Thawing out on Thursday

It was freezing today. Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. My fingers felt as though they had frostbite and nothing I did could warm me up.

Not surprising given I was defrosting my freezer.

All three of them actually, the one above my fridge in the kitchen, my freezer downstairs and the tiny one above our mini bar fridge.

It’s a chore I’ve been putting off. One of those jobs that looks you in the eye, every time you open the door, but close it again, quickly, hoping the freezer fairies will take care of it for you.


Alas, the only fairy in my household is yours truly. Still, it’s amazing what a bit of time, effort and a magic wand (aka ice scraper) can achieve. Today was the day.

It’s easy to let the cold seep into out bones. To feel like nothing can warm us up when all around us are glaciers. And I’m not just talking about the refrigerated sort.

In a world of uncertainty and a future that I openly admit I’m scared of for my kids, I cling to optimism and hope. And a sense that whatever happens we will be okay.

Keeping it simple seems to be key.

Freezer mission complete, it was time to head outside and warm up. And there was Harry. Now he definitely has the right idea.

It’s not that I want to be oblivious to what’s happening in the world but I can choose how to react. I can choose to be hopeful and optimistic and look for the positives.

I can continue to look up and find beauty and joy in simple things.


Like this guy in the tree out the front of my place.

I can choose to relax and believe that everything will be okay.

Like Harry, the guru of relaxation.

And Lamby, who continues to munch on everything she can reach, teaching me the world may change but what matters is our perspective, keeping things simple, staying in the moment, doing the best we can in our own patch and appreciating what we have.

So I remain hopeful.

May we all be grateful for everything around us, the highs and the lows, the cold and the warm, the exciting and the mundane.


As I settle into Thursday night here in Melbourne I’m reminded that, just like my newly cleaned and defrosted fridge, what really matters is what’s inside.

So let’s make sure it’s stocked full of good stuff.Β  Let’s stay cool, try and keep our thoughts peaceful and remain positive.

We only get one shot at this life. So let’s keep it simple … and beautiful.

Sharing for Nurturing Thursday.
and also for Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Simplify


78 thoughts on “Thawing out on Thursday

      1. October was so mild I thought summer would never start but November has come in with a bang! It’s lovely, especially at night. I love a balmy evening. We are also experiencing the largest mass migration of butterflies in 7 years so they are everywhere – so pretty.

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        1. I love a balmy evening too but the problem here is the mosquitos are SO bad this year. Butterflies are beautiful, I’d love those but mozzies, well, let’s just say they ruin an outdoor dinner and love me way too much … πŸ™


  1. A lovely post Miriam and I am a true believer in keeping things simple. We don’t even have a freezer, believe ‘fresh is best’ and never have to worry about removing any ice inside. I looove Harry ‘the relaxation guru’ and of course sweet Lamby. They are such a blessing. Much love to you all πŸ’–

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  2. That’s a wonderful perspective, Miriam! It’s so easy to feel anxious and afraid in the face of unrelenting bad news, but there is still so much good in the world, if we’re just willing to see it. And as you say, it’s what’s inside us that counts the most. We can choose to be positive and good, and that does have an impact not only on our own lives, but on the world around us. I think we have more power than we realize, but it’s a power for good…. Thanks for another insightful post! I like the way you think.

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  3. Simplicity, hope, optimism + Harry & Lamby = Happy Days – Can I borrow Harry and Lamby?.. Well actually maybe not as Dolly wouldn’t be impressed.. Glad to see you cracked on with the freezer.. the difference being here in the UK that my whole house feels like a freezer when I get up in the mornings!!! At least you can close the door on yours…. Keep up with the ‘hope’ for a better world… I am too.. xx

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    1. You can borrow Harry and Lamby anytime Wendy. 😊 Lamby needs a new place to devour, she’s just about run out of bushes here, hence why she’s in the back paddock now. xo


      1. I could definitely do with lamby – we’ve got some long grass in the garden that could do with being ‘nibbled’…. I’m not sure she’d like this cold Manchester weather though!! xx

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  4. I feel exactly the same about defrosting the freezer(s) … but feel so good when I finally tackle the job.
    I’d like the borrow Lamby and Harry as well … might want to start booking their world tour! πŸ˜€

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  5. Things have gotten decidedly chilly just to the south of us, and I don’t mean the weather. Still, best aim to be optimistic…
    As for the actual weather, by next week it’ll be warmer in the freezer than out in the mountains (I hope! Strange, I know, but I love our winters here!)
    Thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your blog the past hour, always a thoughtful read and a smile or two to be found – thank you!

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  6. OMG. I’m reeling back the posts that i missed in the whatever many hours. And I missed Harry thawing out. Priceless. Nice post. It was cold a few days ago,Seriously stupid weather. We will probably have the longest, hottest summer when it finally arrives. Louise

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    1. And then we’ll be hankering for the cooler weather again most probably. I must admit I love the warm spring days, 25C is ideal for me but the weather’s been crazy lately. Have a great weekend. 😊

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  7. You had me going there for a bit, with your freezing hands πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It did get pretty cool here, but not for long. Cleaning the cooker is my outstanding task. Tomorrow… or the next day…. πŸ™‚ Have a good weekend, Miriam. Let’s just keep it in proportion.

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  8. Sometimes focusing in on something that can be completed feels so good. It’s rewarding to look at it over and over after. When my world feels out of control I try to find something like that to focus on. OR I would have gone out and laid on the porch with Harry! πŸ˜‰

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  9. Ok first of all you need to get self-defrosting refrigerators/freezers….I remember defrosting freezers. we’d boil a pan of water, put it inside close the door and wait, then repeat a few more times before chipping away at the ice. I love Harry’s attitude he’s got the right idea. Looks like everybody was basking in the sunshine, as they should be. Yes continue to look up and at this world with a positive outlook, the more we do the more the world will have to shift in that direction! xo

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    1. Yes, I did boil some water and put it inside the fridge, ho-hum. 😊 I like your idea of self-defrosting fridges but I don’t like the idea of paying for a new one! Hopefully I won’t need to do it again for awhile. In the meantime I’m enjoying opening the freezer without things falling out at me! Have a great weekend Deb. xo

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      1. Trust me they’re worth every penny! ☺ Yes but now that things aren’t falling out at you, you have to decide what you want, before the freezer was deciding for you!! Hee hee πŸ˜‰
        Thanks Miri, wishing you a relaxing weekend too. xo

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