Waterfall Therapy in Trentham 

Do you ever feel that life’s too serious and you need to lighten up?  That there’s got to be more to our days than just the normal routine?

Sometimes the sounds of nature and a bit of a daring attitude are just the tonic to a crazy nonsensical world.

That’s how it was on Saturday when we stood underneath a thundering waterfall at Trentham, just 30 minutes from hub’s parents home, where we’d gone to stay the night.

The walking track was easy, only about 700 metres to the lookout where we joined a group of snap happy people. We should have stopped there, according to the fence and the sign.

But I was in an adventurous mood. And beyond the small newly erected iron fence and a No Access sign the path continued.

I looked at hubby and nudged him to follow me. I’m usually law-abiding but I could hear voices and laughter below and knew that we weren’t the first to ignore the sign.

Two young guys near us obviously had the same idea and seeing me hop the fence eyed me curiously. “We weren’t sure if we should go” one said to me, in a British accent.

“What the heck” I said swinging my legs over the fence.

An accidental photo as I jumped the fence.

Sometimes we just have to throw caution to the wind and take a risk. I was just saying to my blogger buddy Simon the other day that I needed to step out of my comfort zone more.

I’m not sure this is what he had in mind when he agreed with me but over the fence we scaled.  And down we went, along a very sludgy path.

With the two British guys following closely behind.

My black boots came back brown!

I wasn’t wearing the most appropriate hiking footwear but still did a pretty good impersonation of my lithe Lamby clambering the steep embankment.

From then on the path was slippery but easy.  And as we got closer to the falls the water grew louder. As did the laughter.

Up ahead was a group of three youngsters, enjoying a fun photo shoot on the rocks.

They were happy for me to take their photo and then offered to photograph us, encouraging us to be as silly as them. As if we needed encouraging!

It was soul invigorating as the spray from the water splashed us and overhead storm clouds raced by as quickly as the water rushed down.

And when we walked behind the waterfall the sight and sound took my breath away.

As I’ve got older I’m often playing it safe, rarely take risks and in the (not so distant) past I’ve knocked back opportunities that might have changed the course of life for me. No more.

I’m not saying we should be foolish and reckless, merely that sometimes we need to think beyond the well trodden path and take some chances. Let fear go and see what happens.  If we do that it could lead us somewhere special.


In my case trekking to the bottom proved to be the highlight of my weekend.

May we all be brave enough to step out of our comfort zones and take some chances, not be afraid of what could be but embrace the spirit and adventure of life.

Let’s keep our eyes open to the endless possibilities and enjoy the detours in the journey, where ever it leads us.

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87 thoughts on “Waterfall Therapy in Trentham 

    1. The most dangerous part was that embankment. I didn’t know whether I was going to go flat on my a—e! Oh and the slippery rocks near the water. Other than that it was fine. Lots of fun though. Thanks for reading Bella. xo

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  1. While M. and I were out walking through one of our local forest tracts today, the message in this blog kept running through my head. We were on well worn paths but still the temptation to do a little bush whacking was gnawing at me. I resisted, but who knows, the next time…….
    You are so right, we play it safe and refuse, or just do not recognize the “road less travelled” (M. Scott Peck). We love being comfortable! Well pee on that! Thanks for your blog. Stay curious. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I love your comment Dan. You made me smile. Yes, I can be a bit of a rebel sometimes and when driving we often do take the roads less travelled but so often on other areas I play it safe. So it’s nice to sometimes veer off into the unexpected … might have to try it more often. Thanks again. Cheers.


  2. Haha! This was a fun post, Miriam! 🙂 Loved the waterfall shot and the two of you posing like teenagers. Glad to see you smiling and happy. Basil is very happy to break the rules and go off the marked route. I prefer sticking to the path. Always ends in a debate!

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  3. Following that path was certainly worth the risk! Those photos are amazing…I could almost feel the spray and hear the sounds of the water fall. And I agree, that sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone is absolutely the best thing we can possibly do! Thanks, Miriam.

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  4. How very true! Just the other day I watched as a young boy cloned to the top of a tree! I remembered how that used to be me, I would climb the rockiest rocks, the gangliest trees, the slippiest slopes… what a bore I’ve become! That’s it – it’s time to be a bit more risky in life! Thanks for the reminder Miriam! You may see me up a tree in a park near you 😜🌲 xx

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    1. Oh, your comment made me smile Hayley. I think we were all like that as kids and somehow we lose the innocence and pure joy of just living and being spontaneous. I’ll see you up that tree! 😊

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