Morning Glory

One of the absolute joys of camping is waking up to the sights and sounds of a new day. Waking up to birds chirping, the wind in the trees, the sound of light rain and sunshine filtering through as a new day dawns. It’s awakening to all our senses.

Like a sensuous lover awakening to warmth, mornings are like a kiss from nature.


Waking up to a vibrant sky and a view like this makes me feel so grateful to be alive.


And this …..  a stroll down to the rock pools last weekend to welcome in a new day is like a caress to the soul.


It doesn’t matter whether I’m away or at home, an early morning walk down deserted country roads is a perfect start to the day.  Like here in sleepy Maldon last month, enjoying the tranquility before the hustle and bustle of life begins.


Sometimes my walking buddy Harry is with me, keeping me company.


And sometimes I’m alone. Like at Hattah Lakes enjoying early morning reflections.


Sitting round a warm campfire, enjoying an early morning cuppa and waiting for the sun to work its magic is a perfect time to ponder life as we ease into a new day.


Of course after an early morning walk, we can’t miss the most important meal of the day!


By the time we’ve enjoyed a sumptuous hearty breakfast, usually cooked over the coals, we’re well and truly ready for another day in the great outdoors.

It’s a hard life but someone’s gotta do it!


Of course, we don’t need to be camping to enjoy the joys of a new morning.

In the comfort and warmth of our home we can savor the simple things in life. A hug from our loved ones, the sound of laughter as the house awakens, sun streaming through our window, a nuzzle from our pooch, a cup of steaming hot black tea …

The ordinary things that are around us every day that become the extraordinary when we view them with mindfulness and joy. The morning sky below is from my decking at home.


May we cherish every moment and every morning in our lives, may we always be open to the beauty around us and may we never take the simple pleasures for granted.

Keep smiling, stay safe and continue to enjoy the journey.

good morning

This is in response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning



76 thoughts on “Morning Glory

  1. “Mornings are like a kiss from nature.” I love this line! Thank you for another beautiful reflection on ordinary beauty, Miriam. I’ve haven’t been able to keep up with blogging as I would like to over the last few months, but I am grateful that whenever I return to your site, your wise words and beautiful pictures are here to remind me to be still and to appreciate the little things all around me.

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    1. Hi Lulu, thanks so much for your kind words, it’s always so nice to see you here. Don’t worry about keeping up with the reading and blogging, I think we’re all in the same boat. It’s a fine balance between blogging and life and sometimes the latter just has to win out. Take care and hope all’s well in your world. xo

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      1. All is well here! Thank you so much for your kind wishes and ever-gentle presences. It’s always a struggle not to get towed along in the busyness of life. I have this habit of telling myself, “I’m just extra busy this week because of x,y,z,” but I think that what I am finding is that the pace of work has just picked up in general, and I have to adjust my expectations. I can *choose* to play into the busyness of it all, or I can choose to step back from it, realize that I’ll never be caught up, and just do what I can. I’m doing a bit of a better job setting some priorities, and put self-care higher on that list. It’s definitely a learning curve, but maybe I’ll get there!

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        1. That sounds like a good plan Lulu, stepping back and just do what you can, really it’s all any of us can do but we often get caught up in the busyness of it all. And feel the expectations and pressures, which mostly just come from ourselves. Keep it up my friend and keep looking after yourself. I need to take a leaf out of your book too. xo

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  2. Great post, and great pictures as always. I love the morning – quite clean air , the stillness and beauty of nature even in an urban setting. I love the air, the silence and gentle walk to the station to go to work. Before the hustle and bustle – a silent air a silent world – ahh so lovely….

    thanks for such a lovely post.

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  3. What a beautiful location in which to camp. You can keep the beans and eggs for breakfast though Miriam. 😦 They’re all yours. Recently, at my work, we had some guests come for our Naidoc celebration day. One of the young men spoke to the children about indigenous dancing and he said the birds sing in the early morning because they’re giving thanks to the sun for another beautiful day. Isn’t that a nice way of putting it.

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  4. We just bought a truck over the weekend so now we can pull out new camper! That seems reverse but we thought my SUV would pull it fine, but not so much. I’m excited to begin our adventures like we planned when we bought it. You continue to inspire me!

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  5. I wish I could wake up to mornings like that! What a joyful way to begin the day! You really show off well the treasures you get to behold. I can smell the clean, fresh air in your pictures, and feel the sweet stillness. *dreamysigh* ❤ Thank you for sharing that. It feels like being able to see a place I miss dearly. *hugs*

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    1. Thanks Ness, happy I could share my little bit of the world with you. 🙂 Granted, I don’t wake up to views like that everyday. Wish I did, but then again maybe I wouldn’t appreciate them quite as much. Hugs xo

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  6. There is something that soothes your soul when you wake up and eat breakfast in the open air. I think it’s the space, the noises of nature and the pace. No phones, no deadlines, no worries 🙂

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  7. You’re so right, Miriam. Mornings are indeed like a kiss from nature. 🙂
    And when you see scenery like in your photos, then you can say that mornings are a gift.
    Hugs ❤

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