The Artist Within

I’m in awe of artists.  Of photographers, painters, sculptors who can create something out of nothing.  I guess as bloggers we all do that, every time we press publish. But there’s something about visual art that is so raw and appealing. So living where I do, in such a creative part of outer Melbourne is pretty special.

I only have to go down the street to be reminded of artists at work here. Small shops that sell locally made goods, yarn bombed fences and signs with inspirational quotes often means a trip to the bakery takes longer than it should!

I’m constantly inspired by the work of local artists in my local community.

Like this place, just ten minutes from home, which boasts both heritage and art at the Kangaroo Ground local war memorial tower.


In neighboring communities there are lots of examples of creative hands at work … I’ve written about many of them … the forged Blacksmith Tree bushfire memorial, knitted signs, mosaic letterboxes and the ultimate yarn bombed wattle tree.

Further afield, about an hour away, in the mountain town of Warburton is Boinga Bob’s place … the ultimate temple treehouse.


This place is quirky and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Doug at Bobs1 (800x600)

Over the years the owner Bob Prudhoe has transformed his place into an amazing place that reflects his travels, beliefs and talents. Built originally in honor of his mother his hand carved timber home is painted in every color of the rainbow.


It looks like a cross between a fairy tale cottage and something out of the jungles of Tibet. Which is probably not surprising given that Bob spent much of his life trekking through the jungles of the Amazon and the Himalayan mountains, not just collecting bits and pieces, but finding meaning and inspiration along the way.


His home is like an ever evolving art piece.

Art is so often about expressing our values and our views on life.  And it’s often how inspirations arrive, through travel, experiences, from talents and beliefs that lie within. Bob’s house is an example of how we can transform our space to one of inspiration and beauty. From finding meaning in life and what’s around us.

May we all embrace the artist within, be fascinated by the magic of life and find passion in all that we do.

Wishing you all light, love and creativity as we continue the journey.

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74 thoughts on “The Artist Within

  1. It’s clear that you have an eye for art and a sensitivity to the subtle and transcendent qualities of beauty. I have loved reading about the mosaic mailboxes and yarn-bombed trees in your corner of the world, especially because of the sense of connection and compassion behind their stories. I would consider you an artist in your own right, too! Your photographs are always stunning, and the combination of your photos and reflections is a regular source of inspiration for me!

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    1. Thank you Lulu, that really means a lot to me. Especially now, when I’m so plagued with self doubts and lacking purpose and direction in so many areas of my life. I’ll be honest, I often try and use my blog to lift me up out of dark days, but I guess a lot of us do that. You inspire me too, your writing and reflections are always so eloquent and insightful and I love getting your comments. Thanks again. xo

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      1. Thanks, Miriam! I am pretty bad at being able to accept a compliment, so I’m trying to let your words sink in and tell myself that you really mean them. Of course, I really mean all of my comments to you! Isn’t it amazing how we human beings can so easily discredit ourselves. I would never think that you suffer from self-doubt, because when I read your posts and the bits and pieces you share of your life, what I see is someone who is incredibly brave and living to the full! I think it’s true that through blogging, we can lift ourselves out of dark days (or, alternatively, choose to sulk in self-pity, but I prefer the latter). Thanks for adding to the light. 🙂

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        1. My comment was absolutely sincere Lulu, so I hope you did accept it. As for me, yes, I do try and live life to the full but I still have inner battles with anxiety and insecurities. Having a blog is a great way to release that and focus on the good in my life. Thanks again Lulu. xo 🙂

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  2. Absolutely loved reading this. I have a partner as an artist and this is all I would need to convince him to visit Australia and visit my friends who live there after moving from the UK. What a beautiful place and what a cherished place to live. Great getting to know you Miriam and look forward to future posts. ( What wonderful photos and descriptive words. Thank you! Brightened my day xx)

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    1. Hey Rabbit, if your partner’s an artist he would absolutely love Australia. And there’s so many other reasons here for you both to visit …. great people, landscape, scenery and culture. Plus you have your friends, what more could you want? 🙂 The perfect incentive! Thanks for dropping over.

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  3. You are so wise, Miriam! Embracing the artist that is within each of us is the key. Too many of us believe we aren’t creative simply because we aren’t good at painting, sculpting, or whatever. And while those are fine traits to have (loved your photos of Bob Prudhoe’s place), creativity isn’t limited to that. We can create art through so many things, including our words and our photographs, along with just about anything else. I think that’s also a profound way to communicating with each other as well. Thanks for this post…can you tell it struck a nerve with me?

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    1. I’m glad this post resonated with you Ann. When I was growing up I always thought that creative people were those who were good at painting, knitting or sewing etc and I was never good at any of that. But you’re right, we can create art through our writing and how we express ourselves. So we’re really all artists aren’t we? Thanks Ann.

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  4. A lovely conclusion, Miriam. Yes, may we all embrace the art within us, just as Bob Pruhdoe has done in this amazing creation – I wonder when he will finish and how it will look then. Do keep us posted!

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  5. I love this post! Thank you for showing me Bob’s house! so freakin awesome. Miriam, I think we are all artists creating the most amazing masterpiece we can create… our life. Whether we paint, write, fix, manage, sew, photograph, serve, play, film, or labor… we all have the capability to live a beautifully created life.

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    1. Hey Rafi, what a fantastic comment! You’re absolutely right, we all have a capability to live the best and most creative life … thanks so much for dropping by. Keep smiling 🙂

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