Daredevils and Watery Silhouettes

I’m not as much of a dare devil as I used to be.   I’ve been white water rafting, gone on the craziest theme park rides, cycled and trekked through mountains and explored so many amazing places but I’ll admit, in recent years I’ve become a bit of a scaredy cat.

Maybe it’s age.  Or is it maturity, parenthood and the knowledge that I’m responsible for others that’s made me cautious.  Mind you, I still enjoy new adventures and getting out of my comfort zone and I love being out on the water but some things I’ll leave to the pros.

20151227_205351 (800x600)

I remember trying to water ski many years ago when I first met my to-be husband (I couldn’t even swim back then) and realising pretty quickly that I wasn’t a natural.

But this guy was.  I took these photos at Lake Bonney in Barmera a couple of years ago.  The sunset was spectacular. And the memories are still vivid.

P1140311 (800x600)

I remember walking to the end of the pier and being so in the moment.  It was such a peaceful night.  Then over the horizon a speed boat and water skier appeared on the lake.

Water skiing at Barmera

Strangely it didn’t break the tranquility, it added an element of magic.  It was one of those moments when I was happy just to be an observer.

Water skiing in Lake Bonney at Barmera

I was mesmorised, watching him skim the waters.  Effortlessly gliding across as though he was one with the water.  The scene became silhouetted and almost surreal. One of those magical moments when color, water, movement and light all blended into one.

Falling down but getting back up

He eventually came down, but just as quickly he was up and on his feet again.  It reminded me of how resilient we can be when we fall.  How, with the right attitude we can be on our feet again in no time.  Balanced and moving forward.

P1140308 (800x600)

As time passed, the light changed and intensified and he continued to skirt across the water.  I was happy to watch, thankful for the beauty surrounding me, the silhouettes of the night and the chance to witness the day end in such a magical place.

Falling down and going under but coming back up

As I continue to be mindful in May I’m reminded of how simple things can be so uplifting and how the ordinary moments can become extraordinary, depending on how we look at them.

This is in response to Frank’s photography challenge, over at Dutch goes the Photo  a wonderful opportunity to get creative.  His theme this week is Silhouette.

Wishing you all balance, light and love as you go about today.


97 thoughts on “Daredevils and Watery Silhouettes

  1. These pictures are so beautiful! I used to be a bit more daring when I was younger. I think having children does change us a bit in that respect. But… I have ALWAYS wanted to try water skiing! I would still try it today if given the opportunity. (But that’s highly unlikely!)

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  2. Wow! Gorgeous twilight and sunset shots of the water skier on the lake. Like you I am not much of a daredevil anymore. I get vertigo now when I climb somewhere high. I can water ski however. I learnt when I was very young. 🙂

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  3. Miriam, I was just like you…I tried to waterski once…not knowing how to swim…well let’s just say it didn’t turn out well. I almost drown, not sure why I would even try it without knowing how to swim. I finally learned how to swim about 5 years ago. I find that now I am willing to put myself out there more. We never know when our time is up, so I try to be adventurous and do things I never have before. Excellent post. Love and hugs to you!

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    1. Hey Susan, yeah, I decided to learn how to swim not long after I met my man. He was into scuba diving and all things water so I figured if I was going to stay with him I’d better at least learn how to swim. Which I did. Still couldn’t water ski though! But at least I could snorkel with him on my honeymoon in the Maldives. That was pretty cool.
      You nearly drowned hey? Yikes.
      Love your attitude now though. Hugs back xo

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  4. I love how the blue and orange mix together in the water giving it a striped look. The one tree in the background that is just a little taller than the rest is fascinating. Great shots, and great reply to the challenge.


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  5. Stunning pictures!

    I agree, we seem to take fewer chances as we get older – I suspect it has something to do with being a parent, lol. How can we tell our kids to be careful if we’re not?

    Watching someone who is good at what they’re doing is like watching a beautiful dance. And then they sprinkle magic dust on you, making you think you can do it too. 🙂

    I can feel the balmy air from your pictures. 🙂

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  6. Love the photos. Like you I remember spending several hours trying to stand up on waters skis on a Canadian lake. Sadly I spent more time IN the water than on it…and have never tried again! BTW: that was 40 years ago this year.

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  7. I don’t think of myself as getting older, but rather growing into maturity 😉 ….I was also a dare devil in my younger days, half of the stuff I did back then I think would now make my tummy roll. LOL! LOL!
    I really love these lines :”As I continue to be mindful in May I’m reminded of how simple things can be so uplifting and how the ordinary moments can become extraordinary, depending on how we look at them.”

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  8. The photographs are really artistic work by Nature, Skier and you ;). I loved them.
    Playing in and with water, gives a strange feeling of POWER. I feel that way. I don’t know how to swim! But being even inside the pool or anything like that…I always yearn to learn it. Let’s just hope this summer I become a hydrophilic!

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  9. Watching our grandchildren play I’m reminded every day to enjoy the moment, find pleasure and joy in simple things, and to breathe and be. Your post and photos did that same thing for me today. Here’s to sunsets, daredevils, and enjoying what can be found around us every day if we look for it.

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  10. You make being older look sexy and spontaneous!! Young kids who say that older people don’t know how to have fun and adventures, look at your blog and then at themselves!! Loved this one Miriam… wonderful adventures you have.

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  11. Oh my God. This is so ironically funny. I have had a draft post planned in my mind for while now. Entitled “Confessions of a scaredy-cat” I have had some amazing reactions to my story from a) complete strangers recently- two largish groups of women who I by accident I spoke to about my blog ( bit of a long story there), b) people who know me on one level but not another and c) people who have known me for along time and know I can be so anXious about doing stuff. ( I can tell you a funny story about a woman in group b – she’ll be in the blog post) Yes that same scaredy cat went to Base Camp. I was **** scared on both ocassions. Not trying to steal your thunder here but flag that I have that post in draft detailing some of the above. BUT the point is for you scaredy cats can do stuff. Believe me. So don’t let the loss of confidence stop you. All it takes is that the decision to do it and then the first step and then everything else is history.

    Anyway – I know exactly what you mean about the scaredy cat stuff – just decide what the heck – and do it. Signed A Scaredy Cat

    PS I like these photos and I have a photography course for you. (not me personally)

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    1. Well that is pretty funny Louise. I do agree that if you really want to do something, then you should just do it. It does come down to confidence but I’ve found that being a mum and changing my focus for so many years has dimmed mine a bit, at least in the case of extreme adventures. But kudos to those who can do it. And hey, who knows down the track I might take up something radical again!
      In the meantime I forward to reading your post Louise and also finding out a bit more about the photography course you’re talking about. Cheers. 🙂


  12. Your words reinforce the colorful settings of your experiences. You’ve had some great times. Where does our adventurous spirit go? Why does it disappear. Mine began to fade when my son left home. When he was growing up and all through college, I planned exciting vacations and outings–hiking the Northwest, kayaking Central America, and white water rafting Washington rivers–for us to share. This is a great reminder that exciting exploits and vacations can continue throughout all phases of my life.

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    1. Sounds like we both need to start planning some more outdoor activities to get the adrenalin pumping again. I think I can feel another camping trip coming on! Thanks for your great comment. Cheers.

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      1. I’ve been reading through the comments on this thread and you have a lovely set of friends. I am quite in awe of how supportive they are of you. On fact, I’m quite in awe of you too. You seem to be living the life of an adventurer and a poet all I’m one.

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        1. What can I say to that Robert except that I’m so glad you’re one of my friends too! And cheers to more adventures and poetry. We can never have enough. 🙂 ♥

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        2. All true and beautiful things live hand in hand with friendship.
          I was trying for profound but I found something that you might find inside a schmaltzy birthday card. Hey, that’s life – better luck next time, Robert.
          Hi Miri – I’m over here on the corner, talking to myself again. Is it bedtime yet? 🙂

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  13. The two I like best are your silhouette (the first picture) and the picture of the skier after he falls off, because of the oranges and greens in the water. Beautiful pictures.

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  14. Stunning photography Miriam!! I’ve never been much of a daredevil … but … I have always LOVED that question about what I would dare to do if I could not fail. Prior to your blog, I had only thought about that in terms of career opportunities/passions etc … BUT … I am going to have to give some thought to the ‘dare-devilish’ things that I could enjoy if I knew I could not fail. Hmmmm …maybe I would try waterskiing too. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your kind words on my post Karen, glad it made you think! Sometimes I wonder whether I could be more adventurous now, I feel like in some ways I’d love to take more chances now that my kid are growing up. Who knows what the future holds and what opportunities await … 🙂

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  15. Those pictures are simply stunning Miriam 😮 Woaah. I have not done waterskiing either but when we were in Maldives, we tried something similar. Instead of a single waterskii, the speed boat had option for two people to lye on a rubber surface and go around the water 😀 It was funn and half of the time we were almost in the ocean 😀 In the end, I even bruised my arms and legs since they kept hitting the rubber surface but it was fun and I was so glad we tried that 🙂

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