Lamb on Friday: A B-a-a-d idea?

The only lamb I’ve ever had in my kitchen was a roast one, infused with garlic and rosemary.  But today when I got home and walked into my kitchen I was greeted by a small four legged variety, a scrawny cute looking little ewe.

My daughter, who works part time on a sheep farm in Mansfield, had mentioned she was bringing home a baby ewe that had been abandoned by its mother. The plan was to hand raise it until it could go to a friend’s farm nearby.

Even though I knew she was coming she still surprised me.

There she was, looking up at me with those big soulful baby eyes.


Okay, this wasn’t on the menu tonight. Oh my, what have we got ourselves in for?

Yep, seems it’s not enough that we own a horse, three chickens, two guinea pigs, fish and a dog. No, my daughter has added a lamb to the family tree too.


Lamby was unperturbed. Little did she know what namesakes had been cooked up in my kitchen. She was simply happy to be bottle fed its own lamb powdered milk.  Seems my daughter has already become its surrogate mum.


With her little stomach sufficiently full she was ready to explore. And I was keen for her to go out before there were any accidents.


She was a bit reluctant to wander down the path but Harry showed her the way.

Okay, now where?


Harry seems smitten with Lamby and they enjoyed some fun on the grass. But then the rain came and so back in we all went.


Back inside, all snug and dry, Lamborghini appears particularly partial to hugs.  And doesn’t seem to mind a bit of technology.


But seems it was all too much. Within minutes she was asleep.

The trials and tribulations of a baby, even the woolly kind.  Tonight my daughter asked me if I had any nappies (diapers).  As if!  I ran out of those a long time ago. There was also talk about her staying permanently.

Lambs are gentle and very social and supposedly can make good pets.  But do I want Miss Lamb to stay?  Let me think about that a minute. She’s cute now, but in a few months she’ll be a big Lamborghini and probably eating all our bushes.


And then there she was, the subject of my post, scrutinizing my words, as I sat blogging and lamb-sitting.

Definitely not what I thought I’d be doing tonight. Life’s full of surprises.

So for now she’s staying.  But once she’s bigger she’s out. We’ve already teed up a home.  If not, she’ll end up on the Barbeque … only kidding!

On the plus side, my grass does need a mow.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful weekend. 

May it be one full of sunshine and surprises and unexpected delights.


Stay safe, enjoy the journey, and don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.



118 thoughts on “Lamb on Friday: A B-a-a-d idea?

        1. No, we have cows. But my FIL was a “real” farmer and had some of everything at one time or another. The goats were the worst at escaping and eating everything in their path. They’d even get on top of cars. 😃

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        2. Oh geez! Well Lamborghini’s proving pretty good at escaping already. This morning we found her out. Life’s not going to be dull around here for awhile!

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  1. So CUTE! I would love to have a baby lamb for a houseguest. Of course, a full-grown sheep is another story, but it’s possible that bonding could occur; it’s amazing what one will do for love! Thank you for a lovely story that brought many smiles on a rainy Seattle afternoon!

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    1. Glad it made you smile Naomi. She’s definitely adorable, now. We’ll see if I still feel the same in a couple of months! 🙂 Hope the rain eases and you have a lovely weekend.

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      1. Thank you, Miriam. So far so good! Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. I have my fingers crossed for better weather, as we are having folks in tomorrow to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire in the backyard!

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    1. Oh you made me laugh. “When Harry met Lamby”, watch out Tom Hanks! And yep, I’ll post some updates down the track. Hope you’re enjoying our wet Melb weekend.


  2. There is nothing cuter than a lamb!!! And yours seems to have an extra dose of cuteness, if that’s possible. But you’re right, in time she will grow into a rather large sheep, which will be a bit harder to take care of.
    When I was young, lamb wasn’t served in our household (don’t ask me why, we certainly ate almost every other kind of meat). So from an early age, when I heard “lamb” I thought of a cute little animal, just like in your photos. So now that I am an adult, whenever I hear “lamb” that’s still what I think of, and why I can’t eat it! Good thing I never saw a baby chick when I was a little kid….

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    1. It’s interesting isn’t it. And now that I think back, we didn’t eat a lot of lamb either. Not sure whether it was too expensive or whether mum grew up with lambs and couldn’t bring herself to eat it. Wish I could ask her but guess I’ll never know. Anyway Lamby’s definitely making her presence felt and we’re enjoying her cuteness now because I have a feeling she’s gonna grow real quick!

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  3. She’s just beautiful!! I think your daughter knew you could not resist. And you have so many animals!! Almost a farm’s worth– so she should fit right in. Thanks bunches for sharing her sweet face– giving us all a little moe joy in our day! xo

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    1. Yes we’ve already got a home (farm) teed up for her when she gets older. Not that my daughter will want to see her go. I’m sure she’d love to have her in the back yard permanently!

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  4. Oh my, she’s gorgeous! And you’ve made me all nostalgic. My mum was a kindergarten teacher and she used to get orphan lambs from a farm and we would raise them until they could go back (the kinder kids loved it). I used to put them on a lead and walk them around the block. Got a few looks from passing drivers!

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    1. I bet you did! 🙂 As I’m writing this Lamborghini has just come back from her first camping weekend with my daughter. She’s wearing a coat and is on a lead and seems to be so happy. Oh my, if she could only stay this small! 🙂

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  5. I honestly don’t think I can take all the cuteness. I couldn’t concentrate on your words…having to re-read each sections…because of ALL the cuteness! ❤
    Harry's face in that one pic looks like he's saying 'Mum…look at all the cuteness!!' 😉

    Seriously though…how can you possibly be getting anything done around there? ❤

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    1. I’m not, at least when she’s here I’m not! My daughter actually took her away camping last night! 🙂 She now has a lead, a coat and she follows my daughter round adoringly. And it’s only day 3 of having her! Tomorrow she’s off to school. Crazy days ahead I think 🙂


  6. How absolutely adorable ! She’s cute, cute, cute. Now you can never eat lamb again. 🙂 Agreed – if she gets bigger, out she goes. They aren’t quite as cute anyway and start to get smelly. Love the Rambo blanket you have her in.

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  7. Oh Miriam – I remember that episode of my life so well. Multiple times of trying to keep a baby lamb alive, the mess in the laundry, the getting up at all hours to feed them, the gorgeous big eyes looking at me…….it was fun!

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  8. Wow! She’s so cute, Miriam 🙂 I would love to have one, too. But, as you said, I really don’t know what will happen when she will grow up. I think you have to enjoy the moment. Then, I am sure you will take the right decision.
    Be well, dear Miriam ❤


    1. Not sure why, but she rejected feeding her. Hope you enjoy your dinner on Saturday. Must admit I’ve always been partial to a bit of roast lamb … until now!


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