Mundane Monday Garden Gratitudes

Today in Melbourne I woke to a cold grey sky and a wet and dreary morning, which matched the heaviness in my heart.  But I refused to let it overwhelm me.  So I rugged up,  donned my gardening gloves and hit the garden for a bit of green thumb therapy.

My garden is a mess.  It’s overgrown with weeds and grass. The combination of a wet winter and neglect has turned it into a jungle of biblical proportions!   I  haven’t had the time, nor the motivation, to tackle it. Until now.


But where to start? So much for not feeling over whelmed! And then I stopped and thought, focus.  Just focus. One step at a time.  One patch at a time.  I’ll get through it.


Plus I had my friends with me.   Things always seem easier when friends are around.


Especially a certain little lamb who did her bit to help.

How often do we look at the big picture and feel completely overwhelmed with life?  So often, the biggest step is just making a start. So today I did just that. I dug my hands into the earth.  I pulled out weeds and grass, bit by bit, and it felt therapeutic.  It will take a while but with willingness and determination I can take control of my garden again.


By midday the sky had brightened and for a couple of hours I relished the sunshine. All my senses felt alive and amidst the sadness I gave thanks for everything, even the weeds and the grass, the good and the bad, all the experiences that have lead me to where I am.


I felt mum with me.  In the trees around me, in the cool breeze which warmed as the morning lengthened. In the buds of the fruit trees which are springing to life.


And in the one white Lily that graced the plant near our lemon tree.

It was one of her favorite flowers. The droplets of rain on it looked like tear drops.

Tonight my hands are aching from all the weeding but it’s a good ache.

flower through dirt

Life feels a bit like my garden, and right now it’s overwhelming, but I know it’s all about perseverance, hard work and focus. Once the weeds are gone my garden will flourish.

My garden will be beautiful again.  And so will life.

So long as we never give up hope… and tending to the weeds!


May we always look out for the beauty around us, where ever we are and in whatever our circumstances.  Wishing everyone a happy Monday and a grateful week ahead.

In response to Mundane Monday #73– a challenge created to find beauty in ordinary every day things.

believe in tomorrow


91 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Garden Gratitudes

    1. Thanks for the kind words Louise, yes, you’re right, mum would be pleased I’m finally out in the garden.
      And as for Lamby, well she doesn’t venture too far from her herd leader. xo

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  1. NIce to see Lamby doing well.

    Beautiful post. One day at a time. One step at a time. The pain never goes away, it just dulls.

    Happy to see you returned, you were on my mind this weekend.

    Wishing you all the peace life has to offer.

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  2. It will get easier with time and your mum loved being in her garden. Seeing you tend to yours will make her smile right now. So lovely to see how Harry and Lamby have bonded, they’re such treasures. Much love to you xxx

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  3. Hello Miriam,
    Loved the post. Perfect pics for these eyes that are drowning in the lovely greens of the grass, the beautiful tree blossoms,the lilies, the cute animals and the full of life last picture of the adorable running lamb.
    You are so right, hours spent in the garden are always so rewarding, always does wonder for me (I just have few potted plants, some indoors and couple outdoors in the balcony). Here in UAE it is extreme summer and hence the eyes miss that green color of the plants that have grown after the rainfall. Lovely post, thanks.

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  4. What a lovely post and a beautiful wee lamb. We have had a pretty awful few weeks with rain here in Donegal and my poor garden got very overgrown too. I have just done little bits here and there and it is gradually looking better. Happy gardening.

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  5. Miriam, your garden would be praying for you. That’s what my mother would say when we were kids. She wanted us to find pleasure in our work. But, it’s very much true and today as a grown up girl, I believe that in kitchen even plates and dishes smile after getting cleaned.
    May the flowers in your garden always remain fresh!

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  6. What a lovely post. Your flowery tree is beautiful.

    “How often do we look at the big picture and feel completely overwhelmed with life?”
    I do this all the time. And exactly as you said… I’ve been trying to focus on one thing at a time so I don’t have a giant meltdown. Sometimes I fail, but at least I’m still trying. It’s a great piece of advice… thanks for reminding me. 🙂 ♥

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    1. Thanks Anne and you’re right, it’s the little things that make a difference. Like two furry four legged animals! They always make me smile. Have a lovely week.


  7. This reminds me of the days when I was younger and helped my dad in his garden. I hated all of the hard work, but it was a great feeling when all of the vegetables would come in and we’d have lots of food to live off of because of all that work. I even had a small patch where I got to grow some marigolds. My dad always joked about getting some goats or sheep to help with the weeds, too. ^-^

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  8. I hope lovely memories sustain you. Your garden is a joy and with such cute helpers you can’t go wrong. Melbourne has been very wet of late and the weeds are loving it of course, along with a snail or two. Enjoy the sunshine today.

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  9. I tend to look at jobs as a whole instead of parts, get overwhelmed and then procrastinate. Your advice reminds me of the saying:
    How do you eat an elephant……one bite at a time. (I do not condone the eating or harming of elephants in anyway) Awesome pictures of Lamborgini, especially that last one! I think I will be working a bit of Aussie slang into my vocabulary, I love “rugged up”.

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    1. Oh, that’s too funny. I keep forgetting that some of my language is slang and maybe foreign to some readers, but, what the heck, it’s fun! Maybe I should do it more often! 🙂

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  10. Beautiful post. You’re way of talking about your mum is so touching. Make me tear up and smile all at once. You were very lucky to have such a wonderful Mother…i know you know that…i can feel it in your words.

    I’m thinking it’s hard not to smile with Lamborgini running towards you like that. ❤

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    1. Absolutely Nikki. Your words made me both tear up and smile. Yes, mum was very special and yes, Lamborghini is a total character who constantly makes me smile. It’s like she’s meant to be here right now. 🙂


  11. Sometimes, just getting our hands in the soil can give us that sense of connectedness to more of life, somehow. The past and the future all seemed to be rolled up in the soil.

    You’ve been heavy on my heart this week, my friend. I know you’ve been grieving. It’s nice to see you tending to things, nurturing things. I suspect it helps you also tend to and nurture your heart at the same time. There’s a symmetry to it, I think.

    I love the lily! Like a kiss from your mother. So pure and sweet. And mama’s kisses always help a hurt feel a little better. 🙂

    *hugs* <3<3

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    1. Thank you for sending the link, have just read it and it’s absolutely beautiful. You’re right, I have been tending and nurturing things around me and amongst the teary moments it’s been calming and peaceful. It also helps having a cute little lamb and Harry around. 🙂
      Thank you my dear Ness for your friendship, it means the world. xo

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  12. A truly beautiful post, Miriam. I made it to the end, this time. I can feel your pain. I’m so glad you’ve taken to gardening. And you have the most adorable friends for company and support. 🙂 Stay strong. I wish I could say the right things. 😦 Hugs.

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  13. That was just beautiful, Miriam! I believe your mom was with you in that garden, reminding you to take one simple step at a time. It’s good that you are able to see the beauty around you, even while your heart is so heavy. You are a very wise woman!

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    1. Oh Ann, I don’t know how wise I am, I’m just an ordinary woman that had an extraordinary mum and now just trying to get through one day at a time. But thank you for saying that. x

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  14. God Miriam, what a beautiful post. I am so proud of you for your courage, your faith and hope, and for taking one step at a time in this life. Your mum has a wonderful daughter. Sending lots of love from the East Coast. Be good to yourself and very kind. You are loved 💜💜💜

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  15. Again, a very touching post Miriam. It’s obvious how much you love your mum. I can see that you two were very close together…but as they say, the passing of someone is not the end of a relationship, because the love and care that were given will forever live in our hearts and memory.
    It’s really nice that you’ve go such great adorable company. ☺

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  16. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post, love the lamb and the dog shot. It is a wonderful feeling when you bits of the garden sorted. I went to hang the bed sheets today in the garden, and you can see my neglect of it, it was horrible. I don’t know when i am going to get to it, cause now i have a whole heap of the weekly ironing.. etc.

    great post, lovely read.

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    1. There’s always something to do, isn’t there Bella, whether it’s in our overgrown gardens, or the washing or the pile of ironing.
      Thanks for dropping by and hope you’re having a lovely weekend. xo

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