just a matter of taking the time to notice what is really there. The moon and candle photo is just right — perfectly still, but full of energy and potential even so. 🙂

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  13. I am amazed that you could get an entire beach to yourself, and simply park your camper there. Where I live in New England, we have to pay $20-$30 to park at the beach, arrive super early to get a spot, and are usually blanket to blanket with other folks. Thank you for the offer of peace. And peace to you, Miriam.

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    1. Not quite an entire beach to ourselves Kim but close. We did have to share but finding a waterfront site in a caravan park at the beach at peak time was just pure luck! Hugs to you from a hot Melbourne Monday.

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  14. Beautiful pictures and beautiful post! Yes we can find peace anywhere, it’s an art but the more we practice it the better we become at it. We attract what we feel that’s why it’s so important to keep our thoughts on what makes us feel good. This post makes me smile and feel content and know that all we have to do is step outside and notice God’s wondrous work. I burn Reiki candles daily, love them and I received a diffuser for Christmas and have lavender and peppermint oils, love them too!! Wishing you a day filled with peace, joy and love! xo

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Deb. You’re so right, finding peace and feeling positive really is an art and we do have to practice it daily. Maybe that’s why I love your posts so much, you continually remind us of what we have to be grateful for. I also got a diffuser for Christmas and love using all my different oils. Warm hugs to you xo

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        1. I love lavender too. Like you it’s probably my favorite. I also love some of the lavender blends (with geranium, bergomot and cedar wood). It also depends on my mood, generally though it’s lavender I use. xo

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        1. You’re right Jess, especially when you put it like that. Sometimes the doubts just creep in but I guess I really have nothing to lose. How’s your book coming along?

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        2. Hey Jess, I tried to send you a message on Hugge Love but both times it wouldn’t let me. Seemed to delete them. Just wanted to let you know. Thinking of you sweet girl, hope you all feel better soon. xo

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  15. Wow! Stunning! Thanks for taking me to these quiet places, Miriam. It’s fascinating how a good walk can clear your mind. Yesterday, I went for one and I felt so much calmer after it. I’m an over thinker too and I worry too much too. That’s why I get you. 🙂 Loved your suggestions of yoga, walks, and candles. Doing most of it! 🙂

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