A Kinder Growing Energy

As my own personal Mindful in May mission draws to a close I reflect on  Week 3 of the Kindness Challenge – Focus our Energy and how incredibly powerful our thoughts are in everyday life.  How they affect everything we do and everyone around us.  What we put out comes back and what we focus on grows, there’s little doubt.


Sometimes I think about a person and within a day they’ll ring.

I’ll declutter a cupboard, purge old papers, clear out and work through old memories and suddenly unexpected opportunities open up.

I’ll write in my journal, visualise in my mind and signs appear around me.

But more than anything I found it’s in my attitude, the words that I speak and the actions that follow that have the most impact.

Mother Theresa quote

About a week ago I had a dream about a dear old friend of mine, my best friend actually, who died when she was just 19.  Over the past 30 years I’ve kept in touch with her mum.  When I moved to Melbourne we sent cards to each other and kept the friendship alive.  She would ring me every now and then.

I decided this week, after my dream, it was time I rang her.  She was so happy to hear from me.  We reminisced about all the years that have passed.  I told her I felt as though I’ve lived a lifetime that her daughter didn’t have a chance to.  It made me feel sad yet also so incredibly blessed and thankful.

I tried to be more patient with my kids. My son is studying for exams at the moment and he’s so stressed.  I’m here for him, not just physically with hugs and affection, but trying to focus on bolstering his mood, calming his nerves, being supportive and helping him get things into perspective.  I hope it’s helping.


Mindful kinder energy.  I tried to be more conscious of it this week even though I didn’t get out very much.  And even though there were times when I felt like I was losing it I kept refocusing my energy on positive thoughts.

I baked a cake for my family.  And shared the recipe on my blog!

I spent more time with my sister, reconnecting.  Lots of hugs and tears shared as we recounted the past year of mum’s difficult journey, one which still continues.  Crying, sharing and caring.

Kindness.  It’s in everything that we do, touch and feel. It comes from within and starts with being kind to ourselves.  And then reaching out.

the heart is like a garden

If we all do our part the seeds will get bigger and kindness will sprout in all directions.

I wish you all a kind and mindful week ahead as we continue the journey.

59 thoughts on “A Kinder Growing Energy

  1. Very well put together Miriam….I soooo got the reference to exams…because, well, no need to give you three guesses why as my eldest is also mid exams too…radiating stress lol

    Very poignant too on the nostalgic memories and phoning your friend…very thoughtful that.

    Have a great rest of weekend 😊

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      1. Intend to and thanks Miriam…mind you half term next week here before the melee begins again. Then it’s like…you finished school…how… when did that happen…no…where’s my toddler gone?? Catastrophise about aging 👻

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        1. I still have that ragged photo in my wallet of the two boys side by side before school even started…time and relativity…I keep going back to that concept…it’s not very mindful is it 🤔

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  2. Miriam, I can feel the softening in your energy in this post. Yes, spikes and spines do from time to time grow. Being gentle with ourselves when they do, helps us to keep the focus more clear on the kindness of our truth. Great work! I understand the movement through memories in clearing out: life over the past few weeks…almost overwhelming. ❤️🌹☀️

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    1. I agree Tiffany, sometimes the focus shifts and it’s harder to move forward. Hugs as we both keep reminding ourselves to be kind and gentle to ourselves … take care. xo

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  3. I’m finding the more I release myself from the bonds of my past, the easier and more natural it is for me to also relate to others as well.

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  4. I have had a challenging few days and it’s noticeable how easy it is to start seeing the world in shades of grey, becoming reactive, irritable.
    A stranger stopped me in a carpark this afternoon and offered me his parking ticket – it took only this tiny gesture of consideration to bring a smile to my lips and break the cycle of gloom.
    Thanks for the reminder Miriam.

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    1. That’s so nice Hannah, isn’t it amazing how a simple gesture can mean so much. I actually found $40 yesterday behind a car in the shopping car park and when I knocked on the window of the car to ask the lady inside if it was hers, she was so grateful.
      I hope things pick up you Hannah and the coming week is a better one. Take care.

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  5. I often wonder why it’s so easy to dwell on the bad, stressful things yet so difficult to focus on the happy, joyful things. Since I was about 14 years old, that has been a huge struggle for me. And it’s been quite a few years since 14…! I admire your efforts and success. Having to start by being kind to myself puts up a huge wall to climb over before I can work on anything/anyone else! And sorry for always being such a downer. Even when I’m smiling and content, this is in my head…

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    1. It’s hard to change when we’ve grown up thinking that. I have so many moments of doubt and insecurity myself but I try and remind myself that nothing good comes from keeping myself in a place of gloom. Sometimes it works, other times I wallow. For me it’s changing something, sometimes just getting outside, going for a work, putting on music, eating chocolate! 🙂 Hang in there Sandra, you’re not alone …

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  6. I think it’s so easy to forget how much our attitude effects (affects?) our lives, and also so easy to underestimate the power of kindness. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been having a bad day, lost in my own negative thoughts, and then just one person shows me just one act of kindness or understanding, no matter how small, and my mood instantly improves. Which reminds me that I need to be sure I do that for other people as well. You nailed this one, Miriam! (And I hope your son does well on his exams!)

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  7. What a beautiful post Miriam. Such heartfelt moments! I’m so happy for where your journey is taking you! How wonderful for you to keep in touch with your friend’s mother after all of those years. I’m so glad this challenge could compliment your personal intentions so well! Every time I read one of your reflections it just makes me smile! I especially loved the Mother Teresa quote 🙂 Can’t wait to see what this week has in store for you! ❤

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  8. Decluttering the inner self to create more space to be kinder is never a bad thing. I love the Earhart quote and it’s something I try to practice daily in my life. Even when we fall short, we can always try to sow more seeds of kindness tomorrow. Another beautiful post, Miriam!

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