Fortunes and Flashbacks

Today it’s Friday the 13th.  Not that I’m superstitious. Far from it.  I have no problems walking under ladders and I grew up with black cats, as I recently told fellow blogger Sharon at A Mommas View, whose fascinating post on Friday 13th inspired me to write this one.  Actually I’ve often considered myself particularly blessed and, dare I say, even lucky.

Like when I won a competition to Tuscany 13 years ago.  It was a random chance competition, sending in bar codes for a bread mix that we used regularly and I’ll never forget the telephone call.   I almost fainted in shock.  Airfares, accommodation in a Tuscan Villa, cooking classes for two, olive oil tasting, all food and wine, the works.  It was so unexpected and it became like a second honeymoon for Hubbs and I.

We extended our prize trip so that he could meet my Italian relatives in the Veneto region afterwards.  My wonderful mum and sister moved into our home to look after our kids while we were away so we knew they were in good hands.  We were so blessed and, despite missing them enormously, had the trip of a lifetime.



So Friday the 13th holds no superstitions for me.  And today, years later, I still feel incredibly lucky.  My two darlings, despite being without us for 17 days when we left them (how I worried at the time!) survived and have grown up to be well-adjusted, responsible kids.  I have a wonderful marriage, a nice home and an ordinary but blessed life.

May the winds of fortune smile on you this Friday the 13th … and always.  May you all feel lucky in love, life and good fortune.

Stay well and keep enjoying the journey.

68 thoughts on “Fortunes and Flashbacks

    1. Really, that’s awesome. I’ve visited my parents homeland a number of times now and just love it. Are you still there now or have you moved?


  1. What a beautiful post Miriam! I love it every time you bring up this trip. I can tell how dear it is to you and how much you treasure it! I love how you ended the post, absolutely beautiful. May those winds continue to blow on you my lovely friend!

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      1. That happens sometimes. Don’t you just love the feeling that floods over you when you think about such beautiful memories? That smile that comes to your face and that warmth within? Ahhh I feel nostalgic just thinking about that feeling 🙂

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        1. I know and I’ve been having a fair bit of those nice thoughts lately. Maybe it’s your Self-Kindness week that’s triggered it! And if that’s the case, thank you! xo

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        2. I’d love to take the credit but you were on the journey that lead to this path before you found out about my challenge. I’m glad if it contributed in any way but you had to participate in order for it to benefit. You are on an amazing journey and I’m enjoying watching how it unfolds!

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  2. Many people are afraid of number 13. I tell you interesting thing. Here we have a city called ‘Chandigarh’ which is a very well planned place in northern India divided into many sectors. I was amazed to see there’s no sector 13. after 12 comes 14. So I was forced to do some thinking
    and you know I realized …the first letter of my name is 13th in alphabets!

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  3. What a wonderful post! I’m so jealous! Your trip — that is a dream destination for me. But I’d probably take the whole family so I never have to come back. 🙂 Let’s hope some good fortune and good luck comes my way. Oh, I’m a magnet for luck already… the bad kind!

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  4. I personally AWAIT Friday the 13ths (13 is also my favourite number, along with 7). They’re actually always lucky for me, whether it’s little things like a friend buying me some cheesecake (cheesecake is life.) or bigger things like winning a spell bee! I love your recount, you got so lucky! I wish something similar would happen to me ahah.
    A great read 🙂

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  5. Such heartwarming memories and sentiments:) Everyday is truly what we make of it. Therefore, let’s consider ourselves lucky and blessed for each morning we wake up to another day!

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  6. I’m quite foolish with ladders, but I tend to forget about black cats. Mam was superstitious and I suppose a bit of it rubs off. 🙂 Didn’t know you had Italian family. What a fab thing to happen. 🙂
    Happy weekend, Miriam!

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  7. Are you kidding me? 😉 That is one heck of a contest to win. The pictures…stunning as always. (Love the last one with the cat.) I’m not superstitious about things like black cats or ladders, but I’m a little freaky with the ‘what you put out you get back.’ 😉

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      1. One time I got a package in the mail that I should not have gotten. I called the company and basically said…Look I did not pay for this and i don’t take things I didn’t pay for. I believe in Karma and if I take this 10 dollar item my husband will get a flat tire on his way home or something like that. I’ll pay for it and then some, in some way. She thought it was hilarious…told me to the keep the item because I was a great customer and to rest assured there was no bad Karma and my husband would not get a flat. 😉 It was funny and all..but i was serious. 🙂

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        1. Oh that is funny but I know what you mean, I probably would have done the same thing. Still, goes to show that honesty is the best policy and in this case, it actually paid off cos you got to keep the item, with no regrets or guilty thoughts! 🙂


  8. What a marvelous trip. I’m not terribly supersticious either. I think whether or not something is good or bad is determined by your frame of mind. For example one could have a flat tire on the way to work and be thought of as a bad thing. Then later after it’s fixed find out that there was a multiple car pile up at your exit. Had you not had the tire blow you would have been involved in the wreck. the flat tire becomes a good thing.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m strongly of the opinion that things generally happen for a reason, even if we can’t see what it is at the time. Sometimes we miss it though, though I’m trying these days to be more mindful.

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  9. Oh how exciting that must have been! What a wonderful prize! And how nice that you got to visit with relatives, too!

    That is an epic memory, Miriam, and I’m so happy you had that opportunity. Lucky indeed!


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