A Sensory Journey through the Pink Lakes

Have you ever visited a place that invokes all your senses?  Where, as soon as you arrive, you feel instantly at one with nature?

One of my all time favorite camping spots, about six hours north of Melbourne, is the aptly named Pink Lakes in the Murray Sunset National Park.   It’s one of those magical places that makes you feel as though you’ve left the craziness of the world behind.  It’s remote, has a wild isolation about it and yet it’s also really accessible.

mungo and pink lakes 252 - Copy (800x600)
Here we are exploring the pristine landscape

At a time when I’m trying to be more mindful it’s a place that reminds me to awaken to all my senses.

Today my dear blogger friend, Jessica from Unmeasured Journeys inspired me with her latest post about listening to the wind and feeling with all of our senses in nature.  So let me take you on my own sensory journey into the heart of the Pink Lakes.

What we saw

mungo and pink lakes 266
A surreal lake of salt with fragments scattered throughout.
mungo and pink lakes 318 - Copy (800x600)
The amazing color of the water (caused by the red pigment carotene) changed depending on the color of the sky above.
mungo and pink lakes 313 (800x600)
A carpet of wildflowers blanketed the ground near our campsite
Pink Lakes landscape (800x600)
It felt as though we were surrounded by an oasis of vibrant colors.

What we felt

mungo and pink lakes 262
The crunch of salt beneath our feet.
mungo and pink lakes 258 - Copy
And between our finger tips.  The kids had a ball collecting tubs of rock salt that they used to make damper.

What we tasted

mungo and pink lakes 334 - Copy (800x600)
Good wholesome food cooked over the coals in a wild landscape.

What we heard

mungo and pink lakes 300
Lovebirds.  These two were perched in a nearby tree the entire time we were there waking us up each day with their birdsong.

What we could smell

mungo and pink lakes 251 - Copy (800x600)
The softness of nature, all around us.

mungo and pink lakes 253 (800x600)

mungo and pink lakes 305 (800x600)
Contentment.  In the ordinary moments of just being.

Where ever you are I hope you can open up all of your senses to enjoy every moment.

To feel, hear, smell, touch and see every ounce of beauty that surrounds you.  Whether it’s in the extraordinary or the ordinary moments of life.

Keep enjoying the journey with the ones you love.  And with yourself.

89 thoughts on “A Sensory Journey through the Pink Lakes

  1. This is exactly what I meant about being mindful. It works❤️💜❤️ Thank you for sharing my story. Who knew that the wind would cross the ocean and make a connection between friends? Love that.

    Pink Lakes look amazing. I want to go! 💜

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  2. What a lovely post Miriam and thank you for the warm wishes.. indeed you can never go wrong while being close to nature. I love your photos..a pink lake!!! and those pink flowers..seems like you really had a wonderful time.

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  3. That place so so gorgeous! I have to go there!

    What an awesome photo essay – I love how you included the sensory perceptions, too, that was neat!

    You look happy. 🙂 Wish I could go camping with you! *hugs* ❤

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  4. WOW! How *amazing*!!! I love pink! I also love lakes, flowers, and delving into all of my senses. Thank you for sharing this experience.

    I was thinking of you today and of the kindness challenge. I’ve been reading a book called “Mindfulness Based Self-Compassion.” The author also has a website with guided mindfulness-self-compassion meditations that anyone can listen to, even without the book. Maybe you’d find it interesting. http://www.mindfulselfcompassion.org
    I’ve been trying to use more of the meditations as part of my kindness to myself this week. Wishing you well! ❤️ ~ Lulu

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    1. They’re a different Pink Lake (but also beautiful). These are closer to Mildura and Ouyen, actually Underbool is the closest town to them. They’re part of the Murray Sunset National Park.

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  5. What an amazing place. I love seeing you in pictures. Your face makes me smile. 🙂 And that last picture..sigh. Me with my short little legs is thinking…how did she get up there?? Love it. ❤

    I feel that way at Nubble Light in York Beach Maine. It's close to wear I grew up. I can close my eyes and almost smell the ocean. It's been years since I've been home and I've been to many other place and there has never been a place that filled me with calm like Nubble Light.

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  6. I just wondered to see the color of lake. Why is it pink? Is that any reflection? Flower’s photos are very nice, just beyond the word.

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      1. Oh! I see. Now, one more Q comes in my mind. How do the carotin pigments come into this lake? It’s a great natural resource. What is the actual name of this lake? Will cultivate about it in Google.


      1. Yes Miriam, thank you 🙂 I know I have not been active lately. Just got caught up in the packing to our trip to NYC. Since we gonna be there for more than a few weeks and have to again come back here after that, its a tough call deciding what to take and what not.Not to mention to pack them in a way to accommodate in our 2 seater 😛

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        1. No need to worry about not being active on WP, sounds like you’ve been very active in other areas of your life. Good luck with all the packing and deciding what to take. I’m sure it’ll all work out. What an adventure! 🙂

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