Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 22 – Group

Mansfield has become a bit of a home away from home for us.  Set in the foot of the high country, surrounded by mountain trails, this friendly country town is an easy two and a half hour trip from home.  And we’ve driven it many times over the past couple of years.

Group photo1 (640x480)

Early last year our daughter started doing some volunteer work at a trail riding company as part of her extended schooling.  I wrote about it here.  It’s turned into an ongoing commitment that she loves.  She now works up there two days each week and has found a new group she loves, forged new friendships and feels a part of the community.

Group photo 6 (640x480)

So it seems fitting that this photo theme of “group” should be in Mansfield when we visited a few years ago.  Our kids were much younger then and we stopped for the morning to enjoy the colorful street parade that was part of the weekend festival.

Group photo 4 (640x480)

Music and laughter, a burst of color and so many different groups of people from various  parts of the community.  All came out in their droves to join the street parade.

Group photo 5 (640x480)

There were bands playing, families (both locals and visitors) mingling  and a tangible vibe of fun.  Even though each group marching was separate there was an undeniable sense of pulling together for a common cause.

Nothing beats the feeling of being part of a community group.  Even better when there’s a parade to celebrate it.  And a common goal.  Hometown festivals are a special thing.

Group with family in it (640x480)

And here’s my family, complete with Harry the dog, watching on the sidelines, the group that I love most in my life.  I feel incredibly blessed.

This is in response to Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week – Group

When we all pull together we’re no longer on our own but we become part of something bigger, a group with shared interests and genuine friendship.  Just like this street parade.

And just like our blogging community.  That’s what I love most, this sea of energy that we’re all a part of, a virtual group of friendship, support and belonging.

I wish you happiness and peace and hope that you all feel connected to something greater than yourself.   That you feel a part of this group too.

48 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week 22 – Group

    1. Thanks Kim. Yes, I do love Mansfield, it’s such a friendly relaxed place. Weather’s been gray here today but it’s been nice to have some rain. Hope your day’s been good. 🙂

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  1. I so agree about Street parades and how they make everyone feel a big part of the community. It brings so many groups of people together who would otherwise probably never get together to have a great time.
    Beautiful photographs, Miriam. Looks like it was a great day out and that everyone had great fun.

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  2. I’ve never felt like part of anything. I’ve lived a very solitary life up to this point, but I feel that changing. I am starting to feel like a part of the blogging community with its diverse ideas and opinions, as well as REAL conversations. Alot of people decry the lack of discussion, but resort to name calling if you dare disagree with their viewpoint. I’ve yet to run into that in this forum. Thanks to all who put themselves out there!

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that. It’s hard not to feel part of this blogging community where there’s a real sense of acceptance and support, no matter what. No man’s an island, not completely.

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  3. Lovely colorful pictures. I love things like this… which is weird for me because I don’t like crowds! But I think it’s because they remind me of a parade we used to go to in a neighboring town every October when I was younger. As a kid with my family and later as a teenager with my friends. It’s a fun thing to do… and it’s free! 🙂

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  4. This is a lovely post and will resonate with lots of people who have seen or been part of a community parade and what they represent. Years ago I was part of our local parade in March as part of the kindergarten being in the parade in Banyule. We also used to go to an annual parade in a small beach side rural community in South Australia where my parents had a beach house. You have captured that sense of community well. Actually I am remembering others I was involved in too. Thanks for jogging some fond memories.

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  5. It really is a colorful and lively group! I love that there is a “best community” entry. And so wonderful that you can feel part of that place and feel a sense of belonging there with your family. That feeling makes anyplace special! I agree that our little blogging community is a wonderful group. It is such a relief sometimes to be able to share with others things that are sometimes hard to share in person and to express another side of myself! To be able to see things from the perspective of so many different people is such a gift!

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  6. Nice photos and parade Miriam, it’s like a Carnaval, I was tried to find some parade to take my kids when they were small, I imagine that it is magical for them. And you are right, the best group is our family.

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