Travel theme: Pastel

I love photographing bright colors.  Nature has an array of mind blowing ones: dazzling red orange sunsets, turquoise seas and mountains so intensely green you feel you’re part of the easel. But sometimes we can feel blinded by the brightness and the intensity and that’s where a bit of softness and balance is good.

Abstract5 (800x600)

Somehow Mother Nature always seems to know how to create balance. Light and dark contrasts, like colors in the sand that mesh and twirl forming a palette of pastels.

mungo and pink lakes 253 (800x600)

Pastels often blend in with the tones of the earth on our travels, creating a softness in an otherwise stark landscape, a softness that soothes the senses.

Flowers at Arkaroola (800x600)

Bottlebrush (800x600)

Like this bottlebrush which somehow looks calm against the pale green.

Pink Lakes landscape (800x600)

And it can be that way on our journey of life too.  We don’t always have to be full steam ahead.  We can be just as effective when we calmly work our way through our days.

That’s sometimes when I’m the most productive, when I’m centred and even keeled. When I’m able to focus and concentrate and work steadily towards my goal.

Pink pastel flowers (800x600)

While it’s great to have ambition and to want to dazzle the world with brightness, it’s also okay to have softer days where we’re slowly but deliberately focused on the end result.

We don’t need to achieve big and bright results overnight.

The important thing is to keep going and not to stop. To realise that there’ll be days when we’ll temporarily lose our mojo and inspiration but not to beat ourselves up about it. We’ll get there … the important thing is to keep going.

Wishing you beautiful moments, filled with shades of pastel and dollops of brightness, just enough to make a balanced landscape and a perfect day.

Pastel at Inverloch (800x600)

Stay safe and focused on where you’re going and continue to enjoy the journey.

life is a canvas

This is in response to Where’s my Backback – Travel theme: Pastel

66 thoughts on “Travel theme: Pastel

  1. Beautiful! I love what you say about having softer days. Sometimes these kind of days are my favorite… Staying home, get some paperwork done, blog, work at the computer with my dog in the room. Quiet, no drama, relaxed. Thanks for this calming post! ☺️🌷

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  2. I have a particular fondness for pastels, so this one is extra special to me. And I *neeeeed those fuzzy lavender flowers!

    I like how you describe it as a balancing softness. That set really well with me for some reason.

    I guess bright, bold colors are like lead singers, and pastels are the back-up singers. 🙂

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    1. Oh, yes I do. I went to Margaret River area and Albany many years ago and I still remember the wildflowers along the way. I’d love to come back. 🙂


  3. ‘To realise that there’ll be days when we’ll temporarily lose our mojo and inspiration but not to beat ourselves up about it. ‘

    This just screams out to me. ❤

    I can't think of the word i want and even tried to get Steve to help me figure it…but the environment (the trees, flowers, birds, bushes…and so on) that you see and shoot are so different from here There is not a picture in this bunch that didn't make me stop and stare for a few extra seconds. It's such fun to go on these adventures with you. 🙂

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    1. I think that’s one of the joys of blogging and sharing our worlds Nikki, we get to see and share things that are so similar to what’s around us. Yet, at the end of the day our thoughts and feelings and what we’re going through are so similar, it really doesn’t matter where we live. I love sharing my world and my adventures and so happy that you get to come along too. 🙂 xo


  4. Miriam! I love this. I read it at the perfect time. Had one of those days today. It really helped me to just be present with myself, to be creative, and to keep moving step by step.
    Your pastels are beautiful…the pink flowers remind me of you ❤
    Blessings and Love,

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  5. Another beautiful post filled with my favourite things: nature, inspiration, hope, and bright colours. 🙂 There’s so much positivity in your posts. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy reading your posts.

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