Fierce Creatures

Australia has a reputation for having some of the fiercest creatures in the world. We have deadly snakes, stingers and the odd croc up north, but sometimes things aren’t always as they seem. What can appear downright scary on the surface can be pretty harmless, if we’re game to look closer. Still, I have to admit that on our travels we’ve met a few undesirable characters.


Take this Stumpy Tail lizard for example. I know I’ve posted his pic before but he’s the classic model for Fierce Dude of the year.  He looks cranky and, given that he spat at us when we got out of the car, he obviously has no manners. BUT he was pretty harmless. Still, he can stay in the wild. He’s not sharing my sleeping bag.


Then there’s George the Emu. We didn’t know his name when we arrived  at Little Desert Camping Ground. All we knew was there was a fierce looking emu with an evil glint in his eye stalking the camp ground.  Would you trust this face?


Turns out that he was orphaned as a young chick and raised in the Sanctuary. When he was released into the wild he kept returning and now he considers the camp ground his home.  We grew used to him strutting around and after a while his fierceness took on a look of mild curiosity.


Then there are snakes, the venomous ones. Brown snakes, tiger snakes, any snakes, I’m scared of them all … call it a healthy respect.

Like this slithering specimen.  If I’d encountered him in the bush I’d probably scream and run a mile.  But he’s not venomous or even that fierce.


If he was he’d never be around my husband’s neck, with my kids patting him. Aaagh.


Then there are the spiders. For the ultimate horror campfire, I’ll never forget when these fierce flames made a colony of huntsman spiders scurry like wildfire from inside the logs. I had nightmares for weeks afterwards!

Thankfully when we go camping we’re off the ground. WAY off the ground and well away from the creatures of the night.  Yes I’m a happy camper, but I’m not a stupid one.


Do you need a fierce state of mind to tackle the Australian outdoor life?  Not really, just an adventurous spirit and a willingness to embrace the unknown. A lot like life really.

May we all be open to new and exciting ventures. May we keep a brave spirit, out on our travels, at home and where ever we are.

Stay fierce, true and strong and enjoy the journey.

In response to Ailsa’s Travel theme: Fierce at Where’s my Backpack

100 thoughts on “Fierce Creatures

  1. You’re one of the bravest with a gentle spirit I’ve known in blog-o-sphere. It’s written in your posts. I love the way you write Miriam, it always inspire me and help me look at things in a positive perspective. Keep it up. Missing your posts, catching up now.

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      1. Not just yet my friend, but I’m quite fine dear, really. I decided to focus more in the positive than wallow in self pity. Thank you for all the encouragement. I’m happy to have found virtual friends in the net.

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  2. Australia seems like a wonderful place to live. I was reading on a reported sighting of a Tazmanian Tiger and one thing lead to another and I found myself reading about the cassowary. Beautiful but nasty Aussie bird!

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  3. The Australian wildlife is definitely quite different from what I encounter here in Norway. We do have some animal we should fear, but most people wouldn’t see them. Instead we have lots of fantasy creatures that can be scary enough, such as trolls, nixes and goblins. 🙂

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  4. I had to laugh at your “…not venomous or even that fierce.” That fierce? OH, my. I think I’ll stay in the states, right here. My cousin in Melbourne hasn’t been able to convince me to visit. Yet. This may have clinched it. 😉

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  5. I got chased by an emu at the zoo once because he wanted the piece of cake I was eating. I’ve always been a bit wary of them since then.
    The Youngest Son is heading off next Tuesday on a four day school Outdoor Ed camp. Hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, sleeping in a tent and cooking his own food on a trangia stove. We’re not a camping family so this is a first for all of us. Needless to say, there’s been some stress but I think I’m secretly hoping he’ll love it. (He’s very keen on the environment stuff. He was telling me yesterday that he can’t wait to learn about the plants on the hike.)

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    1. That’s so awesome. I hope your son has the best time and comes home with loads of stories to inspire you all to go camping.
      As for being chased by an emu, I can relate. I was chased by one when I was younger and in another incident a gaggle of geese. Gave me a lifelong respect for anything long legged.

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  6. I love almost all animals, but I admit I’m not attracted to reptiles and am downright scared of spiders! Still, I think a live and let live attitude works most of the time, as long as a snake or spider isn’t trying to share my bed….. And how cool to have an emu wandering around the campground! How close did it get to humans?

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  7. I must say I don’t miss the spiders! The ones here are very passive and sort of shrink and shrivel when they see you, as if to say, don’t bother with me, look, I’m already dead.

    Quite unlike the nest of Huntsmen that took up residence in my wardrobe once!! I still shudder thinking about it.

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  8. Exactly – a lot like life! I love this – and would absolutely LOVE to explore Australia someday – so much to see and (not) understand. Again, kind of like life… However, I would have run screaming from those spiders, too. Don’t care how harmless they might or might not be. Nope. 😀

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  9. Oh goodness! Maybe you don’t consider yourself fierce Miriam, but I sure do! I would drop dead on the spot of fright if I ever saw those spiders or that snake! I would never stop screaming! Sometimes bravery can be the most unassuming thing, and I consider you SO brave for all of you outback adventures. I would never do it!


  10. You had me until the end. I have slowly been nurturing an understanding between myself and our 8 legged friends. They don’t bother me, I don’t scream like a toddler and climb up on the nearest table. I’ve actually used my lovely bride as a human shield to make my get away. Great post and pictures.


  11. You know what, I love snakes. Well pythons… But the Emu actually freak me out. And oh my, oh my, I would have probably ran home if I would put a log on the fire and spiders would crawl out… yikes…

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