Travel Theme: Indoors (looking out)

It’s a cold winter here in my part of the world which, for many people, means staying home and indoors. But I have to admit it’s never stopped us from camping.  Maybe that’s because we now have a camper where we’re protected from the elements, with a comfy mattress inside, a heater and plentiful food and wine.  Call me a wimp but I still like my creature comforts.

It wasn’t always like that though. Even in a tent, looking out from the indoors is beautiful.

At Menindi (800x600)

Here I am on the banks of Copi Hollow preparing dinner, where the water views and starry skies surpassed those of the best restaurants we’ve eaten in.

Woolshed (800x600)

Not far away, inside the historic Kinchega woolshed at Menindi, is a fascinating glimpse into Australia’s pastoral era.  Light from outside fills the interior where thousands of sheep were shorn.

Inside the hut at Mt Cole (800x600)

Sometimes when we’re trekking and the weather turns nasty there’s nothing better than discovering a bush hut in the mountains. Especially when a fire is already lit. One of those unexpected surprises that makes you grateful for the basic things in life.

Inside Razorback Hut (800x600)

That’s the joy of camping.  Appreciating the simple things and getting back to basics. Like Razorback Hut in the Victorian High Country, one of many huts set up for campers and hikers who need a respite from the elements.

Looking out from Craigs Hut (800x600)

Not far away is Craig’s Hut, where The Man from Snowy River was filmed – from indoors on the verandah the views of the mountains calm the mind and sooth the soul.

calm and serene

From a hut to a tee pee the indoors often blends perfectly with the outside world.

Inside the teepee at Mitta Mitta (800x600)

Like this unique place in Mitta Mitta we enjoyed with my in-laws.  Individual tee pees and a back to nature ambience made it multi-generational easy camping at its best.

Inside the dining area at Mitta Mitta (800x600)

It was relaxing to sit in the indoor outdoor dining/lounge area which looked out onto ornate gardens and hills. Looking outside from the comfort of inside.

I love being outside in nature, it always makes me feel connected to the world. Yet I also relish the warmth and comfort of being indoors.

Broken Hill 1 (800x600)

Inside this hotel in Broken Hill, where the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert was filmed, the gorgeous painted scenery on the walls brought the outside world indoors.

Life is about balance and there’s plenty of beauty to be found everywhere.

Looking out at trees (800x600)

Inside and outside, it’s all in our perspective.


May we all wake up to the possibilities that lie within us.

Dream big, travel your days with passion and live simply for today. Whether you’re indoors or out.

Keep enjoying the journey.

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70 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Indoors (looking out)

  1. You are certainly not a wimp! I have been camping once in my life. And that was more than enough for me. 🙂 I’m an indoor cat. I want The Ritz. And room service. And a sexy massage therapist. You do make your camping trips look incredibly beautiful, though!

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  2. Beautiful photos and memories shared, as always! Your posts always warm my heart – I went for a lovely stroll this morning and caught the sunshine before the grey clouds appeared! I love nature too – I need to find more local walks and venture further afield as I’m currently just heading to the local park and back, which is lovely – but I’d like to be further away from the traffic xx

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    1. Thanks Hayley. Sometimes just a short drive in the car can lead us to some nice new walks. Makes it easy too if the weather changes and it starts to rain. Enjoy the rest of your day. xo

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    1. Funny you should say that Carol. My husband’s been talking about one for the camper for awhile now. Up till now I’ve resisted but I’m starting to warm to the idea … 🙂

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  3. Great post Miriam. There is something that quiets your soul in the Australian bush. When we’re camping, looking out into the eucalyptus trees and hearing the call of the birds and clicking of the crickets, it makes me feel very small. That picture of the trees is wonderful, takes me right back to our last trip.

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  4. What a fun way to camp! As someone who loves nature but also appreciates the creature comforts, those tepees looked quite tempting. I think I’d like a good camper as well. One day, I’m going to talk my husband into renting a little cabin in the mountains for vacation. I think it sounds wonderful, but he’s not as enthusiastic. I’ll work on him, though!

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  5. Great post, great subject, Miriam. But the first photo?… The first photo is tremendous. The night, the light of your tent and the scenery behind are… I have no words.
    xoxo ❤

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    1. Aw Richard, that’s so kind of you to say, thank you. And what a great idea, I’ve been meaning to do the same. Trust me when I say, yours will be way up towards the top as well!

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  6. Loved this post, Miriam. Especially because Basil and I love camping. 🙂 It’s great that you so many opportunities to get back to nature and experience the simple life. I’ve found such experiences to be calming and peaceful. They equal 100 meditation sessions. 🙂 We’re hoping we get to find camping spots (other than the Han River) here.

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