Love and Rememberance

Yesterday, on one of the saddest days of my life, I found a world of beauty.

Yesterday winter disappeared for the day and the sun shone brighter and warmer than it has in months. The flowers on the trees appeared in full bloom, the birds seemed to sing brighter and the floral sweet scents of imminent spring filled the air.

Yesterday was also the day my beautiful mother was laid to rest.


It was as though Mother Nature put on the show of a lifetime. Just for her day of farewell.


This is her garden.


And this Cachi was one of mum’s favorite trees. One of her great loves was tending her garden but over the past 17 months, since she was robbed of the ability to do the things she loved, her backyard, became tired and run down. Much like mum’s own suffering.

Yet amongst it there was always beauty and hope.


Here in her backyard now the trees are blooming with new buds.  Where, only months ago they were barren and devoid of leaves, today new seeds and petals of life are bursting.


On the day after mum’s funeral, I stood outside in her backyard and I found myself filled with a deep sense of peace. I have shed plenty of tears and the sadness is raw and deep – and it no doubt will be for a long time – but I also felt enveloped by her presence.


The breeze blew gently through her native trees and it reminded me that changes are all around us. They are part of life, just as the seasons pass and bring with them their moods, sometimes dark but always with whispers of hope.


We might not always welcome these changes and we can’t avoid them, but there’s no denying they’re part of our journey and ultimately our growth.


Just as growth continues in mum’s garden. Even without her there.

I can’t imagine her not being in my life yet amongst the deep loss, there’s joy in memories.

On the day of her funeral, amid the sadness and tears there was also celebration and life.  We chose her favorite opera and classical music, friends and family gathered to farewell her, there was prayers and deep faith, all intertwined in a beautiful mass.

It was the celebration of the life of a kind, gentle, remarkable woman who touched so many lives and who I was privileged to call my mother.

A woman who has left me a legacy of treasured memories and the ultimate gift of a beautiful and inspired life.


She will always live on, in my heart and in my writing.

Mum’s journey in this world has ended but somehow I feel that her greatest journey of all is just beginning …

I found this quote while driving home and it seemed somehow fitting…


May we all live our life to the fullest, appreciating the beauty around us and all those who touch our lives every day.


I wish you love and light and peace as we all continue the journey.

May we never forget to stop and smell the roses along the way and tell those we love how much they mean to us.




143 thoughts on “Love and Rememberance

  1. I can do nothing to make your grief to go away, Miriam. It’s hard to lose the one who gave you birth. But it’s easy to remember what beautiful memories she created for you. Nature shows us that always is light after dark and hope after despair.
    I am with you, my dear friend. Be strong!
    Hugs and kisses ❤

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  2. I can’t imagine writing a comment that could do this post justice, Miriam. An absolutely gorgeous selection of words and photos. It’s so warming to see such beauty on an otherwise sad occasion. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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  3. What a fitting tribute to your mother, Miriam: her garden garbed in finery. Beautiful! Although her comforting presence has moved on, her love is eternal and always embracing you and your siblings. xoM

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  4. This is a beautiful post Miriam, I know you will always feel your Mother’s presence as you did in her garden, you are her and she is you, together always in each other’s heart,thinking of you and your family, lots of love Brooke.

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  5. I’m glad that you feel peace in your heart, Miriam. Your mum’s garden is beautiful…Just seeing the place through the pictures gives some kind of serenity…I am sure that you will always feel your mother’s presence in her garden. May it stay as a solitary place for you. Hugs ❤

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  6. On the winter day we buried our Ma, out by the grave the minister yatted, I watched the oddest ground mist come into the graveyard, from across the fields we played in as kids. It circled the coffin, then gently wafted out, it took all my sorrow, guilt, anger, shame at being a bad daughter. I never asked if anyone else saw it. Your dear mum will let you know all is well, I’m sure. What a lovely tribute.

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  7. Lovely post. My mom loved her gardens too. I always think of her when I see flowers. That way she is always around me. Your mom will always be there in the beauty you see around you.

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  8. Oh my sweet friend, my heart is hurting for you, for the loss and pain you are feeling. I wish I could hug it all away.

    In some ways, I am so happy that you were so blessed to be so close with your mother that you feel it’s a privilege to be her daughter. I have a sneaking suspicion that she’d say it was a privilege to be your mother! You speak so highly of her, and what a treasure that is. Too many mothers and daughters don’t share such love and respect. It is a rare and beautiful thing to see, and I thank you for sharing that aspect of your life. And in sharing her with so many, she will live on in even more hearts.

    I’m also glad you have such happy memories that you can cling to when the ache of missing her becomes unbearable.

    Her garden is beautiful, and how wonderful that it seemed like nature was sending along your mother’s goodbye kisses in such a tender and gorgeous way.

    All that, and at the same time, I share in your sorrow. You are not alone and I am with you in spirit, praying for you, sending as many good thoughts as possible to buoy you.

    *hugs* ❤

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    1. As you often do Vanessa, your words have the power to move me. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts my dear friend. Yes, I do feel fortunate in that we shared a deep love and respect that will keep her in my heart. The loss is raw and the pain feels deep but I take comfort in those memories. Hugs back. xo

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      1. ❤ Keeping you in prayer, sweetheart. I know that after the first week or so, things calm down and people go on with their lives, and it's easy to forget the one grieving is still hurting. I'm not forgetting. *hugs* ❤

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        1. That means a lot to me. I have a feeling the hurt and ache will be there for a long, long time. But you’re right, life also goes on … xo


  9. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman! I couldn’t quite get through this post without shedding a few tears, as you expressed your love for your mother so eloquently. I’m glad the day of her funeral was a day of celebration of her life as well as a day of mourning for her passing. She will always be with you in your heart, and the best of her lives on in you.

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  10. I am glad you have been able to find a sense of peace in your sadness. What a beautiful garden and a beautiful symbol of a life well lived. Sending you love, hugs, and prayers from Ohio.

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  11. Oh Miriam I’m so sorry for your loss of your Mum! Her garden is absolutely beautiful, I’m sure it’s a reflection of her soul. I imagine she’s tending to it with much happiness now and so proud of you for this touching tribute to her. The Universe sang praise to your Mother in such glorious colors and blooms! I will keep you, your Mum and your family in my thoughts and prayers as you travel through this difficult time in life. Yes she is just beginning her new and even greater path, she’ll be watching over you and smiling, knowing one day you will be together again. May she rest in blissful peace! Sending you blessings. xo

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  12. Oh Miriam, I love you! What a beautiful post in celebration of your mom. She sounds like a wonderful Soul.
    I bet you’re right…that the best part of her journey is just beginning.
    So appreciate you and the depth of emotion you’re experiencing … surrounded by the loving that supports you in every moment.
    Blessings, Miriam and may your mom rest in grace and peace. Take good care of yourself. ❤

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  13. So hard to say goodbye, Miriam, and yet none of us can stay forever, except in the spirit world and loving memories. She’ll always be with you. This post radiates peace. I’m so glad you’ve found a calm place. God bless!

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  14. Losing one’s mom is a loss beyond words!
    We all have this fear of losing our people inside us. what if such a day arrives, how are we going to face it? But you know ,GOD is great. He gives all the strength. Be strong Miriam. Your mother was a definitely a kind women who raised an amazing daughter like you. Her garden is beautiful. May her Soul rest in Peace.

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  15. So sorry for your loss, Miriam. Your tribute to her is so beautiful. What an amazing garden. I still have plants that my late parents set in our garden. I take so much pleasure in seeing them blooming, year after year.

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  16. What a lovely space in which to find solace! What a gift she left you – and I’m sure the garden was a source of joy and comfort to her over the years too. I pray you are surrounded by comfort and love as you move through your grief, as you learn to live in the world without your mother. Thank you for writing this.

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  17. Sincerest condolences for your loss, Miriam. I lost my mother this last March and I’m not sure it’s a wound that will ever fully heal. I think your mother would have been very touched by this moving post. Now it’s one day at a time, one moment at a time in the inevitable grief process. Gratitude for the time I had with my mother is what has tempered my grief. Gratitude may just be the key. All the best going forward.

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    1. Oh Richard, I’m so sorry for your loss as well. It’s a hard time isn’t it? I know for me it’s a wound that will never fully heal and right now it feels so raw and painful it’s hard to bare. But I agree, it’s one day at a time in moving forward. I have so many wonderful memories in my heart and will always be grateful for the legacy of love she left me. Warmest wishes to you as well my friend. xo

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  18. I couldn’t get to reading the end of this post, Miriam. It was too overwhelming for me. Your words and the pictures of your mom’s garden are beautiful. In moments like these, I am at a loss of words. I hope that you can get through this difficult time. Hugs!

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    1. Hi Cheryl, writing this was overwhelming too and much was written with tears but also joy and rememberance. She was a special woman and the void is deep but for me it’s just one day at a time … hugs back my friend.

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  19. I’m so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful proverb you shared there. I know what you mean when you say that you felt peace and surrounded by your mother’s presence. When my Dad passed away in February I felt the same and still do. There are moments when the tears take over but usually followed by a smile on my face because I know he will always be with me. And so will your Mom be with you. Here is a big virtual hug for you! xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and hug Sandra. I appreciate that. And it’s true, isn’t it, our loved ones never really leave us. They live on in our heart and memories. xo

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