An Unusual Perspective

Life on the road is not always exciting. In fact, I’ll be honest, sometimes on those long never ending stretches of outback highway, it can be downright boring.  So when we see something out of the ordinary, it’s a jump to attention.

Like this car on a pole in a paddock.


Now that’s an unusual advertising billboard.  Not what you’d expect to see in the middle of nowhere.


Or this giant prawn at a roadside stop.  We must be getting closer to the sea.


Then again, what’s this tractor doing in the ocean?  That’s one way to tow a boat I guess.

We’ve seen plenty of strange things on the beach. Like this sign below on Fraser Island.


Yes, it’s true. Planes really do land on this beach.

But then again stranger things have happened.  It’s all about seeing life from a different perspective. Makes life interesting. And when things go back to the predictable we can use our imagination to see things in a different light. And have fun at the same time.


Who wants to settle for the ordinary? Don’t you love the idea that you can just pick up a lighthouse or a moving bus in a city street  ….  in a purely artistic sense of course.

My hubby seems to think so anyway. He’s always playing around with things.

Life really is all about perspective isn’t it.  What we see isn’t necessarily what is real?  Sometimes we even create our own reality.  It’s all about perception and keeping an open mind to the possibilities around us. They’re endless and limited only by our imagination.


Here’s a plane landing on Fraser Island. On this beach it’s no more unusual than a car coming to a parked stop at a taxi rank.  But on most beaches it would be downright unpredictable.

Life can often be that way. There’s so much we don’t understand. And sometimes I don’t even try. When things happen that seem coincidental or weird I’m learning to accept it and go with the flow. There’s little point in fighting it, especially when things seem out of our control. What’s important is how we react. Staying positive and moving forward.

Let’s accept the mysterious and the unusual and be open to all that the universe offers. There’s an exciting world of opportunities waiting for us if we do.

Picking up a ship (800x600)

May we embrace life and live each day as an adventure. May we see the unusual as signs to live every minute of every day to its fullest. 

After all, we’ll never have this day again.


Be happy, take the odd risk and keep enjoying the journey.

Inspired by Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Unusual – at Dutch Goes the Photo




82 thoughts on “An Unusual Perspective

    1. To be quite honest, I’m not sure Louise. We went to the Eyre Peninsula last year and I thought it was along the way, but when I googled the name to check, it said it was in Ballina … which we haven’t been to in years. Mystery.

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  1. Thanks for this great perspective on perspective! I am a person who really loves making sense of things. I want everything to be neatly organized, categorized, understandable, and to fit into my brain’s patterned schemas. That usually leads me down the path of jumping to conclusions, stereotyping, and making assumptions. It also results in a lot of pre-patterned responses to things. Sometimes, those are positive responses, but sometimes, they are negative – like fear and anger. I really just want to let things not make sense! It’s only been in the past two years that I’ve recognized that confusion, bewilderment, or inner conflict can be their own emotional states. I was listening to a podcast the other day, and the speaker was trying to explain a very difficult concept, and he said, “Just let it be weird! It IS weird!” Thank your for this reminder to “accept the mysterious and the unusual and be open to all that the universe offers.” I definitely need as many of those reminders as I can get!

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    1. Yes, sometimes things just are as they are, there’s no rhyme or reason, as much as we try and seek it out. And it’s just a matter of accepting. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Have a lovely weekend Lulu.


  2. That is indeed an interesting perspective. Everyone, I assume, is hit by something like it at some point. It tends to hit me in waves, and that’s when I do something a bit adventurous. It’s almost never a mistake!

    Love the pics and your husband’s dedication to getting those shots…


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  3. This is nice Miriam.. I love all the extraordinary things! I thought I’d only see planes landing on the beach in the movies, hehehe… It’s really refreshing to see the “unusual”, sometimes it helps us to see things in different and better perspectives. 🙂

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        1. Thank you Miriam! My sister is giving birth to her second baby on Monday so we’re excited! Our parents are coming tomorrow to visit so I sure will have a great time. ☺


        2. Hi Nina, sorry for the late reply, I just found this comment in my Spam folder 😦
          How exciting for your sister, I hope all went well, so are you an aunty again? What a wonderful time for you all … enjoy! xo

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  4. Miriam, what a wonderful take on Frank’s photo challenge. Funny, because I have something percolating in me to write that’s similar…. about seeing the blessings in all situations. 🙂
    You came so present with me today. Are you doing ok? Just know that I am here and I care about you. Hugs.
    Debbie xo

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    1. Thanks so much Debbie, I really appreciate you and your kind words. I’m doing okay at the moment. Hope you are too and you’re enjoying the weekend. Look forward to seeing your take on Frank’s theme. 🙂 xo

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  5. Hahaha, loved the photos and I have quite a share of these too 😉 I loove perspective photography and with a camera-shy hubster who is only too happy to click my photos, most of them has me though 😛 And flights landing on beach? Wow, never seen that. Love your photos and words Miriam ❤ As usual its simply amazing 🙂

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    1. So happy you’re here Minaxi and glad you can relate. Obviously you and hubby love taking a lot of similar type shots, such a lot of fun. I’ll have to go and visit you again very soon. 🙂

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        1. Hmm thanks Miriam. Sorry if I popped out the question out of the blue. I have read like a zillion articles and still unable to make up my mind 😛 I will soon though 🙂 I miss the thrill of posting and waiting for the reactions and all the chatting 🙂

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        2. Yeah, I know, it gets to be a bit of an addiction. 🙂 And the chatting is awesome. 🙂 Good luck with your decision, I’m sure you could make it work. My son keeps telling me I should swap over but I can’t bring myself to do it just yet.

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