Human Impact

It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then when we free camp I’m disgusted. To find a beautiful place in the mountains or the bush marred by the thoughtless and senseless actions of others really upsets me.

We’ve come across places where garbage has been strewn from one end of a camp site to another. Where bags of rubbish, empty bottles and litter is left carelessly to impact on wildlife and the environment.

We’ve always camped with the belief “what you take in, you take out” and to leave only our footprints.  When I started this post, prompted by Frank’s Photo theme this week on Human Impact – I thought of the  responsibility we all have on our environment. But I didn’t have any photos of rubbish so I’ve decided instead to showcase the impact and beauty that humans can make when they collaborate and come together.

Nowhere is this more true than where I live.


Every year close to the town’s annual Wattle Festival this grand tree is adorned and decorated. It becomes a central figure in town and highlights the community spirit and creativity that thrives here. I drive past it every day and it always makes me smile.


She stands proudly in the main street. A golden emblem, lovingly knitted and yarn bombed by a passionate few. At Christmas with her “helper elves” she’s transformed yet again and turns red and green.



Draped with pom poms, dressed up and decorated, the tree brings joy to everyone who passes by. Many locals and visitors enjoy the shade and beauty she provides.


Across the road is this yarn bombed train that sprawls across an otherwise unsightly wire fence. Talented hands have created this piece of art that transforms the fence.


In nearby Strathewen this ordinary concrete street sign has a new look. Can you imagine the work that went into crocheting it?

Here the ordinary becomes extraordinary with a bit of creative vision and imagination.


These mosaic mailboxes that I wrote about here  a few months ago were created by a passionate group after their community was destroyed by bush fire in 2009. Many people came together to create these mosaic letterboxes which became a symbol of hope.

The positive face of human impact.  We can all make a difference.

In the end each and every one of us will have an impact on the world and it’s up to each of us as to what sort of impact that will be.

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”  ― Robert F. Kennedy

May we all play a part in making a difference – even a small one – in our world and on our journey through life.

Have a great weekend everyone.

100 thoughts on “Human Impact

  1. The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better

    This is a Beautiful Purpose of Life.

    I just loved this crocheting idea of dressing up a Tree or a Lamp Post or Mail Box. WOW, what a lovely idea ?
    I wish I could introduce it in Mumbai. But where are the Trees ?
    Give me the address of this place. I’ll get my ticket booked and be there……………………….

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  2. What a lovely post Miriam!…and that is a wonderful challenge for everyone-to realize what impact we are making to the world! I hope I am contributing to the positive impact side, hehehe!
    I love the decorated tree and the mosaic mailboxes. People could really get very creative! 🙂

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  4. That’s so pretty and commendable effort. I honestly can’t stand the idea of people throwing rubbish around and defacing their environment. It doesn’t even take much time to put trash away in the proper place and manner.


  5. It’s a sad truth that we human’s do so much of the damage to our environment and our animals and wildlife suffer as a result. However, your positive message here is so heartening, I love the decorated pom pom tree, I can imagine the smile it brings to the faces of the passers by. Just beautiful.

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  6. I’m so glad that you chose to showcase the positive impact we humans can have. What a wonderful example of the beautiful ways we can contribute to our earth by decorating the streets with love, rather than litter. An inspiring post as always Miriam. Wishing you a wonderful day xx

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  7. Nice post Miriam. I went to an annual festival in Warwick (Qld) back in July — the Jumpers and Jazz festival…the jumpers being all kinds of objects yarn bombed. Adds so much colour doesn’t it.

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  8. How wonderful Miriam. This is a fabulous display of how just small changes within our local environment can have a massive impact.. Stunning! x
    ps. I wrote a post with you very much in mind a few days ago.. Life After Death.. A party in the sky.. Now may not be the time but it will be there waiting for you when you feel it is.. xx

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  9. Beautiful pictures, and I love the RFK quote at the end. It’s incredible to imagine how many hours and skeins of yarn were spent to beautify the fence, tree and pole! And the people who did it acted out of an inner light and goodness, taking no credit for their work. That is truly beautiful!

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  10. What is life about?

    Years have seemed to pass like seconds. A familiar face in the market has brought back all the nostalgia and memories. Days turn into nights and weekends turn to weekdays and we work on and on , like machines , grinding against the noise , to support ourselves and the ones we hold dear. But have we ever stopped for a single minute, to not do anything, to just breathe , to just be?  The years have taught us a great many lessons , we have laughed , we have cried , we have feared , we have felt joy , sadness ,anger ,betrayal and loss , euphoria , madness , relief , jealousy and every other emotion on a spectrum . We have traveled , met people, felt lonely , connected with people and the internet , listened to people, listened to songs, got a new haircut , read things , wrote things and talked. But ever have we introspected ourselves, our emotional growth and our soul’s whispers? Have we ever really asked ourselves what is it that we really want , what is it that we are here for? Have we ever told ourselves that life isn’t about materialistic things and cars and jewellery, technological devices and watches ,rather,Its about making people smile , being there for others and for ourselves. Its about dancing in the rain , counting the clouds with a six year old. Its about long walks and late night talks. Its about the people we meet and connect with. Its about helping and being a shoulder to cry on. Life is all about the summer and the sweet smell of it. 

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    1. What a beautiful profound comment. And yes, I’ve often pondered the meaning and purpose of life and what we’re here for. Your words are so true, life isn’t about the materialistic things yet somehow we get caught up in it. Still, I’m trying to make mine count by making it purposeful. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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