Lost in the Forest


I don’t think I’d mind

being lost in a forest

If it meant being immersed in

towering giants of the earth

that connect me to stillness

and strength.




I don’t think I’d mind

being lost in a forest

if it meant being encased

underneath a canopy that glitters

with jewelled hope

and beauty.

lush rainforest (800x600)

Looking up at the Otways (800x600)

I don’t think I’d mind

being lost in a forest

if it meant finding myself

on paths that intertwine

to lead me out of darkness

and into the light.

Me on walk (533x800)

All of these photos were taken in some of my favorite forests of Victoria, the Redwoods in the Otways, in Warburton and a forest track along the Great Ocean Road. All places that ground me to the earth and bring calmness to my world.

On the last day of the month that I dubbed “Looking up in November” here’s to getting lost in nature, at least temporarily, and finding ourselves again. 

May we all find peace, strength and a stillness in our busy lives today, where ever we are and whatever we’re doing.

Let’s continue to look up and find joy in the ordinary moments.

Wishing you light and love. 

In response to Ailsa’s Travel theme: Forest

A hard climb

84 thoughts on “Lost in the Forest

  1. My eyes popped on reading about Great Ocean Road…what a trip it was for us last year exploring attractions along that magnificent road.

    Have a great December and year-end, being with nature is always blissful πŸ™‚

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  2. Wow! I don’t think I would mind being lost in the forest either…rather I think I would love it! Those pictures are amazing. How close are these places that you visit? How wonderful to have such magnificent nature to wander in. I love the smell of a forest too. I can see how it would ground you…simply beautiful! Hugs Miri…xo

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  3. Gorgeous photos! I’ve always thought forests were magical places, and I don’t think I’d mind being lost in one either! Thanks for your reminder to always find joy in the ordinary places…it’s so easy to forget that!

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  4. Oh my, God, what gorgeous photos. It looks like what I imagine the Garden of Eden must be like. Do you live very close to all these beautiful places you visit, like an hour or so away? If so, you are one lucky lady, Miriam! Thank you for sharing this beauty with the rest of us.

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