I love this post. It touches on all that I try and focus on in my life – being open to happiness, being mindful of the small things and making the most of everything we have. Hop on over to her blog, you’ll find lots to love there …



May you notice when you are happy.

May it be a golden place in the center of your chest.

May it turn up the corners of your mouth without your permission.

May a laugh escape before you can hold it back.

May you be the blue sky.

– Kate Bartolotta

I saw this quote up on Project Happiness, and it really struck a cord with me. It got me thinking…Life is not this big solid moment, it is made up of all these little moments, all tied together. Some of these moments are filled with love and joy and happiness and others are filled with grief, sadness or fear. We tend to focus so much on those moments that cause us even the smallest level of discomfort (like getting all the red lights on our way to work) and yet when it comes to the small things that bring us…

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