No Apricots or Lemons, just a happy lamb

Since we’ve had Lamby I haven’t had to mow. But I’ve been doing a shit load of sweeping. Her poops are everywhere, black pebbles strewn on the garden path.

My lemon tree is half eaten. She’s taken a particular fondness to my bay leaf bush which up till now seemed indestructible and she seems to also love my pineapple sage, having devoured and pruned it down for me. An infused lamb with flavors, no, no, just kidding.

Funny how she’s ignored the rosemary and mint, completely.

Maybe she doesn’t want me to get any ideas!

Any serious horticulturalist would be horrified but me?Β  Well, I’m definitely no horticulturalist and I’m not horrified either.

Besides, who could resist this face?

I figure when she goes back to the farm the bay leaf tree will keep growing, the lemon tree may rejuvenate and the apricot tree, well that wasn’t doing so great even before she came.

The lawn mowing will have to resume though. In the meantime she’s doing a fine job keeping it down and shaping my birch trees … and most other trees in her vicinity.

Who would have thought that a little lamb could teach so much.Β  When she’s not around anymore I’ll ponder all the lessons. For now though she’s teaching me that some things don’t matter. She’s reminding me not to sweat the small stuff.

Nature grows back, plants rejuvenate, I’ll buy my apricots and lemons from the store this year. Sometimes things grow back even stronger when they’ve had a good pruning. Nothing is perfect but it doesn’t mean that things can’t still be beautiful.

I guess it’s a bit like the effort we put into our relationships and life. If we nurture them they’ll grow stronger. If we focus on the good in our life more positives are bound to follow.

So for now I’ll just keep looking up and enjoying the everyday ordinary moments in my life. Appreciating the imperfections in my garden, being grateful that I still have one. And remembering not to sweat the small stuff.

May we never be afraid to trim back in order to grow.

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92 thoughts on “No Apricots or Lemons, just a happy lamb

  1. This is too beautiful πŸ™‚ Lamby is gorgeous, that face, that little personality, can do no harm. Lets face it she is a great help in the garden, and I certainly know with my rose bushes, once pruned, come back, stronger and healthier ! I always believe life happenings happen for a reason, and Lamby certainly has come into your life with some lessons and vice versa.
    I have to say, she has great taste πŸ™‚
    Miriam it is a pity she will have to go to the farm one day, you are going to miss her ! Please give Lamby a hug from me πŸ™‚

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    1. Hey Lynne, it’s Friday morning here and I’ve just come inside from giving Lamby your hug. You’re absolutely right, I am going to miss her. If there was any way of keeping her we would but the rate she’s eating … well, let’s just say she’d run out of grass and fun. Anyway, I’ll enjoy her while I can. Thanks for your kind words. Baaaa and head hugs from Lamby 😊

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        1. You’re most welcome Lynne. Sometimes with Lamby a hug turns into a tackle, especially if I’m trying to get her out of the chook pen! 😊


    1. Oh, don’t worry, the jokes flow thick and fast around here, especially when she’s being naughty . She’s had many nicknames … stew, chops 😏


  2. Oh I love this Miriam! Lamby is soooo adorable!
    Who would have thought this small but lovable animal could teach us so much…
    I agree with you, we need to be trimmed down in order to grow. We need to feel pain, to experience failure, to feel helpless and to learn to just give-in and trust…because all these is what makes us stronger, tougher, wiser, and more beautiful especially in the inside.
    Thank you for the wonderful life lesson for today. πŸ™‚

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    1. You’re most welcome Nina. And thank you for your very thoughtful words too. So very true, we do need to experience all that you mentioned if we’re to grow stronger, wiser and tougher. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend my friend. xo

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    1. Hi Jo, my daughter brought Lamby back from the sheep farm she works on about three months ago as she was rejected by her mother. So we’ve hand raised her. Not quite sure when she’s going back … soonish probably. πŸ™


  3. Hi Miriam, love this! Do you have a lamb? She is so cute, I want to hug her. She is part of Nature, and you are right Nature takes care of everything, your plants will go back and you and your lamb are happier now.

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  4. Hi Miriam! I love this post! I certainly would not be able to resist that precious lamb face. Your description of acceptance and your ability to look at a situation from multiple perspectives in order to find the most good in it is wonderfully hopeful, insightful, and wise. I especially like your closing sentence. Hope you have a great weekend!

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      1. All is well here! It is unseasonably warm, and I am delighting in it! It is so unusual for the temperature to be in the 60s F and for the leaves to be all brilliantly ablaze. I am always fascinated that our fall is your spring. πŸ™‚

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    1. You’re welcome Louise. I swear every day Lamby seems more and more at home here. Right now she’s munching in the back paddock while its pelting down with rain, with not a care in the world. Have a good week. xo

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