A Grey Challenge

The sky’s not always blue
clouds often obscure
greyness seeps in
mixing tones and moods
in an ever changing view.

There’s a stillness in grey
and calm to be found
when sunshine is hidden
and brightness has gone
light is still around.


Grey doesn’t mean ruin
when things are falling apart
it’s a chance for new beginnings
of building ourselves back up
and opening our heart.


Amid the doubts that prod
and tangle in our head
messing with our thoughts
we hold on to strength
and stay focused instead.


Grey doesn’t mean sombre
but a chance for re-birth.
There’s fragility to be found
when the world is mute
and calm fills the earth.

menindee-greyWhen quiet stills the mind
a lightness takes hold.
And as branches shift
and grey clouds part
peace can live in our soul.


I’ve always tried to look for silver linings. In a world filled with uncertainty, demands from all corners and juggling priorities, it’s not always easy to find the positives but I refuse to let a grey tangled mess of branches overwhelm the beauty that’s under the surface.


As we start a new week, on a grey Melbourne day, I’m grateful for my blessings. For the small things that make up my day and the ordinary things that I sometimes take for granted, but that can become the extraordinary if we look at them in the right light.

I know that eventually the sun will burst through again, coloring out the grey.


In keeping with my Looking up in November theme, let’s all keep our sights high.

Amid a world of greys may we strive to find that silver lining, embrace hope like a much loved friend and look upward for that brilliance that lies within all of us.

Sharing for Patrick Jennings: A Pic and a Word Challenge #63: Grey


85 thoughts on “A Grey Challenge

      1. I re-read this, as I’m working on the list of last week’s challenge responses to put on this week’s challenge post, and when I got to the passage about seeking silver linings, an observation struck me…

        Under bright light
        Silver shines bright
        But on a gloomy day
        Even silver seems grey


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  1. This was beautiful. And so appropriate to our weird Spring here in Victoria. I’ll admit I’ve been one to moan lately “Enough with the rain!” but I really love your idea that the grey just signifies the sun is on its way. I really love this. Thank you.

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  2. Grey is such a beautiful colour that provides a perfect and tranquil backdrop… It’s definitely one of my favourites.. and as you say,, the blue sky is waiting just beyond ready to reveal itself when the time is right… Amazing and beautiful images as always combined with beautiful words.. Thanks Miriam! x

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      1. I didn’t realise how much ‘grey’ has become part of my life – I’ve decorated virtually the whole house in a very pale grey… which I have to say – in my view looks lovely! And now I’m colour co-ordinating my clothes in grey to match – haha! x

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        1. Haha – yep I’ve gone ‘all out’ on the grey … however…. the colour coordination isn’t necessarily a good idea – I blend into the sofa and people think I’m part of it so they sit on my knee!! hehe xx

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  3. I loved this post, Miriam, especially the poem at the beginning. We all have grey times in our lives, and I almost think they are necessary. They give us a break, force us to re-evaluate our priorities and most of all, teach us to always recognize and appreciate the silver linings. And they are always followed by the light that shines when the grey finally drifts away. Hang in there, Miriam. The brighter times will come again!

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  4. Stunning and breathtaking. Both your images and your words. And I must say Miriam, since your ‘look up’ post, I have been keeping my eyes to the skies and what delights I have been met with, even in my darkest of moments. Thank you for inspiring us xx


  5. Love this! Great job!

    I love grey too, and I love that we spell it the same, lol. My husband teases me for spelling it that way and not “gray.” My eyes are grey and the E always just suited me better than the A for some silly reason I can’t even recall. 😀 I also love silver.

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