WPC: Narrow Paths

It’s easy to fumble
and sometimes lose our way
it’s easy to feel disheartened
on grey uncertain days
walking on a narrow path.

A curved boardwalk (800x600)

But if we keep an open mind
we have the capacity to bend
and not cling to straight and narrow ways
in a tunnel that has no end.


Those narrow tracks that seem so hard
our direction so unclear
to feel enclosed
no room to breath
a pounding heart of fear.


An end is in sight
as the track shrinks in size.
Then fear is replaced
by wonder and grace
as we realise the prize.


For it’s in moving forwards
and keeping wide awake
that we see the beauty in front of us.
And we realise those paths might be narrow
but they’re still ours to take.


No longer afraid
but daring to fly
the narrowness is gone
our eyes are open wide.

All it takes is courage
a willingness to embrace
our failings and imperfections
to reach a better place.

Flinders (800x533)

Wishing everyone a happy August and may we all enjoy the paths that we’re on.

May we keep our eyes open to the wonders around us and appreciate every moment, even when the going is hard and the paths in front of us seem narrow.Road signs: straight & narrow..long & winding.

This is in response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow

68 thoughts on “WPC: Narrow Paths

  1. No words for your photography. It always lovely and beautiful. But, I’m watching your poetry skill. It’s blooming with the time. Nice poem.

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  2. Awesome pictures and illustrating so well your wise words 🙂
    I’m getting a little spooked though 😉 yours is the fourth blog post that I read today that speaks directly to me and my life right now 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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  3. I loved this Miriam! You have such a talent for delivering a simple, yet powerful and eloquent message, through your words and photos. The photos almost become part of the poem! And thanks for the reminder to keep our eyes wide open to the good, even when our path feels too narrow and hard. I suspect I am not the only one who feels encouraged after reading your posts…..

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  4. I didn’t know what to expect when i read the title. I read, and I love this poem, this inspiration, this motivating post, great pics and great poem – narrow but if we get through it , we are free and full of strength… beautifully uplifting piece.

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  5. Beautiful poem! You are certainly living out your own advice. Your words remind me of the passage, “How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few.” (Mt 7:14) But the rewards of walking the difficult path are unimaginable! I feel a little bit more encouraged to not frighten easily when the road ahead seems hard and narrow, but to, like you say, push ahead with eyes opened to the wonders all around. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you Lulu for your wonderful comment, I love the passage you quoted, so very true. It can be hard but I know first hand that pushing ahead is the only way to go. Take care my friend. xo

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