Green in Nature

Shifting the focus from Pink to Green.  With not a color in between!

In my last post I took you to my special place in the Pink Lakes, this time I want to transport you a bit closer to my home.  Where, at the moment,  with all the rain that’s fallen, it’s lush and green.

I love a photo challenge so when I saw this week’s Tuesday’s Photo Challenge hosted by Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo I couldn’t resist.  The theme this week is all things green.  Go check him out, he’s a great photographer.

Shifting the focus to green is not hard for me as I’ve always felt at one with nature.

Looking around (600x800)

Here I am looking upwards.  Appreciating the green beauty up above.


IMG_0794 (800x600)

And down below as well.  Here’s the green looking down onto my back yard.


And here’s the green at my feet today.  The grass needs a mow though I’m sure our guinea pigs would love being let loose here.  It’d be like a jungle for them!

Quote frog

This month I’m trying to be more mindful and kinder to myself.  So when I saw this quote I couldn’t resist using it to finish this post.

Although this isn’t my own photo it fits the theme and echoes my thoughts perfectly.

As we strive to be more mindful in May let’s keep enjoying the journey.

104 thoughts on “Green in Nature

      1. Hey I have made a video featuring NY dad. Its in Hindi,you won’t understand that much,but still, it would be great if you have a glance at it. It’s my first attempt. Visit my blog and at the top there’s the video.

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  1. Great, wow, beautiful and other words cant explain my feelings. Seeing these pictures and reading your post fill my heart with pleasure. I especially like the effect of sunlight in second pic (:

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  2. Now that my eyes are were starting to feel tired, your green treat soothed’em. The ending is perfect-Frog with what an attitude and wonderful message!

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      1. I forgot to mention that I am being benefited twofold…One I told above and second…you are showing me the unseen. Yes I am visiting a place far far…through your eyes. Thank you so much.

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  3. Green is my fav color, because it is the color of Nature! You captured some really great greenery around your home! I so much loved pausing and admiring each of the pics ! 🙂

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  4. Beautiful post, Miriam. The picture taken from the ground looking into the trees with the sun streaming through is absolutely stunning! Sending you vibrant thoughts for a peaceful, mindful, kind day ahead of you.

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  5. Oh my gosh, that shot looking up through the ferns – I can’t explain what it does for me, but I know I have to save it. *dreamysigh*

    Those are some wonderful shades of green! So verdant!


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  6. Lovely to see all that greenery! Our climate is semi-arid, so it is green for about 15 minutes in spring, and then it goes brown (or golden brown if you are feeling generous!) Mind you, it snowed today…

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    1. Amazing isn’t it? Here the sun is shining so brightly today it’s just beautiful after our recent gray days. I love the snow but I think I like the warmth more! 🙂


  7. Wow! I really loved these shots Miriam! When you embrace nature, you think of green and these images got me to have that feeling.
    Even though i wasnt there but i felt i was embracing nature, being part of it. With you.
    Beautiful Photos dear friend. – Cezane

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  8. Oh Miriam I completely love your photos! I’m a tree lover, so the pics of the trees (and the perspective you used) really moved me. So many blessings to you…hope your weekend was wonderful. ps – where did you get that frog quote???

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    1. Thanks Debbie, I had a lovely weekend and am looking forward to the week ahead. Hope you have a great one too. BTW I just found that frog quote on the internet. It’s great isn’t it? 🙂

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  9. I imagine myself walking around those lustrous green fields and I can’t help but wonder how beautiful it must be… Specially those hills. ❤ green places. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with me.

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