Wonderlusting around the world

I need another lifetime to travel to all the places I want to see. To experience even a fraction of the wonders in the world.

Though I’ve traveled widely I’ve yet to see even half of my own country (hopefully that will be rectified next year) yet still the allure of overseas cultures and countries is strong.

Recently I was asked by fellow adventurer from A Wandering Memory what my top destinations I’d love to visit are. So here they are, together with the bloggers who inspire and bring these places to life for me.

Sit back, grab a cuppa and prepare to be transported around the world.

Photo Courtesy OldPlaidCamper

1. Rocky Mountain High

Call me Heidi reincarnated but since I was a little girl I’ve loved the mountains. The spectacular vistas of Canada have always held enormous appeal particularly  when I read the adventures of my Canadian bloggers.

Like Old Plaid Camper who paints such a vivid picture. In his post Taking a very Deep Breath he writes  “The roar of the wind blasting in our faces straight off a glacier at 8,000 feet was quite the noise. Elemental, in your face, but in a good way … We had space to think, room to breathe, and the chance to tune into a different set of sounds. Sounds that heal, promote calm, and encourage a positive mindset …”

When I asked him about his homeland this is what he told me: “…If you’re properly dresed, you honestly don’t feel the cold …Western Canada is beautiful in all seasons, but personally, I think it is most beautiful in the mountains in winter. Summer is perfectly warm … great for camping and paddling but the glacier fed lakes are too cold for swimming.”  His mountainous adventures often makes me want to pack my bags.

Canadian beauty photo courtesy OldPlaidCamper
Patrick from Pix to Words holds me in raptures with his stunning landscape photography and evocative poetry that transports me.

When I asked him to describe his love for Canada this was his reply. “In 1981 I came to Canada, as a 20 year-old, for the big mountains and deep snow of Whistler, British Columbia. I hadn’t thought further ahead than a single ski season. In fact, I returned ‘home’ to the USA the following summer, but quickly realised where I needed to be … Part of what brought me back was the epic beauty of British Columbia. I mean … look!  But there was something more. Mostly it’s the kindness …”

Photo courtesy Patrick Jennings @ Pix to Words
And then he penned this poem, his recent one on Canada which summed up his feelings for his adopted homeland.

I came
For big mountains
And the deep deep snow

I stayed
For the kindness
And the deep deep grow

So if I win the lottery, watch out guys. Canada is definitely number one on my list.

2. Alowa from Hawaii

This is a recent edition to my top five but after friends visited twice in consecutive years and seeing their gorgeous photos I can understand why.

Just recently I’ve loved reading the Hawaian adventures of Alba10 including a spectacular helicopter ride that captured all the magic and beauty from above.

Na Pali coast photo courtesy Alba
I always imagined Hawaii was just about Waikiki beach. Who knew about the stunning cliffs of Na Pali that look straight out of a Jurassic Park movie, coastal vistas that rival those of anywhere in the world and the natural beauty of Oahu and the north shore.

Kauai Photo courtesy Alba
Carol The Eternal Traveller also wrote about her adventures in Hawaii a year ago in a series of posts that evoked all the senses. Beaches, mountains, waterfalls …it sounds like paradise, yes please.

3. Icelandic Adventure

Iceland is apparently the fourth happiest country in the world. My hub reckons it’s because they spend half their time in bed!

During summer the sun rarely sets and in winter when it gets too cold outside you hop into the hot springs. Sounds good to me.

Iceland has long been on my bucket list. The grandeur of icebergs, the stunning scenery and the adventures that await make it one of my definite to visit places.

Photo courtesy Two Brown Feet
Think reindeer, black and white majestic horses and breath taking northern lights and it conjures up magical scenes.

But if you thought it was all elves and mythical creatures, think again. Apparently Iceland is the most web-savvy country in the world.  You can read more here about why Iceland is so special.


Cheryl and Basil, a talented writer/photographer team explore the grandeur in glorious detail on their gorgeous travel blog TwoBrownFeet.

As Cheryl writes: “With an eclectic capital city, rolling hills, vast stretches of barren land running parallel to glaciers and ugly stretches of mounds; Iceland can be both captivating and terrifying. Elves, Vikings, sagas, skyr, and Salmon on rye bread; what’s there not to love about Iceland? …”

There’s no doubt Iceland absolutely intrigues me.

4. Trekking in India and Tibet

Ah, the colors and flavours of India. As well as loving the cuisine I’ve always been fascinated by the culture, vibrance and colors.

Justin from  Eating Snow around the world enthralls me with his adventurous tails. Most recently I read about his latest trek in Ladakh, a mountainous region in northern India sandwiched between Pakistan, Tibet, and Kashmir.

Beginning the Markha Valley trek  Photo courtesy Eating Snow around the World
I love the idea of being immersed in a culture.  As Justin says “Ladahk is a great place to trek, especially if you connect with desert environments, but mostly for the cultural experience. The Ladakhi people are so welcoming and there’s something very special about sharing a meal with someone you’ve just met.”

Photo Courtesy Louise @ The Year I touched my Toes
Trekking the mountains of nearby Tibet and climbing to Everest Base Camp is something I’m not sure I’ll ever do in my lifetime but it’s a dream that local blogger Louise at The Year I touched my Toes achieved.

She’s proof that if you’re healthy, trained and mentally fit you can do anything.

As Louise says: “In 2013 I trekked with husband to 4020 metres, two thirds of the way to Everest Base Camp. During the training sessions before we left, Sam kept saying, “Remember, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”

He was right. It was about the whole journey, not only the trek towards Everest Base Camp. I also discovered fitness for the first time as a fifty something year old woman …”

Photo courtesy The Year I touched my Toes
In 2015 she went back and conquered it. In her words, “Climbing Kala Pattar, looking at Mount Everest at sunset, sunrise or even at noon or standing at Everest Base Camp could possibly be one of the best things you will ever do in terms of travel experiences. It might even rate on one of the best things you do in your life. Certainly it will be an achievement you will be proud of. Guaranteed.”

You can read her inspiring story here.

Louise and her trainer on top of the world.  Photo courtesy The year I touched my Toes 

5. Cycling New Zealand

From trekking to cycling … perhaps this one is more achievable for me!

Just a hop, skip and a jump from Australia is New Zealand, a country that’s long been on my bucket list. Spectacular scenery of glaciers and lakes, ancient rainforests and landscapes straight out of Middle Earth make this a dream destination and I can’t think of a better way to experience the sights and sounds of a country than with with good old fashioned pedal power.

Recently fellow Aussie Deb enjoyed just that … a cycling tour through the South Island.


As Debbie wrote “The Central Otago Rail Trail on New Zealand’s South Island, has been on our to-do list for quite some time now. It’s simply a disused rail corridor which has been turned into a trail for cyclists and  walkers. 

The land was owned by the railways, so years later after the trains had stopped running,  a plan was made to turn the track into a recreation pathway and encourage people to ride or walk and help keep the history of the railways alive. 

It’s now managed by the Department of Conservation. There are many fantastic bridges and tunnels along the 152km section that would otherwise be left to rot …”  

Read her series of posts here.

Perhaps after the Red Centre next year New Zealand should be next on my list.

There are other destinations I’d love to visit and revisit. But for now they’ll have to stay in my dreams.

I hope I’ve been able to transport you to a few places. A huge thanks to my blogger buddies who kindly allowed me to use their beautiful photos and words to compile this post.

And add even more wonder to my wonder lusting dreams.


Remember life is to be lived so keep enjoying the journey, where ever you are.

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