Combining Mindfulness with Kindness

This month for me is all about being mindful.  But I’ve realised there’s room in my heart for more.  So when I read about Niki’s Kindness Challenge  I knew they went hand in hand.

Since starting my blog last year I’ve received invitations to many challenges and many generous awards.  Some I’ve accepted, many I’ve let linger, not because I wasn’t appreciative or interested (far from it) but because my life has felt overwhelmed and I’ve simply chosen to follow my heart with this blog and do my own thing.

But this challenge feels right for me.  I feel as though I’m evolving on some level.  I sense a change, a shift in my life and direction and both these challenges seem to fit right in.


So for the next month not only am I going to try and be more mindful of each moment – to stay in the present and worry less – but I will also actively try and incorporate kindness.

To seek out opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others, helping someone who needs it, listening more attentively, reaching out, giving my time, paying it forward.

act of kindness

I’m also going to be kinder to myself.  If I’m going to be a better person – the best wife, mother, sister and friend that I can be to others – I first have to be kind and look after myself. This past year’s been hard. And I’ve neglected myself. I’m hoping that will change

I hope that some of you might join me on this challenge. There can never be too much kindness in this world. Let’s start a ripple effect and see what it leads.   Head on over to Niki’s beautiful blog, The Richness of a Simple Life and find out more about the challenge.


Peace, love and light to you all.  Here’s to a kinder month ahead.  May we all inject a bit more kindness into this world so that some of the gray clouds might disappear.






72 thoughts on “Combining Mindfulness with Kindness

  1. What a beautiful post Miriam. I think you’ll find week 1 particularly interesting as we start the challenge with self-kindness. I think all too often we associate kindness with things we do for others, which is part of it, but we have to also be kind to ourselves. I’m looking forward to seeing you grow during this journey. What a great month that lies ahead!

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    1. Thanks Niki. I think as mothers we often put ourselves way down the list when it comes to being kind to ourselves but I’ve realised I’m not much good to anyone if I don’t look after myself. Looking forward to the month ahead. xo

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      1. It’s true, when I think about this topic, it always reminds me of the safety demonstration before a flight. They tell you to ensure your mask is on properly and functioning before securing anyone else’s because you can’t function without yours first… as moms we often tend to everyone else before ourselves.

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  2. I am happy to know you will be worry less, Miriam 🙂
    Yes, first of all and above all you have to care about you, my dear friend. If you want to help others, first you have to help yourself. So, be happy and share your happiness with us, Miriam ❤

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  3. I think there are many Paths that lead to the same place. It’s up to each of us what path to take, and the first step is being open enough to see it.


  4. I love this challenge Miriam! I try so hard to instill kindness as well. I’m amazed by how a simple compliment to a stranger makes a huge difference on both involved. You and are sound so alike. I wish we were closer as I know we would enjoy each other’s company. So through your words on this blog we will instill kindness and gratitude for each other!

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    1. What a beautiful comment Nicole. Yes, I agree, we do sound very similar. I love how your posts always resonate with kindness and inspiration, whether for people and/or nature. Look forward to more of that as the months unfold and we get to know each other even more. xo

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      1. I don’t know how it is for others, but part of it for me is feeling guilty when I do things for me — Feeling like I should be doing things for my family instead. I think my brain thinks doing things for myself is selfish!

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        1. Tell your brain to stop it then! We have to be nicer to ourselves. I’m a fine one to talk but I’m really determined this month to try and shift the focus a bit … here’s hoping.

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  5. We often forget to not only ‘sprinkle’ kindness to those around us, but also give kindness to ourselves. Thanks for the beautiful and heartfelt post. I’m happy for you and your endeavor of kindness.

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  6. Miriam, such a serene post, beautifully written. Thank you for the reminder – I try to be kind to others always however, in the midst of a lot of difficulties, I realise I’m forgetting to be good to myself, letting worry eat away at me. This made me pause, re-eavluate. To mindfulness and kindness to all, including oneself. Warmest wishes.

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    1. Hi Annika, I think we’re all a bit guilty of neglecting ourselves, easy enough to do in our busy world. I wish you a peaceful month ahead with a few less worries. Thanks for your lovely comment. xo

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  7. What a great idea! I think kindness is so important, yet at the same time, so under-rated. Thanks for encouraging us to remember to be as kind as we possibly can, to both ourselves and others!

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  8. Miriam, what a beautiful and kindhearted intention! I am wishing you so much success! I am praying that you grow in peace, love, joy, and gratitude. The kindness that we show to ourselves and to others will return to us. I already feel like the simple act of your sharing your goal and your intention is enriching the lives of others (like me, for example). Thank you! I’m thinking of you as the journey continues.

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    1. Thanks Lulu, I’m also of the belief that what goes around comes around. And if we show kindness to others, let alone ourselves, it will have a far widening reach. Hope you’re well Lulu and being kind to yourself. xo

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      1. I agree. I’m trying to be kind to myself, and I’m also participating in the kindness challenge. In my imagination, I can picture little pools of kindness spreading quietly away from each person. Maybe with enough people, we can cover the whole world in kindness. ❤

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  9. Kind to yourself, yes!

    Start by putting your right hand on your left shoulder, then put your left hand on your right shoulder, and squeeze. That’s a hug! It’s from me, and it’s from you, too. 😀

    *hugs* ❤

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  10. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been working on kindness a lot these past few months, including self kindness which is something I haven’t always given myself. I would like to try the kindness myself and believe it is so sorely needed especially in recent events and kindness on small levels ripples out into something much bigger.

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    1. Hi, yes I know, self-kindness is sometimes the hardest sort to practice but it’s worth it. And you’re right, the better we treat ourselves the more kindness will ripple out to others. Thanks for your comment. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

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