Feeling tiny down under

I love planning a road trip, the anticipation and research, the sense of adventure and finally the freedom of being on the road. Next year, all going well and as I’ve mentioned before, we’ll be heading north to the Red Centre and the Kimberleys.

Thinking about the epic distances we’ll be covering makes me realise how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things in this vast land.


Australia has so much outback country it makes even our biggest vehicles and rigs look like tiny match box cars. But we’ll be prepared.


Australia has so many lakes that it makes our boats look like tiny bath toys.


And it has so much coastline that the hub and I look tiny and lost in a sea of blue.


To be immersed in waters so pristine is food for the soul.


Australia has so much open water that our surfers look like a speck in the ocean.


Australia has so many forest tracks and towering gums that walking amongst them, as we love to do, makes us feel like dwarves in nature.


Australia has such a wonderland of mountainous tracks that make us feel insignificant, yet at the same time it makes me feel a part of something bigger.

Australia has a lot of big icons that can make us feel tiny but it also has a lot of heart and soul and the only way to experience it is to taste it. And embrace it.


I guarantee that, despite all of this vastness, if you visit my beautiful country you won’t feel tiny.

You’ll feel a part of it. 

Inspired by The Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

123 thoughts on “Feeling tiny down under

  1. Your photos are always so beautiful! Maybe I should move to Australia, sounds great hehe.. The blue calm ocean on your photo looks really cool – where is it in Australia? No danger of sharks, jellyfish etc there? Planning is one of my favorite parts of traveling too 🙂 I usually book months ahead so it always gives me something to look forward to!

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      1. Kings Canyon is spectacular and Ormiston Gorge near Alice Springs was an incredible place to stay a few days. If you can, look at driving the Mereenie Loop road, through aboriginal lands. Finke River / Palm Valley is another great spot to camp. Surprisingly civilised with toilet block and solar showers. Big tip everywhere is to take your own firewood in for campfires during freezing nights!

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        1. Sounds fantastic Glenys. Lots to look into and it’s always good talking to people who’ve done it before. I imagine you’d have these trips up on your blog. How long did you spend up there?


  2. Ahh…I so want to visit! You paint a glorious picture. The roads look amazing and not a place I’d want to break down. Miriam, I hope the tourist board are giving you some rewards! 😀😀


    1. Haha No rewards for me just yet Annika! And no, I wouldn’t want to break down out in the middle of nowhere either. Must admit that’s a worry of mine so we might invest in a sat Nav/beacon phone before we leave on out big trip.

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  3. I like Australia before I got to know your blog Miriam… but after having read your posts for months, I now LOVE Australia. It’s such a beautiful country and your photos are always really awesome and amazing!!!
    My closest friend here in my office migrated there recently with her family. They’re staying somewhere in Melbourne now and she’s been showing beautiful pictures in her FB. 🙂 I hope to visit your country one time…

    P.S. I like your quirky pose with your kids…and the picture with hub on the beach, it looks like you were in paradise! 🙂

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  4. I agree. It’s great to have a holiday to look forward and plan for. I like to have another one in the planning stage before the current one ends so I have something else to anticipate. We’re hoping to have a few caravan road trips next year.

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    1. Hey Eric, nothing’s hard if you’ve got the money to get over here and the drive and determination to make it work. There’s plenty of photography courses and opportunities. Start checking out things online and go from there. I reckon go for it!

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  5. I totally agree Miriam! I feel like I’ve only just touched the surface in this beautiful vast country of yours, you must point me to your favourite guides so I can plan some more travels and camping trips! Did I see some lavender in the shot with your feet? 😉 I can’t tell on my tiny phone screen – but it looks just beautiful 💜 xx

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    1. From memory that was lavender at my feet. And yes, I’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction Hayley, we’re so blessed in this country. Even I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface …

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    1. Hi there, well I have to admit you live in one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit so I’ll be sure to come visit!
      Thanks for dropping by my place. Cheers from down under


      1. Errr…”No” – it’s the absolute opposite here… The salt gritter waggons were out in force on the motorway last night and we’ve woken up to ‘icy’ windows to scrape off the cars… Bitterly cold! brrrrrrr….. I’ll think about you enjoying the sun and imagine I’m there as I freeze my fingers off this morning de-icing the car.. haha! Sounds like you’re in for a lovely week – Enjoy it! x

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        1. Brrr! Hey Wendy, seems I spoke too soon. Our hot balmy day has changed and now the temperature has dropped and the rains have come. And it’s meant to be this way all week. Aagh. My 15yo son is on a survival camp all week 🙁 Stay warm Wendy xo

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        2. Oh dear… I didn’t mean to send our bad weather across the ocean.. That’s jealousy for you – it clearly set up a negative ripple – sorry! Oops – sorry Miriam’s son – Hope it’s not too horrible!!! It’s definitely stay indoors as much as possible weather here in Manchester and has been stormy and chucking it down all day! x

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  7. Miriam, another beautiful post! I really like the way you capture the beauty of road trips and the feeling of being infinitesimally small to the backdrop of vast landscapes. Travelling has been such a humbling experience for me. Especially, when I see such gorgeous landscapes, I find it hard to stop my eyes from watering. Isn’t the world so beautiful! 🙂 Thanks for a great post! 🙂 hugs

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    1. Yes, the world is indeed beautiful Cheryl. I love that we both see it through grateful eyes, no matter what country we’re traveling in. Thanks for your wonderful comment, it’s always appreciated. Hugs back xo

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    1. Hi Marje, Perth is lovely. I feel the same way about so many countries that I’d like to visit. We’re so far away (and our funds don’t stretch that far!) Thanks for your comment.

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  8. Gorgeous Miriam! thanks for the tour around your world! My favorite was the trek through the forest– gum trees. We call the Eucalyptus trees here and we have them everywhere– imported from Australia. What a fun post!

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  9. While Texas is usually thought of as the largest state in the US…Alaska actually is and having lived in both I can tell you that Alaska has that same vast feeling that you’re talking about. The pictures are stunning and immediately reminded me of how small I felt there. (In a good way) Texas has the wide open spaces that make you feel like you can see for miles and miles but Alaska has the mountains and water and those two things captivate me.

    I enjoyed this post a lot Miri. Made me think about places I haven’t in a long time. 🙂

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    1. Hey Nikki, I’m glad you enjoyed my post and that it made you think of your own country. Sounds as though you live in a pretty special part of the world too. xo


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