The Path

along a well worn path
feelings and passions sway
like branches moving in the breeze
as we try and find our way.

Patterns in the woods (800x600)

are hurdles to overcome
trials that test our will
persevering and persisting
finding strength to climb that hill.


is sometimes blurred
and often so unclear
yet with faith and strength we can walk
a path without fear.


propels us forward
when many paths appear in front
taking time to stop and trust
to walk and not to run.

is what we crave
to fulfill a need inside
to make a heartfelt difference
while we still enjoy the ride.

20160613_110349 (600x800)

forever forward
looking out for joy and hope
knowing that whatever lies on the path
we have the strength to cope.

like the warm sun
and the brilliance of blue sky
never forgetting how blessed we are
and all the reasons why.


Have you ever felt like you’re following a path that seems to lead nowhere?

We don’t always know where a path is taking us but the trick is not standing still. For me it’s about trying to keep a positive attitude, one day and one step at a time, through all of life’s stumbling blocks and challenges. Before we know it, one day we’ll look back and realise we’ve climbed a mountain.


For my school leaving age daughter, whose current circumstances inspired me to write this post, I wish her confidence, strength and determination to pursue her passions and ambitions.

IMG_1632 (533x800)

And for all my readers I hope that your path is clear and purposeful and for clarity and peace along the way, even when times are hard and we often stumble.

As fellow blogger Richard from Zen and the Art of Living recently wrote in his brilliant post The Path of Wisdom, Parenting the Inner Child “Remember, even if we are taking three steps forward and two steps back, guess what? We’re still moving forward and making far more progress than if we throw in the towel and quit.”

We all have the freedom to choose our own path. Sometimes it’s crooked, sometimes it’s hard to find and we have to find our own way, but if we follow our dreams and listen to our heart the future has a way of working itself out. And our path will become clear.

Be happy and at peace as we continue on our path in life.

In response to Frank’s Tuesday Challenge at Dutch goes the Photo – The Path



108 thoughts on “The Path

  1. You know, Miriam… Many times I felt like I was following a path that seemed to lead nowhere. And you know what I did? I made a path on my own. Because I didn’t want to wander without a purpose on a No Man’s land.
    Beautiful post, my dear friend ❤

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      1. With gentle encouragement and the knowledge that you are always there for her, she’ll be fine. The hardest thing will be to step back and let her make her own way, but you really need to. I’ve done it twice and it’s so rewarding to see your daughters become happy successful adults.

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  2. Miriam, I just LOVE this Poem. I wish I could print it and send it to all the people I know. You dress up words and make them shine like Gold. What do I say ? I’m not so good at words. But I just love to read your Smooth Flow of Words.

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  3. The words and photos on this post complemented each other perfectly! There are so many times when our path in life seems unclear, or filled with far too many obstacles, but you are right…all we can do is keep moving forward as best we can. Sometimes one step in front of another is all we can do, but often, it’s also enough. Thanks for this post, Miriam!!!

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  4. Miriam, there are so many wisdoms and blessings in this blog, I don’t even know what to say!!!
    Except: thank you, my friend. Really needed to hear this, and more importantly to receive the loving.
    So many blessings to your daughter on her path, and to you, and the Soul of your mom.
    ps – I’m going to Japan tomorrow so I may not be blogging or commenting for about two weeks. Just wanted you to know. May your days be filled with kindness.

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    1. Thanks so much Debbie for all of your kind words. Glad it spoke to you.
      I hope you have a wonderful time in Japan, enjoy the journey ahead, take care and look forward to hearing from you when you get back. Love and hugs xo


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