A Mundane Mindful Monday

We had another arctic blast in Melbourne today.  It was wet and windy with wild gusts that seemed to shake the very core of the earth.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating!  Thankfully I managed to get a load of washing under cover early and the gale force winds mostly dried them.  But when the rain came I had to make a mad frantic dash to get them in.



I think even the birds scurried for cover.  The fierce wind brought down a large  branch from a neighbor’s gum tree.  Inside I battened down the hatches and used the time to catch up on chores.  I booked a couple of appointments for later this week, paid bills on my computer, sorted through paperwork and enjoyed a cup of green tea. All part of my aim to be more mindful and kind to myself at the same time.


But when the rain eased I started thinking of everything outside. So on went the Boggs, up went the brolly and out I went to survey the damage and check on the chickens.


The girls were fine.


Not so the tree.  The branch crashed into our yard and it’s a mess.  But at least the fence is intact. And when the weather’s better we’ll clear it.

In the meantime the rain has rejuvenated our yard. Our grass is lush again, it’s nourished the garden, cleansed the earth and given my zucchinis a boost.  And the tulip bulbs, jonquils and daffodils are poking their heads out of the earth.  Life is thriving.

In response to  The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth


This is also part of the Mundane Monday Challenge #58 a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs.

As I try to make the most of each moment – in my own personal mindful in May challenge – this day seems to be yet another lesson in appreciating all I have, regardless of the storms that are raging outside.

Where ever you are I hope you have a mindful and peaceful Monday.

38 thoughts on “A Mundane Mindful Monday

  1. It’s amazing how quickly the grass responds to the rain isn’t it? We’ve had a lot over the past few days too and it’s been great. Hope all is going well 🙂


  2. funny 2 me to think of it but true U get the arctic blast an so do we in colorado…but U get arctic blasted frum da’ south art an well we get an arctic blasted frum da north..sum syncronycity there huh! but opposite , kinna strange to visualise is all .. across da werld up an er down an around ….. lol 🙂

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      1. trippy point ya have dere my lady 🙂 truly not the same though, is why i wanna visit down under ya know 🙂 a bit different yes indeed if i must say i say , happy mothers day week to ya …….Q


  3. Thank you Miriam! In our topsy turvy world England is experiencing a touch of Summer. Must be because I’m not there. Krakow had a big thunderstorm this evening but my adventures for the day were all over. More reasons to be grateful. Have a happy week x

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  4. Mother Earth always reminds us how she can turn things within a few minutes. We’re have sunny days and dull, rains in quick succession. It’s getting so hard to predict the weather these days. Loved your take on the challenge and how you can make Monday’s seem far from mundane. 🙂

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  5. You are so productive! I’d have been standing on a porch, savoring that storm and taking pictures of it like I’d never seen rain before, in other words, I’d have been doing nothing. You were busy getting stuff done! 🙂

    I’m glad everything and everyone was fine!

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