Think Pink

Don’t you love those sunsets that make the sky look like a palette of ever changing colors?  Like Mother Nature hasn’t quite made up her mind yet whether her brush-strokes should be orange, golden or pink.


I love this time of the year. It’s spring here in Melbourne, the days are getting longer and it’s a perfect time to share some of the brilliant blooms that are coloring my world.


Pink pastel flowers (800x600)

But it’s not just at home that Mother Nature pulls out her easel of colors.

mungo and pink lakes 313

Some of our travels have lead us to some colorful camping spots, like the Pink Lakes in Victoria, about six hours from home. A pristine landscape surrounded by shallow salt encrusted lakes that turn pink with a red algae pigment in the water

mungo and pink lakes 266

It was meant to be simply a stopover but it turned into one of those special off-the-beaten-track places that got under my skin and into my soul.

mungo and pink lakes 302 (800x600)

This week on Thursday’s Special Paula asked us to Think Pink a color synonymous with romance, love and renewal.  Somehow it seemed fitting since my last post focused on an up-in-the-air marriage proposal (which I’m still trying to follow up).

mungo and pink lakes 300

Like these two pink love birds I can only hope they’re still on cloud nine together.

mungo and pink lakes 251 - Copy (800x600)

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month so I’m dedicating this post to all the brave women who are fighting their own personal battles including my blogger buddy Diane.

Let’s all Think Pink this October. Reach out to those who need a hug and a smile and make the world around us a brighter one.

Sending lots of love and warm wishes to all my beautiful friends out there.

Sharing also for Nurturing Thursdayand 52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 8 – Pink – The Girl that Dreams Awake

103 thoughts on “Think Pink

  1. This post was so lovely, Miriam. You have such a way of looking at life poetically. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this beauty with us 🙂 Also thank you for being an advocate for Breast Cancer awareness month. ❤ Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

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  2. What beautiful pictures… I love those pink sunsets – they certainly warm my heart! That pink lake – wow! And ‘Breast Cancer’ awareness is very relevant to my families life as my daughter in law is scheduled for a double mastectomy next week… hard days to come….. She is so lovely and her mum died of breast cancer when she was only 13 and has now discovered she has the BRCA gene so has to choose ‘life’… So sad and yet we are thankful that she is able to have this procedure…. her mum didn’t have that chance of life… Thankyou for this beautiful post which is very poignant xx

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    1. Oh Wendy, you do have hard days ahead of you, no doubt. I hope that your daughter in law will come through her procedure well. Modern medicine has come so far so remain positive and optimistic as I’m sure you will. Sending you lots of love and warmest wishes. xo

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        1. She is SO BRAVE Miriam… I can’t imagine what she’s really feeling inside as she always keeps a smile on her face.. Thank goodness we are very close – both ‘getting along’ close and ‘vicinity’ close. We only live 5 mins away so we can be there in a jiffy and I’ll be having the girls which they are very used to anyway.. Thanks for your kindness which is very much appreciated and I know you’ll understand why I may not be popping over as much over the next few weeks… xx Keep the kettle on – I’ll be back! x

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        2. Absolutely Wendy. Your mind will be totally on supporting Jenny and her family, as it should be. And I have no doubt that she’ll need and appreciate that support right now. Big hugs and warmest wishes to you all. xo And yes, my kettle is always on for you.☕️

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        3. Thanks Miriam – Bless her – she is so lovely inside and out and we’re very lucky that we can all be around to support her.. you’re right!
          I really appreciate your hugs and wishes and I’m looking forward to that cuppa.. xx

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  3. Wow Miriam! The pictures are soooo gorgeous! I love the birds and the flower too! My favorite color is yellow, but I do love pink too! It’s sweet that you’re including awareness for breast cancer on your post. I have an Aunt who’s a survivor. Im with you in praying for others who are fighting the same battle!

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  4. These photos are exquisite. The sunset is the prettiest I’ve seen. The second photo of the flowers looks like fluttery butterfly wings and the third like fireworks. And that ocean! Such a lovely way to start the day. Thanks. Now I’ve a hankering to visit Australia.

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  5. I know you promised a pink post, but still I am taken aback with this gorgeous entry. I love your love birds, your blooms and your sunset is spectacular. Thank you for the entry. I did not see the pingback earlier.

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  6. This is a lovely post 🙂 thank you for joining even if later:) it’s never to late ! Love all the colours and different views,flowers etc.. beautiful pinks 🙂

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  7. I am swooning over here! The colors! Oh my gosh, so gorgeous! And that sunset makes me think that’s kind of what Heaven must be like. And I must visit a pink beach someday before I die. What a magical place you live in. 🙂

    I will be praying for your friend. That kind of battle shouldn’t be fought alone.

    Here’s to living a pink life! *hugs* ❤ ❤

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    1. Thanks so much for your beautiful comment and warm wishes Ness. So glad I can transport you to my pink world with my photos, even if for just a short period of time. Have a lovely week ahead my friend. xo Hugs back ❤️


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