Taking out the Trash

We spent this weekend at the beach.  A caravan park right on the spectacular beachfront at Marengo along the Great Ocean Road. When I saw the recycled bins of bottles and cans I immediately thought of Frank’s photo theme at Dutch Goes the Photo.  Any other time I would have walked straight past it but it was a perfect snap of his theme this week.

Recycling 2 (800x600)

Trash … with a view. The park is spotless with everyone doing the right thing and putting their rubbish where it’s supposed to be.  But it’s not always the case.

Cap on beach (800x600)

Later in the morning we went on a beautiful walk to Shelly Beach. It was a pristine beach marred by a few pieces of rubbish. Such as this bottle cap.

Graffiti (800x600)

And this sign on the beach that some stupid person had decided to mark.  In my opinion this is another form of trash.  I’ll never understand the mindless act of graffiti.

Carrying out trash (800x600)

Last year we went on a holiday along the Limestone Coast, an area renowned for its secluded and pristine beaches.  I remember walking along this beach near Southend and finding fishing nets, cans, bottles, twine, all stuff that could endanger wildlife, washed up by the tide, possibly from shipping vessels.

My daughter, ever the environmentalist, helped pick up the rubbish we found.

Tash inSA (800x600)

She’s always had a concern and passion for protecting the environment and wildlife. But she doesn’t just talk about it, she puts it into action. I’m so proud of her.

Tash carrying out trash (800x600)

Here she is carrying it up the steep rocky track that lead back to the car.

Off the beach and off to find a bin.

We live by this ago old motto when we go camping, particularly when we free camp in the bush or near the beach, where there’s no bins around.  Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.


But sometimes when we see trash lying around we can do our bit and take that out too.

Treat nature with respect and in return we’ll be rewarded with beautiful moments to treasure.  We have the power to leave behind a footprint that we can be proud of when we look after our natural surroundings.

Wishing you a happy and mindful week ahead as we continue the journey.

This is in response to Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge theme of “Trash” over at Dutch goes the Photo

trash garbage quote

70 thoughts on “Taking out the Trash

  1. I always carry an extra bag for the trash and dump everything in it – no matter where I go. If I can’t find a bin, I just fold whatever we had and place it in my backpack. Your daughter’s zeal is commendable. I think we learn so much from our parents. And you’ve done such a fantastic job! 🙂

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  2. Hi Miriam, your name got my attention. My name is also Miriam. And, my husband was born in Australia. We went back on vacation in 2002. We went to Sydney, the Blue Mountain, some other towns, then to Cairns where he went diving. Will visit you again!

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  3. Good for your daughter to take the time to pick up other people’s trash! I have never understood people too lazy to throw things away properly, especially when they are out in nature. It’s not just ugly, it’s a threat to wildlife! Excellent post, Miram!

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  4. Good topic to post on, well done Miriam. Good on your daughter for picking up the rubbish. Recently when in Tasmania there was a basket weaver making baskets from pieces of rope found along the beach. She was weaving and selling her work at the Burnie Makers Workshop. Her baskets were lovely and such an amazing range of beautiful colours. She pulled all the ropes apart and wove them.
    http://www.discoverburnie.net/what-to-see/makers-workshop.html – this link has a photo if you are interested. She is sitting in a doorway and two people are looking in.

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  5. You and your husband are obviously doing a great job raising your daughter. Your camping motto is very similar to what me and my friends used to say “If your not going to pack it out, don’t bring it in.” We were big on ethical camping and climbing. Cleaning up other’s trash and washing excess chalk off bouldering routes. Great job with the prompt. As for graffiti, I enjoy seeing it done in the city with purpose, but hate coming across it in nature.

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  6. Great job, Miriam!! Love your take on Frank’s trash challenge. My spiritual mentor says to leave a place better than you found it. I do my best to live by that, especially with this kind of thing. It’s so easy to straighten up, isn’t it? 🙂 Blessings your way and to your daughter too. Very cool that she was picking up trash.

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  7. Yes I never have been able to understand what’s difficult about picking up after ones self. It’s such an easy thing to do, yet too many act like its their entitlement to leave it for others. Your kind-hearted daughter, what a gem!!

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  8. Yours is a land of many toilets, yet I recall in Tasmania, up Devils Gullet, persons had shit in the bushes- just gross, otherwise, cleaner than here, lotta bad folks with trash. Pack it out, crap at the B.P. Great post, Miriam, thank you.

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  9. There are so many young people who wouldn’t even notice. First she takes in a mama less lamb and now this. She rocks. Great kid. (I’m thinking her great mom and dad had a lot to do with that)
    I was taken with that bottle cap picture. How do you make a bottle cap look so interesting? Talent I guess. ❤

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    1. Thanks Nikki, I have to agree, she does rock … most of the time, when she’s not rolling her eyes at me!
      As for that bottle cap, that was Doug’s effort, so I can’t take the credit for that one! I’ll let him know. 🙂

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  10. It’s a great motto to live by, which I wish everyone would live by. But we can all help by picking up rubbish when we see it, to leave a place a bit better for the next visitors.

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  11. It is such a pleasure to read your posts and thoughts.

    We should treat nature and everything else wth respect. What pleasure or reward can anyone get from graffiti on that sign? People really do need to learn to respect their environment.

    Hope you and yours are well.

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  12. I hate rubbish!!!! I saw some pigeon trying to eat plastic in the city before and I was like omg stop!!!!!!
    It needs to get sorted. Even these mp people have meetings with all these pissing lights on and jetting to these 5 minutes meet and greets. Frustrated lately with environmental issues. Anyways, if yoy ever need to de stress and flick through pages I hope you will be interested in following me blog on fashion and beauty. Hopefully you will find my posts an interesting read I will be publishing work officially from the help of my blog posts and will send links of my published work I’m very excited x

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