Local Love

A tenderness that starts slow
dreams and visions rising high
and hopes of love soar
into an early morning sky.

Flames of passion take hold
a kiss, one question, nothing less.
When their feet touch the ground
again will her answer be yes?

Photo by Jane Gilroy-Cott, courtesy HV FB

As a follow up to my local post in my little patch of the world down under I wanted to share this photo, snapped this morning in Fergusons Paddock down the road from me.

A grand romantic gesture that powered into a sky full of hopes and dreams.

Did she say yes?

I haven’t heard on the grapevine yet but I can only hope and imagine that the love was reciprocated and the effort that went into the grand gesture paid off.


Romance is well and truly alive in my local neighborhood.Β  I hope that where ever you are, the flicker of love is well and truly alive and all your dreams reach the sky.

And if your dreams are still to be fulfilled, never stop believing in the power of magic and hope. And the tomorrows that exist beyond the next sunset

20160717_172810 (800x600)

Wishing you all love and light and a future full of never ending possibilities.

56 thoughts on “Local Love

  1. How beautiful Miriam… Love and romance never die!! Your pictures as always are stunning (particularly the sunset – wow… and I love your poem! With that gesture it would be hard to say ‘no’!!

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  2. Wow that’s amazing…how could she not say yes to someone who loves her so much and went to such lengths to show her!!! Your other photos are beautiful too, I get such a sense of freedom when I see soaring birds and what a gorgeous sunset!! Lovely poem to go with such a romantic gesture…you must try to follow up and see if she said yes…gosh I hope so!!! Simple beautiful Miriam! xo

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      1. Well keep your ear to the ground and be sure to let us know!! πŸ˜‰ Thank you Miriam…it’s been a hectic week but it has it’s lovely moments too…Wishing you a wonderful week too!! xo

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