Shine a Light

Lighthouses have always fascinated me … there’s something so dramatic about them.  I remember as a little girl thinking how cool it would be to live in one. They always evoked images of a rugged and romantic existence but in reality it was probably a hard life. Lonely, tedious, solitary and dangerous. But also undoubtedly important.

Australia has over 350 lighthouses, dotted around its vast coastline. We’ve trekked to many of them, climbed spiral staircases that lead to spectacular views of the ocean and even stayed overnight in a Light Keepers cottage.


This is the Cape De Couedic lighthouse on Kangaroo Island, shining bright on a hot summer day, but no doubt it’s stood through many storms too.


Here we are climbing  the Sugarloaf Point lighthouse at Seal Rocks in NSW.


In the peaceful seaside village of Port Germein in South Australia the light house was silhouetted against a burnt orange sky.


Out on the water these boats moor peacefully as sunshine dazzles and shines bright.


But we all know how unpredictable Mother Nature is and how quickly she can change her mood from one of calm to one of fury.


When heavy fog, violent storms and turbulent seas hit that’s when these beacons do their job. Their sheer presence and shining light keeps vessels on the right path.


Away from rocky cliffs.

Just as ships need a lighthouse to navigate them out of stormy waters so do people.  We all need a light house in our life. Someone who guides us out of troubled times, someone who stops us from crashing into rocks with their strong and unwavering presence.

For me it was my mum. She was my shining light, a pillar of strength that I always looked up to. But I’ve realised I can be strong and steady in my own right.


We can all be strong.

We can all be our own lighthouse. Even when storms lash at our walls and we feel like we’re drowning in darkness we need to remember our own worth.  Life constantly throws us challenges and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed but we need to trust that we can stand tall and get through them.

Believe in yourself.  We really can weather any thing that comes our way.

And then we can let our light shine

In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine
and sharing for Nurturing Thursday




110 thoughts on “Shine a Light

  1. Fantastic shots especially the boat photo! And thanks for a powerful message with this post. I needed to be reminded again to stay strong even in the face of overwhelming challenges. Great post as always! 🙂

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  2. Beautiful post Miriam. As always I’m in love with the way you tie your stunning photos into the message of the post. They always do a great job at driving home the point of your message. Hope you’re doing well, sending lots of ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Great photos Miriam, my kids loved light houses when they were little, we visited many of them. It’s always good to have a light to guide us. I love candle light, it’s peaceful and give me comfort.

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  4. Wow. Miriam there are some great photos in this post and they great as a group. Love all the light and clouds in the one with the yachts. it reminds me of the new film The Light between the Oceans. Apparently they shot some of it around Stanley in Tasmania. My book club read it and enjoyed it. Have a great weekend, Five days off work for me. Louise

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    1. Hi Louise, I haven’t heard of that one, either film or book but I do absolutely love Tassie and not surprised it’d be used as a film location. Enjoy your five days off, how wonderful.

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  5. Beautiful. My dad loved lighthouses. A beautiful photo of one still hangs framed in my mom’s house. Dad built one… small, only about 4 feet tall… and he wired it so it had a light and everything… it’s still in Mom’s garden.

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  6. Beautiful Miriam. You have a wonderful way with words (and images.) We used to take a walk to a lighthouse every year when we holidayed in Wales. I remember how exciting this was as a child. It reminds me of the times when our family was complete. I’m sure your Mum is beaming her light on you, bathing you with her pride and love. Sending you love and warm wishes xx

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  7. Beautiful pictures Miriam. As always, you never ran out of beautiful things or places to show us…I also love your message. I agree that we can be our own lighthouses. Although it feels good to know someone is guiding us, but we can be strong by ourselves when circumstances needs us to be. I can see in this post you were thinking about your mum. I’m sure she’s with you everyday, beaming her smile, being proud knowing how strong a woman you are! 😊
    In my one experience of climbing a lighthouse here, I didn’t know I was pregnant with my daughter! I also trekked and did zipline on that week! Thank goodness she was safe all the while! 😊


    1. Oh Nina, thanks for your very thoughtful and kind words. I appreciate them. 😊
      I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter but like you didn’t know, and I went snow-skiing. Yikes! Maybe that’s why to this day she has such good balance.

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      1. She probably got that from your snow-skiing! It’s crazy right! We’re doing all these adventurous and dangerous stuffs not knowing the risks for our little ones. All I can say is God is good! 😊

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  8. So I’m thinking to myself that you should write some of your experiences of life in your blog and so I visited to see if you already had and all I found was a travelogue type piece about lighthouses and I thought ‘hmm’ (as you do) and then I started reading and got interested (because you’re a rather entertaining writer after all) and then all these gorgeous photos started to load and I thought ‘wow!’ (as you do) and then I got to the end to find that you’d subverted the whole piece and turned it into a metaphor (or analogy or simile or something like that) and that the whole thing was really a tribute to your mom and I thought ‘wow, this girl really knows how to express herself and she don’t need nothing from me at all’. You’re a daughter to be proud of, Miriam. Heck, I’m proud to have you just as a friend!
    Much love – Robert.

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    1. Oh, Robert, you really are gorgeous but you obviously haven’t read many of my posts. But that’s okay. I’ve written a lot about my journey with mum. It was hard to open up at first but on my 100th post (The Longest Goodbye) I finally bared my soul. And haven’t looked back. Thank you for being here Robert and your kind comment. xo

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        1. Don’t be sorry, it’s okay, really, but maybe you’ve heard that travel time’s been cut down significantly these days! 😊You’re hardly selfish or thoughtless, just travel weary. I get that. I am too sometimes. Hugs xo


  9. Miriam– love the thought about your mother being your light! I think that’s the hope of all mothers. Beautiful post. and– did you read The Light Between Oceans book (or see the movie?) set in Australia. I loved the book… take care! xo

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  10. My favorite place in all the world is Nubble LightHouse in York Beach Maine. Frank from Dutch Goes The Photo took one of the most gorgeous shots of it too. 🙂 That’s how I found his blog!

    Your pics are all lovely Miri…but that one on the water with the sun….stunning!

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  11. Thanks for this message, Miriam! We all need to believe in ourselves, and in our ability to shine our light despite the worst storms. I’ve always liked lighthouses, too. My favorite part of Sanibel Island, where we vacation often, is the lighthouse on the southern tip!

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  12. What a beautiful post Miriam.. You’re right.. “We all need someone who guides us out of troubled times, someone who stops us from crashing into rocks with their strong and unwavering presence.” Our mums wise words are continuing to guide us and through us we can pass on those wise words to our families too.. (not that they always listen… sometimes you have to crash into the rocks to learn for yourself)…. Wonderful post and wonderful pictures.. I recently took a couple of great photo’s of a lighthouse on our recent camping trip.. so yep – there is definitely something that captures the imagination when you look at them and how long they have stood helping sailors steer to safety for hundreds of years.. Fab! Have a brilliant weekend xxx

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    1. Hi Wendy, yes, you’re right, sometimes we do have to crash into rocks to learn for ourselves. I’m finding that out, especially with my 18yo daughter at the moment who’s learning through her own experiences. It’s called life isn’t it. Hope everything is well with you my friend and you have a lovely weekend. xo

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      1. Thanks Miriam – all is looking much brighter at this end apart from my house which looks like a bomb has exploded – well 2 very gorgeous bombs actually… fun was had by all concerned so who cares!
        Yep – 18 year olds… I remember it well – they know it all don’t they!! I’ve got 18 year old and 19 year nieces who live next door and they are gorgeous but definitely don’t take ‘advice’.. It’s so hard to zip our mouths closed when you can see what’s coming but it has to be done…
        I hope you’re having a good weekend too Miriam? xx

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        1. Hi Wendy, yes I’m having a lovely weekend. Busy but nice. 😊
          So glad all went well with Jen. I just read your post on your “two gorgeous bombs” and had a feeling you were referring to your granddaughters! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xo

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        2. Big family relief this weekend and I know Jen’s got some recovery to go for all to heal but stage 1 has gone as well as it possibly could and I’m sure the vibration from all the amazing wishes from around the world has to have helped!
          You’re right of course.. 2 gorgeous ‘bombs’ was reference to my adorable girlies.. They’ve just gone home after a week at Nanny’s house so I’m enjoying a peaceful cup of tea and I’m sure in a couple of hours I’ll be missing those adorable smiles and for now I’m ‘having a snooze! haha…… Fortunately they only live 5 mins away so I’ll be catching more smiles very soon.. I’m glad you’re having a great weekend and hope you get chance for that ‘peaceful’ cuppa too! xxx

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        3. So glad it’s all gone well Wendy. I’m sure you probably already miss those smiles and giggles but also relishing the peace and chance for a cuppa and putting your feet up. How lucky you are that you all live so close. Here it’s a long holiday weekend in Melbourne and it’s been a quiet but good one. Tonight we’re catching up with friends for dinner which I’m looking forward to. xo


  13. Oh sweetheart. *hugs* Yes, you can be your own lighthouse, just as you are, no doubt, the lighthouse for your baby girl.

    I may not be a lighthouse for you, but I will light a candle. 🙂 ❤ ❤

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  14. Lighthouses are such calming images, full of strength and fortitude. Now you’ve got me wondering if people really do convert old, unused lighthouses into modern homes. Sometime soon I’ll look around on the web for photos; I’m sure there must be something!

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