Shadows fall

Fragments of us
scattered on the ground
looking down to where we’ve been
we follow it around.


Patterns at play in the water
shimmering, shining
afternoon sun teases
and time waits for no one
never aligning.

Daniel creating patterns in the rocks (800x600) (2)

Light travels fast
faster than we can see
beauty in ripples of darkness
makes it easy to believe.


And then we move closer
can we ever gain control
Are we destined to go further
or will we simply fall.


Hold on tight to illusion
to everywhere that’s light
for when darkness comes
you disappear at night.


You walk beside me
my face upward to the sun
forever forward by my side
no longer will I run.

We will never catch it
it is always there
we follow it accepting
life’s better if we dare.


Though even shadows leave us
when darkness comes our way
trust wholly in your self today
and light will always stay.

Shadows are everywhere.  Light and dark, hope and despair, love and hate. They exist, they’re in our world and they’re part of us but at the end of the day they’re gone, like so many of our fleeting emotions.

Just like the shadows that we walk with our entire life, always with us, whether we like it or not. And through the shadows and the dark we come to a new morning.


May we all walk confidently in our shadows and keep our faces to the sunshine.

Keep enjoying the journey and never give up on hope.

In response to Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Shadow



82 thoughts on “Shadows fall

  1. Miriam – I really love this. It’s so romantic. I love this stanza
    It’s really cleverly done – the images are a perfect match.
    And then we move closer
    can we ever gain control
    Are we destined to go further
    or will we simply fall.

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  2. Reading this poem was fun, the words all flow so nicely together. The part I like the best though is your reflection at the end – shadows are everywhere, they’re part of the world and they’re part of us. Everyone has a shadow. Thank you for giving me something to think about. Maybe I will take some time getting to know mine a little bit better today.

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        1. I don’t know about that but thanks anyway! How’s your weekend been Jess? It’s Monday morning here, the kids are back at school and I’m ready for a cuppa. Wish you could join me! ☕️

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        2. Yes ma’am. We’re sitting on the blanks in the front yard right now. My husband is reading library books out loud to Little Bit and I’m watching the sun go down.

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  3. Love the idea of what is lurking in those shadows, as the people casting them have their own worlds that they project into ours… Shadows impose their will on us in pernicious ways 🙂


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  4. This is just beautiful, Miriam! I absolutely love how you express the images in words as well – to me this says there is a stillness that lets you move, a fear that lets you ‘dare’, and to work within the current a) because we must, and b) because we can make it beautiful. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely week!! Best, Nadia

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  5. We’re shadows on the ground

    We’re angels on Earth
    But we have feelings that others want to smash
    Sometimes they can’t
    Sometimes they succeed.
    And then,
    We’re shadows on the ground
    by me 🙂

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  6. What a beautiful poem, Miriam! Light and darkness, indeed. And I love the thread of hope that is always present in your work……it inspires me when the darkness is a little too present. Thank you!

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  7. Loved this post, Miriam! Your writing and your way with words is inspirational. You try to pull hope even in the darkest of moments. I’m learning so much from you, as a person and as a writer. 🙂 Hugs!

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