Surprises on Saturday 

Don’t you hate it when things don’t turn out like you plan?

Today was my sister’s birthday and I’d planned to spoil her with a gift of a massage at a nearby wellness centre. It was supposed to be a surprise. Afterwards I’d planned a lunch at the cafe and garden centre together with my kids. She rarely pampers herself so this was my treat to her. A session of pure bliss and relaxation.


But sometimes plans have a way of coming unstuck.  When she broke her wrist last weekend I thought the plans would have to be scrapped.

But when I rang the Centre they said they could work around her wrist, they’d make her comfortable and it could even be therapeutic for her. I was dubious but kept the time.

When my sister found out today on the way there in the car she was mortified. “No way” she said. Don’t get me wrong, she was touched by the idea but horrified at the thought of anybody remotely coming near her still throbbing wrist, even if it was in a full cast.

I was disappointed but at the same time I understood. I probably would have reacted the same (then again I’m a sucker for a massage any time!)


Fortunately when we got there I was able to cancel the massage without incurring any fees and they kindly offered her a voucher to use when her wrist heals.

We ended up having a lovely day together even though it wasn’t what I’d anticipated. We still had lunch at the lakeside cafe and enjoyed some quality time together at my place afterwards.

I had baked a Spanish Tea cake, her favorite,  and we enjoyed it outside on my decking. Simple pleasures are sometimes the best.

She was so grateful and it made me realise what’s important. It’s not the material presents or the grand gifts but rather the small gestures and the thoughts and intentions behind it that mean the most.

It’s the time we spend with those we love, the conversations shared and moments treasured and the memories we continue to make.

It’s the every day moments that can turn into the most precious when we spend them with the people we care about.

I hope where ever you right now you’re making the most of the moment and the weekend.


Happy Saturday everyone. May it be a day of joyous surprises and if they don’t turn out the way you plan like mine today, maybe they’ll become something even better. 

36 thoughts on “Surprises on Saturday 

  1. Aww..that’s very sweet of you to surprise and pamper your sister Miriam. 😊 You’re really a very loving person. I love the picture of that flower and the view on the deck. It’s really beautiful!
    I can see in your sister’s face that she’s happy to celebrate her birthday with you! I’m sure you both had an amazing time together. I wish more birthdays and haooiness for her & you! God bless! 😊❤

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