Mirrored Truths

They say a mirror speaks the truth
but when I look at it
why does it feel like an illusion.

Like the face that stares back at me
that wears a smile
but hides pain and confusion.


They say a mirror speaks the truth
it shows ourselves
the reflection doesn’t lie.

So why do we hide ourselves
pretend so much
and feel less than alive.

Still reflections (800x600)

Do I take my cue from nature
when the birds still sing
even when the clouds are grey.

And the sun shines bright
the rain falls down
and a rainbow lights the way.

They say a mirror speaks the truth
behind we see where we’ve been
but if you look to what lies in front
there is beauty still unseen.


It seems that sometimes in nature what we see isn’t how it really is. The sun shines, then it rains, the light reflects on the water, then in the next instant the reflection is gone. Sometimes it can all seem like a fleeting illusion.

Wartook BC Aug2012MB 026 (800x600)

And it can be like that with us too. Mirrors show our true selves. Or do they?

We hide so much. We often put on a brave front, for others, and sometimes for ourselves.Β  We hide our true feelings so others don’t see how we feel or to protect ourselves. We shut ourselves off.Β  As I get older I’m learning to be more open and true to myself.

20151226_150049 (800x600)

Nature helps in bringing us back to our true selves. For me it’s finding joy in being outside. Feeling the earth in my fingers, the sun on my skin, the warmth on my face. I long to go camping again but for the moment my garden is enough.Β  To feel the power of nature brush away the tears and anchoring me in hope.

Mirror mirror in my garden. Can you spot me, I’m hiding

May we all look, not just at the reflection in the mirror, but at our whole selves. Not just at how we appear but what we’re capable of and what lies in our heart. The beauty within that we can’t see but that’s mirrored in our soul.


May we all stay true to who we are and be at peace with ourselves in every way.Β 

May we never forget to look up, appreciate the beauty and enjoy the journey.

In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror


94 thoughts on “Mirrored Truths

  1. The questions you raise about the truth reflected in mirrors are excellent. There is a depth to your reflections, but I also appreciate the way that you draw me (and other readers) in, to ponder the issue for themselves, both by questioning and through your use of poetry. For my part, I know that the mirror can only show me what I reveal to it. Whatever story I tell is the story I receive from the mirror. It is a plate of silver-backed glass that bounces my own projections back at me. You are absolutely right about the illusion. I like the contrast that you use with nature. Finding a center outside of the self seems like a great way to break out of the illusions that I create. Thank you!

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  2. The bird on the post is such a fantastic shot, Miriam! πŸ™‚ And I like your poem. I have a strong tendency to scoot past mirrored surfaces. Better to keep my illusions πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Have a good week!

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  3. Great post. I always feel electric and yet peaceful, while im immersed in nature. I enjoy the beach or a nice walk, on a crisp fall day. I try not to look in the mirror too much, because Im a perfectionist and kind of conceited.

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  4. Something about mirrors… its eerie and mysterious! Loved the post by the way – very reflective to human emotions! I used to always wonder and imagine.. that probably a whole different world exists on the other side of the reflection. Who knows?!

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  5. I can see you in the mirror!! Your post is very fitting for this theme and your photos are gorgeous reflections.of all kinds. We all see ourselves differently and I’m glad we don’t just have to take the mirror’s version. We are made up of many parts and the outside skin is just that…a skin. I like your thinking Miriam!

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  6. Definitely thought provoking. When I look back to my younger days, I only saw my physical reflection staring back- was my hair in place, makeup looking just so.

    As I’ve “grown up” I tend to “see” my whole self in the mirror. Best I can tell, it’s easier to put a name on sorrow or joy when it’s looking right back at us.

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  7. Miriam, great piece beautifully writen.. sometimes in a hurry i dont even notice myself. Then when i look deeply i ss myself bella are you soul conscious enuf do you see yourself as this beautiful point of immortal light..or are just running to complete a task…

    Great piece great one to ponder on

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  8. Love this post, Miriam! Beautiful visuals with those deep meaningful words. We’re always taught to hide our feeling. Showing who we really are is perceived as a sign of weakness. I wish the world was different. I’m so glad you found your courage in being yourself. I wonder if I could find mine. 😦 Thanks for sharing this inspirational post. Your posts help me get through difficult moments. xo

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  9. Miriam, this is magnificent. Thank you for the reminder that there is so much depth to who we are … and that being in integrity with our beauty is a blessing!!
    In the (gorgeous) mirror in your garden, are you off to the left taking the photo? πŸ™‚
    You are wonderful. Sending glorious blessings your way …. I see your beauty.

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  10. These are amazing pictures Miriam. I love the lake mirroring everything it sees.
    You’re right, mirror does not always show what we are…and we’re definitely more that what is seen outside.
    Only the people who knows us very well can see what’s within…
    Thank you for being open in your posts…you keep inspiring us.

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