A New Year and the tides keep rolling

Welcome to 2017, where ever in the world you are. Despite a grey overcast day here in Melbourne, I feel a sense of hope and optimism as the new year begins.

I’ve just returned from a post Christmas mini-break, camping by the beach.  Three days of relaxing, of long sandy walks, swimming in warm waters and exploring rocky coves. Simple pleasures.

Three days of summer sunshine tinged with storms. At night mother nature blessed us with spectacular sunsets and on our first morning we woke to a sunrise so vivid it felt like it was sent from heaven.


The view often changed depending on the color of the sky above and the sea below.

Similar to our moods that can fluctuate depending on what’s happening in our life.

But things went so well and I came home energised and with a heart full of gratitude.


This was a last minute trip I organised, literally the day before we left.

Was it luck, or destiny, to find a holiday park that had, just one prime site vacant, with uninterrupted views of the bay and the mountains of nearby Wilsons Prom National Park.

Was it coincidence that our neighboring campers, Lynne and Mark, were not only travelling up the north of Australia at roughly the same time as us this year, but have relatives living in our suburb. A suburb they’ll be living in for a month this year.

They were a lovely couple we instantly connected with.

So many coincidences, or were they?

Perhaps this three day break of ours was just “meant to be”.

The stars feel aligned. A little bit like this panoramic photo below that Doug took. Hubs is often trying to be funny and creative and wanting to put me in two places at one time!

As we begin a new year it reminds me that, although everything is not perfect, some moments are pretty close. And we need to embrace them with an open heart.

Just as the tides change, our past recedes and the ebb and flow of life continues, with its highs and its lows, joys and disappointments,  There’s not one without the other.

As my dear blogger friend Wendy so eloquently wrote in a comment to me recently … “there is a sense of freedom as you watch the sea, as the tide flows .. the tide rolling in and out regardless of what happens on land.”

That’s how I feel now, a sense that things are changing and I’m not just going with it, I’m ready for it.


On our last morning I stood at the edge of the water and the sky was a mix of hues.  I watched a fisherman head out to sea. I listened to the galahs chorus and morning greeting. I smelled the sea air and breathed in the freshness of the new day.

I watched the tide gently rolling in and I gave thanks for the new day. For the gift of the moment.

That’s how I want to head into 2017, with a sense of freedom and appreciation of all that is and all there is to come, knowing that even though things may sometimes feel out of our control we can always control how we react. There is always hope.

I wish everyone love, peace and a resilient heart as we begin a new year.

May we all rise to the challenges that come our way this year, embrace the changes that we meet and appreciate every moment of every day, accepting that everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand those reasons..

Thank you for reading, for being here and for traveling with me on my journey this past year. Here’s to a brilliant year ahead for all of us.


May we all ride those tides of change with grace and hope in 2017.


119 thoughts on “A New Year and the tides keep rolling

  1. So stunning Miriam; your words; your photography; this place (which camping ground was this Miriam?) Mark and I are thinking of taking our tent somewhere this week! Can you camp with a tent here? So beautiful, thank you for sharing your travels with us Miriam, I always feel transported in time and space to somewhere wonderful with you! xx

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    1. Thanks Hayley and yes, you absolutely can camp with a tent there. There are powered and unpowered sites right on the beachfront, a camp kitchen and very clean facilities. With views that will take your breath away. Google Yanakie Caravan Park (just five minutes from the entrance of Wilsons Prom). Hope you go, I think you’d love it. xo

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      1. Ooo i’ll certainly look this one up Miriam, we are deciding between here and Warburton! We haven’t been to either – thank you for the recommendation! It looks beautiful xx

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        1. I guess it depends on whether you’d prefer the mountains or the coast. Warburton is pretty, especially in the cooler months, but for me in summer being by the water always wins hands down. Enjoy, where ever you decide to go. xo

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        2. Quick question Miriam, how did you book? I called this morning and he directed me to the website, but when I click to book on the website it just sends me to a contact form and their phone number…which is now constantly busy 😦 xx

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        3. I rang and booked direct. Keep trying, sometimes they get so busy they divert their phones to an after hours service. That’s what happened to me but then they got back to me. Good luck.

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  2. Happy new year, Miriam! Your friend’s words about the ocean are spot on. It is so vast and ancient one can’t help but feel healed and gain new perspective near it. Glad you had a lovely mini vacation and thanks for the blessings for 2017.

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  3. Well Miriam – what a wonderful post … so full of hope! Thank you so much for the ‘mention’ – how lovely to be included in such a lovely piece of writing and wow – those photographs of the sunrises, sea and sand – amazing! I’m honoured to be included!! And…. I just LOVE that picture of you on top of the rock.. embracing what life is ready to unfold for you and no… those things aren’t coincidences.. they are definitely ‘meant to be’!
    Beautiful post by a beautiful lady living in a beautiful country! xx

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    1. Aw Wendy, thank you and you’re most welcome. Your words really stayed with me and felt so right, so I just had to include them here. Like you I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. Things generally happen for a reason I believe. Thank you again beautiful friend. Big hugs xo

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    1. Thank you Cheryl and a very warm Happy new year to you too my lovely friend. Yes, it really was a fantastic place. Loved it! I hope this year takes you and Basil to some wonderful places. Big hugs back. xo

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  4. Some wonderful sky photos here Miriam, and lovely words, as always. Oh the unexpected joys of being spontaneous. Glad you had a good break and feel refreshed to being a new year. Best wishes.

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  5. Happy New Year Miriam! this place is so pretty, I wish I can visit one day, I love to be close to the ocean: the salt, sand, water, wind and the sun. Glad you had a wonderful time outdoors, here is cold, so I spent most of the time indoors, it was great too, lots of eating, reading, writing and organizing stuff, I enjoyed each minute of it. A wonderful year to you my dear!

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    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth, I’m so glad you had such a lovely new year, it sounds perfect. Being snug indoors can be just as much fun can’t it? Enjoy and have a wonderful year ahead xo

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  6. I’m so glad you enjoyed your seaside camping trip and feel recharged and ready for the new year. And I’m even happier you took so many pictures and shared them with us! If all goes as planned, I’m going to be at the beach in three weeks, and I can’t wait. Your photos made me all the more eager to get there….. Happy New Year, Miriam!

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  7. It’s such a great way of viewing life, to just appreciate the changes as they come and figure out how to roll with them. As I age I am realizing this more and more. Thank you for sharing your lovely vacation pictures!

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  8. Your posts always fills me with positivity and a feel of hope. I love that 🙂 I always feel encouraged and motivated here. Thank you for that. It cheers me up to no end. Bonus is the pictures you put up. They are just so beautiful.

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  9. This is a magnificent post, Miriam. Some of my favorite photos I’ve seen in your blog (and there are some lovely ones). I’m with you – it seems like things are changing in an uplifting way, and I’m ready for the change with grace.

    Sending you so many blessings on your upcoming year, Miriam. May Spirit guide us each step of the way, with love in our hearts. 🙂 🙂 So glad you got to this paradise on earth! Love, Debbie

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    1. Oh Debbie, you make me smile. Thank you lovely friend for your very kind words. It really was a piece of paradise and I’m so happy I could share it. Wishing you also a wonderful year, filled with all the joys and blessings you deserve. xo

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  10. A beautiful post with some amazing photos. You have such a fantastic way of writing that fits so well with your images. It looks like a lovely break.

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  11. Happy New Year Miriam! You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Being alive with nature and really taking in its beauty and capturing it not just in photography but emotionally and spiritually the way you do, that’s probably the most divine gift. Happy 2017 . To many more adventures!

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    1. What a beautiful comment Monica, thank you so much. Yes, I am blessed to live in such a special place and I try never to take it for granted. Happy new year to you as well lovely lady. May it be full of new and exciting adventures.

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    1. Hey darling Ness, I’ve missed you! I’ve been so slack lately with my reading and now I have all these articles I have to write for magazines (all I really want to do is blog). I hope you’re well. Big hugs back xo ❤️


    1. January has flown by and Feb so far has been interesting. Hub is away interstate for the next two weeks and it’s the longest we’ve been apart since we’ve been married so it’s a new phase a bit for me. Hope your year has begun well.


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