Living on the Edge

Feeling on the brink
on the edge of something new
tossing around different thoughts
to clarity from once confused.

In my dreams I’m lost
walking alone within streets
feeling out of control
and somehow incomplete.


Feeling on the brink
on the edge of something new
now awake I contemplate
what it is I have to do.

To be like a rock face
fierce, unyielding and strong
to face those inner battles
determined to hold on.


Feeling on the brink
on the edge of something new
everything is becoming clear
my mind feels renewed.

So close to the edge
yet it’s calm and serene
around me is beauty
the likes I’ve never seen.


Dare I take a leap
to trust, believe and renew
to live life on the edge
and to try something new.


I’ve been having some really strange dreams lately, vivid dreams where I’m lost and unfocused and falling yet within these dreams I’m surrounded by beautiful things. Is it perhaps a sign to step out of my comfort zone and take some chances?

It feels as though there’s change in the air and I’m on the verge of something new.Β  I’m not sure what lies around the corner, but then who does?Β  What I do know is that I need to trust my instincts, like these rock climbers and hang gliders in Victoria’s high country.


Perhaps feeling as though we’re living life on the edge doesn’t mean we’re going to fall. Perhaps we’re meant to fly but if not maybe we can find a balance to simply be strong and brave enough to try new things that might open up a world of possibilities.

Let’s live in the moment, take chances and be flexible, walk to the edge and look at the view and never doubt that we’re capable of doing great things.

Be safe and happy as we continue the journey.

In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge



72 thoughts on “Living on the Edge

  1. Wow! This is so exciting, Miriam πŸ™‚
    Gorgeous poem ❀
    Living on the edge can be a lifestyle if you like it and if you can do it. I would love to do it because I love adrenaline so much. I also love the beauties that can be seen only on the edge, like you said.
    Have a magical weekend, my dear friend ❀

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  2. Yes! It’s definitely in the air as the seasons are set to change. Eclipses and full moons bring about the energy of change, too! Let’s transform and rise up. Lovely post, Miriam! Looking forward to seeing where you go with the edges. Much love! Tiffany

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  3. I think that taking that step – on beyond – opens up new chapters or new adventures in life. Challenging yourself to do things that once were limiting. I thoroughly enjoyed the poem and post, Miriam. Thank you for sharing it.

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