What’s the use of worrying…

I read this post today and knew I wanted to share it. Wendy’s posts often resonate with me and none more so than this one. I’ve always been a worrier but I’m finally realising as life ticks on that going with the flow is a much better state to be in. Sometimes it’s easier said than done though so this poem is a great reminder of what matters …


worry baby - unknown

(photographer unknown – but a lovely picture I couldn’t resist…)

I’ve been reminded this week about the fragility of life and how it can change in just a single moment. We often spend our time planning for the future – all the things we will do when we have more time, more money, better health, have lost weight etc. etc. etc. And then we spend even more time worrying about what may or may not happen – the ‘what if’ syndrome….  Then there’s the time we spend worrying about what happened yesterday, last week, last year….

Ask yourself how much of your time you are spending planning the future and then worrying about it, or worrying about something you did or said yesterday?

We read the following poem (unknown poet) at my mum’s funeral – it was one of her favourites and she had it stuck on the back of…

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21 thoughts on “What’s the use of worrying…

  1. Thanks for sharing Miriam. One of my work/life mentors said to me once after i ranted about something, he said you know what they say about worrying don’t you? Only worry about the things you can change. This lovely man after listening always says just the right thing and says it so succinctly. A Libran and an Italian. Tick, tick. That’s how I know about Librans. Actually I had a Libran boyfriend once but he was very weird …. better not go there….
    so let’s only worry about one thing today. Go Doggies!!!! No, I’m a Crows supporter( not that I’m into football, but i live in Melbourne so I have to have a team) but I really want to feel the collective hysteria and joy of seeing that team win. Go Bulldogs. Have a great weekend Miriam. x

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    1. Your work life mentor sounds like a wise man!
      And yes, go the Doggies! Not that I’m hugely into football either but I wouldn’t be a true Melbounian if I didn’t barrack for them. Shame the weathers so lousy but I’m sure it’ll still be a great day, especially if they win. 😊🏈 Enjoy your weekend Louise.🍷

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  2. I agree with this post very much! I think that we only waste time when we worry. So glad that you’ve decided not to worry as much now Miriam.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this post, Miriam! It’s a lovely poem, and one I should refer to often, as I do have a problem with worrying. I know it doesn’t to any good and I would be happier if I didn’t worry so much. But unfortunately, worry comes very naturally to me, so I have to be very intentional about it. Have a wonderful weekend!

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