Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract in Nature

When driving through our country roads I’m often leaning out the window, snapping photos.  Many get blurred and skewed depending on how fast hubby is going. But everywhere we go nature never ceases to amaze me with her ever changing faces and moods.  In it simplest form it provides inspiring examples of abstract beauty.

Abstract1 (800x600)

Can you pick my son in the water building a dam wall out of rocks?  I love the way the light makes the reflections and ripples appear so abstract.  Sitting on the side of the river watching it feels almost like a meditation.

Abstract3 (600x800)

Then there’s the way the water cascades down the rocks of a waterfall. Blended in with the ferns and fronds we feel almost lost in the blur of the moment.

Abstract2 (800x600)

In the thick of the Barmah forest these wild brumbies scramble and won’t let us get too close.  They gallop at high speed and their flight makes the scene feel surreal.

Abstract7 (800x600)

Deep in the heart of the Australian bush there are many scenes that make me blink and look twice.  Stopping to photograph an abandoned hut I fumble and end up capturing little more than the ground and gnarly tree trunks.

Abstract5 (800x600)

Then there are times I’m focused so intently on the ground it feels primitive.  Walking on the beach recently the colors in the sand were stunning.  So easy to look down and focus on what’s under our feet when the sand is so mesmorising.  I have to remind myself to look up so I don’t miss the beauty up above.

Abstract8 (800x600)

And there’s so much magic above.  Every sunset and every sunrise offers another chance to appreciate the beauty of life.  Simple pleasures to savor.

Abstract6 (800x600)

Just as Harry does.  Captured from the car window, in his blurred abstract form, even he seems to relish the light in the evening sky.

In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

As we venture through life may we all slow down to enjoy the abstract beauty of life that surrounds us every day.  The ordinary moments that can become extraordinary.

May we look beneath the surface, of all things and all people, to appreciate what truly lies within.

I wish you peace as we all continue the journey.

71 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract in Nature

      1. It’s so funny, Miriam, but I stumbled over some old “abstract” nature shots on my camera’s memory card today (they’re on my blog now).

        It’s quite possible that viewing these beautiful shots gave me the eyes to see the beauty in my own.

        Thank you. ❤

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