Finding some Peace and Quiet 

I’m such an over-thinker. I worry incessantly about things. But I’m realising, as I get older (and hopefully wiser) that it doesn’t have to control me.

Even though life is busy and, like most people I have family commitments, bills and busy routines, there are things I can do to try and slow it down.

Being outdoors is the key for me. Even though it’s a mess and Lamby’s demolished most of the greenery my backyard is still a good place to be.

But nothing appeals more to me in summer than the beach.


We’re blessed to have sandy beaches that stretch for miles and often, even in summer, we have them to ourselves. This is two weeks ago at a beach near Wilsons Prom.

Most of you who know me know how much I love camping. When we’re away I’m usually the first one awake.

It’s quiet time to enjoy those early mornings, the golden pallet of a new day.

This is what I woke up to when I looked out of our camper at Yanakie recently.

Amidst the fiery sky the sun was like a breath taking lovers kiss, welcoming a new day.

When I stepped outside all was still. The only sounds were the gentle lapping of the waves and distant sea birds.

A mother and her child walked along the shore. No one else was around.

Heaven on earth in that moment.

However It’s not just on the beach we can find tranquility. We can find it anywhere.

streetscape (800x600)

We can find it out on the streets. Like here, in historic Maldon where I stepped out for an early morning stroll along the empty pathways before the hustle of traffic and life took over.


However, even amidst the hustle we can find peace, if we go within.

Daydreaming is good for the soul, especially on a train where we can watch the world go by.

Marysville solitude (800x600)

Or in the coolness of a rainforest.


These are just some ways I seek out a bit of peace and quiet:

  1. Enjoy a stroll, it doesn’t matter where, so long as we stop to smell the roses along the way.
  2. Get physical, whether it’s yoga or whatever works for you. For me it’s Zumba. I love how it energises and yet stills my mind at the same time. By the time the session’s over I feel more centred than ever.
  3. Create your own personal work of art. Cut out pictures that appeal, create goals, the quiet deliberate act of envisioning a future is relaxing and energising at the same time. I’m just finishing my own vision dream board.
  4. Light a candle, enjoy some essential oils and if you can coax someone to give you a massage or back rub, heaven!
  5. And the best … connect with nature. Watch the sunset, watch the waves roll in or just watch the clouds go by. Or watch the moon. That’s what I did last night. It’s all free and it’s there waiting for you

In our busy world I wish you all a calm and peaceful mind.

May we all find that quiet place by living in the moment, not worrying about the future but simply enjoying the here and now.

The rest will take care of itself in good time.

In response to Ailsa’s Travel theme: Quiet.
and also sharing for Nurturing Thursday: Empty Cup

I wish you peace as we continue the journey.


140 thoughts on “Finding some Peace and Quiet 

  1. I definitely agree with every single word. I also find in the connection with nature a way to free up my mind and to relax. And going camping it’s a way for being disconnected from technology/society/pollution. Victoria offers so many beautiful spots! Apart from that, one has to find a way to feel good each and every day.

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    1. You’re so right, it’s not just about when we’re camping. After all it’s easy to feel at peace when we’re in nature. You sound as though you’re familiar with Victoria.


  2. I love that flip flop picture Miri! That screams peace to me…contradictory as that sounds. 😉

    Could not agree more on the getting back to nature for a special kind of peace. Steve and I bought chairs and a little table a few years back and we sent them up in our garage. We pop open the door and sit there enjoying the breeze or sunset quite often. I find myself drawn to that spot whenever I feel extra stressed out. 🙂

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  3. “Even though life is busy and, like most people I have family commitments, bills and busy routines, there are things I can do to try and slow it down.” I agree with this one. Yes. Yes. Yes and yes. There are so many things in the world that you can do. One of those things, I think is doing what you love! Because doing what you love is like breathing air, you know. 🙌🏾🤓 Great post! Your pictures are beautiful!

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