Travel theme: Playing

Life’s been serious lately.  Too serious. So when I saw Ailsa’s travel theme on Playing this week I knew it was a great chance to lighten up.

It seems like only yesterday that my two munchkins were playing in our back paddock, chasing the chickens and making daisy chains in the long grass.


Ah, those days of innocence, of pure play and unbridled joy.


Such simple, carefree times … jumping waves, climbing monkey-bars, sliding in tandem down the slide and swinging high. On the swings the sky was the limit.

Today, years later, I tell my kids the same …  aim high, reach for the sky and follow your passion. Never stop chasing your dreams.


My daughter followed her dreams. She always knew what she wanted. From sand sculpting a pony on the beach, today not only does she have her own horse but she’s finished her Equine Studies and works for a Trail Riding Company in the High Country.


As for my son I know that whatever he wants to achieve he’s capable of. These days he prefers programming on the computer but there was a time he loved swinging as high as he could go.


Jubliant in the water (800x600)

From the beach to the snow the playing has never totally stopped. It just changed in focus and dropped a few degrees.


Here I am about to launch a snow ball at my daughter. Can’t let the kids have all the fun after all!

Back at home playing my guitar is a source of relaxation for me.


Outside Harry and Lamby are proof that playing never really stops for anyone. No matter how old we are and what species we are … playing is good therapy for the soul.


Kilcunda (January 2012) 313 (800x600)

May we all embrace our inner child, play to our heart’s content and relish all the fun and happiness we can muster.

And remember, as George Bernard said … “We don’t stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing”

So let’s keep on smiling and playing and enjoying the journey.



100 thoughts on “Travel theme: Playing

  1. I love this post! My favorite photo is of you getting ready to throw the snowball. 🙂 And may we always remember the children within us. They still need to have fun from time to time. 🙂

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  2. Oh this is so timely for me! I’ve been too much Ms. Business. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights. Always gives me a moment to pause and reflect, often making positive changes and course corrections! Much love ❤️

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  3. This is lovely! George Bernard Shaw and Snoopy: have they ever been so in sync with their quotes? Actually, probably. 😉 Love to see this playfulness – clearly you’ll keep it and it seems to resonate all the way through your family.

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  4. I often wonder what kind of a person I would be if I didn’t have the kids or animals around to help bring out that playful side (a part of me is saying ‘like a stick in the mud!) Love the pictures Miriam. They made me laugh this morning. Thanks for the smiles. 😄

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  5. What a fun post! And you’re right, play is so important, maybe even more so as we age. Whenever our family gets together, we always have more fun if we’re playing a game together or laughing and joking around. And when it’s just me at home, I have my Lucy bringing me her ball and asking me to play. Perhaps that’s why she’s stayed so young, too! And I loved the photos of you and your family…..

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  6. When I was young we had goats. They were so incredibly cute when they were young, and very playful as adults. Henry and Buddy were there names. They would pull a cart with my sister and I in it, and would follow us for long walks in the woods without a leash. Those were good days in my life.

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    1. Aw, what a nice picture you’ve painted in my head. They sound like such innocent happy times. I have to say I never thought I’d grow to love a lamb as much as I have. It’ll be hard saying goodbye to her one day.

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  7. Degrees of separation! My dad kept that quote from George Bernard Shaw in his wallet. The piece of paper is now kept in my jewelry box. As we grow older we need to be reminded that playing still needs to take place.
    Your photos of play are so full of energy and enjoyment.

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  8. Your blog is just my speed 🙂 I’m trying to find and follow other bloggers who post at least semi regularly so I’m glad I found you. I find I draw inspiration to post when I read other blogger’s latest. I found your blog via your comment on Vic’s “ask me anything” post. I look forward to following and if you like similar travel adventures and photography I hope you’ll follow back 😉 keep sharing!

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  9. I apologize for not visiting your blog much recently when you are always so regular in coming to mine. I’ve been flat and somewhat disenchanted with some aspects of life.
    I love the photo of the lamb, which must nearly be a sheep jumping,. My husband is always fascinated by lambs and their play. How do they know that they are one like all the others? And in groups they like to get up on things: bales of hay, stumps, logs – it’s as though they are playing “I’m King of the Castle’ Then they all run in one direction and stop abruptly, turn and run back. Then there is that moment when they suddenly think, “Where’s Mum?” Ewes baa and then the lambs all run off to the comfort of mum.

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    1. Hi Moira, firstly, no need to apologise and I’m sorry to hear you’ve feeling ‘flat and somewhat disenchanted’. I must admit to often feeling a lot like that myself. I tend to use my blog as a bit of an uplifting tool to myself. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
      Yes, my lamb (almost sheep) is a joy to have around. I think I’ve become a bit of a surrogate mum to her. Every time I step into the backyard she bleats. I’ve grown very attached to her despite the fact that she’s eaten everything in sight! Don’t know what she’ll think when one day she’s part of a real herd.


  10. I totally agree! Fun should be fun. No matter what game we play. Childlike playing is such a delight and so carefree. As adults, we tend to worry about anything and everything and we never really give ourselves the deserved moments of fun. Why? Because we end up saying “we’re adults. We shouldn’t behave like kids”. How in the world would an ‘adult’ snowball fight look like, I wonder? We need to enjoy our time now before it’s too late. Why do we tend to forget that?

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    1. I don’t know. I think we get caught up in all the serious stuff of adult life, paying bills, raising kids, trying to do the right thing, worrying about everything and we sometimes forget about the fun we can still have along the way. Here’s to more snowball fights! Thanks for your great comment.


  11. Miriam, what a lovely post 🙂 and of course all your pics are gorgeous. It must be beautiful to see Lamby and Harry so playful together, that is really special.
    Miriam, your blog is a real breath of fresh air. i always find them so calming. Thank you for sharing your stories 🙂

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  12. Yes! This! Oh, I so hope you’ve been playing and having more fun than your heart can bear! We all need those moments to embrace the joy, right? 😀 Here’s to happy! *hugs* ❤

    Lamby looks like he's flying, lol. 😀

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