Backyard Buddies

I looked out tonight in my bedraggled backyard and there they were.  Harry, Lamborghini and the chickens all happily munching away and doing their own thing. If you look closely enough you can also see a magpie and a rabbit beyond the gate.

There were kookaburras laughing in nearby gum trees and magpies warbling.

All I needed was a kangaroo to come bounding through the back paddock to complete a perfect Australian picture, but alas they were unobliging tonight.

There they were in a scene of peace and calm. Co-existing, in the same patch of land.

All so incredibly different from each other and yet so accepting.

If only we humans were as tolerant.

Today as we enter the first day of December my wish is for more acceptance and understanding of our differences. In our families, our workplace, out in the world.

Realising that for all of our faults and imperfections we all have value and a place.

Every single one of us.

Animals can teach us so much. As humans become even more advanced with technology we still have a lot to learn, sometimes from the smallest creatures on the earth.

Happy December everyone.

Here’s to peace, love and friendship and adopting a slower more understanding pace as we head towards Christmas.

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99 thoughts on “Backyard Buddies

  1. A beautiful post, Miriam, honestly 🙂 I fully agree there’s a lot we could learn! We need more love, acceptance, tolerance among us all. We need more communication too, which is hopefully what all these blogs bring 🙂

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  2. Beautiful post Miriam, we can learn so much with the animals, but sadly this contact if getting each day more difficult, some kids have never had a pet or being close to one animal. You have a blessed place there. Hugs to you and a wonderful new month.

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I am blessed indeed. Can’t imagine now not having any animals around, despite the work involved they bring so much life and love to a home. Happy month ahead to you too. xo

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  3. Oh Miriam – Your animals are just so adorable!… You’re so right – we can learn a lot from those beautiful creatures and I wish you ‘peace’ in the run up to Xmas… The ‘firsts’ are the hardest… Much love! x

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    1. Thanks Wendy, I know you’re right. This will be a hard Christmas in many ways but I guess all I can do is focus on my family and faith and be grateful for what I have. That’s what she’d want. I wish you peace too Wendy. xo

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      1. That’s definitely the best way to get through it.. thinking about creating wonderful memories of a lovely Xmas for your family.. and you’re absolutely right – that is what your mum would want! xx

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        1. Thanks Miriam.. Yep I think it will be a fairly quiet one for me too.. I’ve got one of my granddaughters on a sleepover tonight so I’m sure she’ll keep me entertained.. No more ‘Beauty Shops’ though after the DIY Beauty Mask Disaster a couple of weeks ago – my eyes are still recovering! x

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        2. Oh dear, yes perhaps stay away from the make up and beauty routines tonight. Maybe she can play with your hair Wendy, then again … Oh well, whatever you do, enjoy your little darling xo

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  4. Thank you so much for your wonderful post:) I found your blog, and I absolutely love it. You do a great job!
    Thank you for your thoughts about this holiday season. Growing up on a dairy farm, I completely relate to the lessons and peace we can learn from animals. It’s beautiful. I hope you have a great December and holiday season!

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  5. Very well said, Miriam! Everyone does have value, and sometimes it seems that animals understand that better than we do. And personally, I can’t think of a nicer scene to enjoy out my window….dang, I want a lamb!!!

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    1. Oh Ann, she’s gorgeous but she’s seriously decimating my yard and I’m running out of garden. Much as I love her, I don’t think she’ll be here long term. She’s already been here longer than I expected. So she’s yours if you want her. I’ll just have to arrange shipping! 😏

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      1. I don’t know if I could talk my husband into that one…especially if he read your comments about what she’s doing to your yard! I guess that’s the problem with lambs: they grow into sheep, which are really not good yard pets. But I’m glad you got to enjoy her while she was young and cute, and I bet she’ll go on to have a good life as a sheep!

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        1. I think so too though I often wonder how easily she’ll adapt given that she seems to think she’s a dog. I don’t know of too many sheep who sit on doormats waiting for a pat in the morning! Oh well, time will tell.

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  6. What a sweet pic of Lamby. I love how Harry is sitting there watching the others, my dog Barney, who has passed now, used to love to sit on my front porch and just watch life go by…he’d lie there for hours. You’re so right we really can learn so much from both animals and nature to accept each other as we are, embrace our differences and appreciate them. I love your surroundings, I can see how inspiring they are for you, it’s so tranquil and beautiful!! Peace to you Miri, and your family both human and furry!! xo

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      1. Yup. I loved watching our horses back in the days. The way they interacted with each other or with the dog or cats. In the end it always come down to one thing: Clear boundaries and respecting them or then getting to deal with the consequences…

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    1. By the way, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned but I’m doing a wonderlusting post and Canada is top of my list. Would you mind if I link to your blog and perhaps use a photo of yours, with your permission and credit of course.


        1. It’s not my line, but as we say out here in Alberta, it might be cold, but it’s a dry cold!
          My only winter tip is if you’re properly dressed, you honestly don’t feel the cold, especially if you’re moving. Mind you, when it’s minus 35C you pretty much stop feeling anything at all after a minute or two if your skin is exposed…!
          Western Canada is beautiful in all seasons, but personally, I think it is most beautiful if you are in the mountains in winter.
          Summer is perfectly warm, and usually dry, great for camping and paddling, but the glacier fed lakes are too cold for swimming.
          BC is warmer than Alberta in the summer, with warmer lakes. There are areas of desert – who knew?!
          I could go on, but won’t.
          Enjoy your day!

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